Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome to the Police State of America: The Corrupt Powers-that-be in Columbus,Georgia Hate the 1st Amendment!!


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  1. The July 11 radio interview of white-rights activist Michael Sledge hosted by Renegade Broadcasting.com is one of the more incisive, hard-hitting interviews yet conducted by this broadcasting network. In this interview, an insightful expose of the Jewish power structure that, via its iron grip on the American government at all levels...municipal, state and federal...and its equally powerful grip on almost every organ of mass information ( disinformation )that mis-informs naive Americans on a daily and nightly basis as to the REAL causes of the myriad dire problems that afflict this once-great Republic. Sledge delves, in simple terms that even the "American Idol"-watching dolts and lemmings of America can perhaps understand, a herculean task, indeed....into the sinister...evil machinations that they employ to manipulate...subvert the law as it is written...the awesome power of the law that they also control. Sledge mentions the case of Michael Weaver, a Columbus, Ga.-based white-rights activist who was prosecuted in November of 2011 for the heinous crime of repeling two black thugs, both with long criminal histories that would cause even U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to blush, if he could...who attempted to rob him, carjack him. Self defense is the absolute God-given right of any human being of whatever nationality, not a government-granted privilege. But the Jew power structure that afflicts Columbus, Ga., in tandem with its boot-licking Gentile lapdogs...caused a simple midemeanor case to be turned into a felony aggravated assault case. The Jew power-brokers and their craven Gentile cohorts, the names of whom I shall disclose at a later date...colluded...conspired...to violate this brave young man's civil and constitutional rights, an egregious violation of Title 18, sections 241 and 242 of the United States Code that makes it unlawful to prosecute an American citizen based on his or her unpopular ideology. But God, our Creator, looks down from His realm in heaven, God, who hates injustice...shall cause Weaver's persecutors to be laid low. Weaver's case politically motivated case is not over...and never will be...he shall prevail in the end...