Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stop White Genocide

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  1. The black racist thug, Robert Mugabe, the brutal dictator of what was once a wealthy...thriving area of Africa administered by now a violence-torn economic basket case run by him and his savage black-thug comrades. Rape and murder are everyday occurrences in his domain...the rape of white women and the murder of white farmers his specialty. Mugabe, though, being the intellectually dim bulb that he is...seems not to realize that his murder of the white farmers will ultimately result in the starvation of his people, given that the indigenous population of blacks are unskilled in farming techniques. Mugabe, though, an elitist in his realm, cares not about the dire plight of his "countrymen." The black race is the least caring, altruistic... of the races of humanity...they will kill the members of their own race as easily and casually as they will wantonly kill the members of other races. Much like America's "President" Obama, who cares not about the murders of his fellow blacks in the mean streets of America...Mugabe cares not about the black-on-black crime that prevails in his country. Savages are savages...and, despite the best and most noble endeavors by white liberals to change them...they CANNOT be changed...