Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Did You Call Me?

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  1. A good and insightful post, Michael. As you and other knowledgeable Americans know, though, we now live in a world turned upside-down, a topsy-turvy world in which ice is hot and fire is cold...a world in which evil is good and good is evil. A world stood on its head, a world in which logic and common sense are no longer common. A world in which evil is rampant and is rewarded while good hides in the shadows and is punished. These dynamics are, as you also know, the evil products of the usual suspects...the Jews, the infernal and eternal enemy of humankind. Somewhere, behind every negative and destructive social phenomenon...lurks the Jew, rubbing his hands and licking his chops at the prospect of yet another despoiled nation. Yes, the once good and noble word, now a word that causes eyebrows to raise and government agencies to spy. The business owner who seeks nothing more than to keep as much of his income as possible...income he earned via his hard now vilified as a selfish, greedy Capitalist Pig who brutally exploits his workers. The concerned citizen who questions the policies of his government is now considered a trouble-maker, a traitor to his country. The list of Jew media contrived assaults on the Western way of life is almost infinite. But then, what else can be expected of the race of people whom even Jesus the Christ described as "...the Synogogue of Satan," and "Ye are as your father, the devil"?