Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Jewish Role in U.S. Immigration Law Pt. 2 of 2


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  1. The role of the Jewish power structure that reigns supreme in the once white- dominated nation of America that now bears no resemblance to the America I once knew...is pervasively powerful indeed. America, a nation conceived by "Dead White European males" who strived, struggled...bled and died... to carve out a land where any person, regardless of either humble birth or exalted social rank...could succeed, make his or her mark on the world...is now, because of the evil machinations of the afore-mentioned Jew power structure...a thing...an idea...of the past. This same Jewish power structure, with the active endorsement and support of its white Gentile, boot-licking lapdogs such as the now-dead ( thank God, may he burn forever in hell ) the abjectly debased, corrupt, piece-of-shit senator from the People's Republic of Massachussets, "Teddy" Kennedy...has wreaked its havoc on the body politic of this once homogenious, unified, cohesive nation. America is now a nation ruled by perpetually petulent minorities of every ilk. The descendants of the white European males who establish...founded...this nation, the most powerful and prosperous in human history...is now the domain...the playground...of non-whites who know nothing of the history of the founding of this nation, and care not to know it. The Jew. The Jew. Yet again, the Jew. "The Jews are our misfortune," observed the early 16th-century German theologian, Martin Luther, who had witnessed first-hand the historical evil machinations of the eternal, infernal Jew...the voracious predators, parasites, who suck out the vital blood of the people of every country who, because of ignorant and mis-placed compassion and altruism...were naive enough to allow them entry into their societies...the Jew...