Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rev.Ted Pike discusses Hate Laws


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  1. It is a bitter irony, is it not, that the Jewish mega-media powerbrokers coined the Term, "hate crime"? Yes, ironic indeed, given that over 2,000 years ago the Jews committed what is inarguably the WORST, most horrific hate crime in the blood-soaked annals of human history...the brutal torture and savage murder of Jesus the Christ, the human/divine carpenter whom God His Father sent to earth to save the human species from itself, to redeem fallen...corrupt...mankind from the clutches of the arch-enemy of mankind and God Himself...Lucifer, the "Bright and Shining Star," a.k.a. Satan, the liar, the deceiver, the murderer, the destroyer of all things good and noble. Since that long ago time, ( long ago in human terms ) Satan has been vigorously active in his eternal quest to debase...destroy...humanity, the crowning achievement of God, his former master. After Satan was defeated in his war on God and heaven, he and the one-third of the angels who had followed him were cast from heaven, whereupon they occupied the earth, a place God had intended to be a pristine paradise for humanity. And Satan's angels found the women of the earth comely, and they mated with them, and the women conceived and delivered their progeny, and their progeny were demons in human form, the Jews, and the Jews went forth and conquered and debased the nations of man they had conquered, conquered and debased them, and turned them against God, and at the urging of their father, the devil, destroyed them. And the rest is history, albeit, again, hidden history. The eternal, infernal Jew, is, and always has been, the mortal enemy of God and mankind. Throughout history they have been the destroyers of every society, every civilization that by their satanic cunning they have infiltrated and ultimatly caused to come to ruin. And even now the Jews, via their satanic cunning, wiles...are yet persisting in their ages-old Cabalistic plot to destroy the Gentile races. The Jew-created "hate crime" laws are but one of countless other manifestations of their vicious enmity of the Gentile ( Goyim ) races they loath, detest, despise. This world is Satan's world...and the Jews are his agents of destruction. The proof of this is manifest for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear...