Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Jewish Media War Against White America


  1. Very nice! Would like to see a larger version of this graphic.

  2. Yes, Mr. Weaver...the Jewish Mega-Media Machine has, since its inception in the early part of the 20th century...sought tirelessly to corrupt...debase...white society and culture. This nefarious process accelerated during the "Social Revolution" of the 1960s. The Jews, a shrewd people, to be sure...know instinctively that the white race poses the most effective threat to their eternal quest for world domination. During the decades since the '60s, their media control has wreaked havoc upon the once sound and wholesome culture that was the envy of every other culture in the world. America, the Beacon of the Light of Freedom in a benighted the last bulwark of man's eternal, God-endowed yearning for liberty. Once America and her freedoms are lost...the entire world is lost. And this is the objective of the eternal infernal Jew...the subjection of all the peoples of the world...