Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Race card hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse "I Spit in White People's food" Jackson.

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  1. These twin race-hustling simians, the Rhyming Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are nothing more than Jew media contrivances, cynical and self-serving opportunists who exploit the needs and concerns ( some legitimate, others not ) of the "African American" community. Both "reverends" have personal histories that, under normal circumstances, could not pass the smell test. Jackson got his start as a champion of ( agitator for ) black civil rights in the wake of the April 4, 1968 assassination of "Dr." Martin Luther King, a liar, plagiarist, womanizer and communist sympathizer...not a man of God at all, as the Jew media would have the world believe. Sharpton, in turn, is a buffoon/charlatan extraordinaire. His turn as an actor on the world stage began with the notorious, decades-old Tawana Brawley affair, in which a black female teenager falsely accused New York City police of smearing feces on her and otherwise physically and psychologically abusing her. Sharpton saw his opportunity to exploit the inter-racial tensions of that time, and quickly entered the arena of black-vs-white combat. With the avid support of the white race-hating Jew media, he has done quite well for himself since the 1987 incident that was later proven to be a lie. Sharpton now heads the National Action Network ( NAN ), a black racist organization that specializes in Rent-A-Riot activities. Sharpton, like his race-baiter-in-arms, Jesse Jackson, are always present wherever a camera is present. It is a discredit to the black community that these twin false prophets of black liberation are still accorded the credibility that they do not deserve. But then...the Jew media...