Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Own Government Hates Our Freedom

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  1. Yes, the George W. Bush administration with, of course, the avid assistance of the Israeli government...promulgated the lie that the more "radical" Islamists hate America because of her freedoms. This is perhaps partially true, given that the Moslem's holy book, the Koran ( Quran ) contains many passages that are anethema to the liberal value-system and life-style of Western cultures, most notably those of Europe and America. Unlike Bible-thumping Christians who violate the tenets of Christianity every day and night of the week,though, sincere Moslems, for the most part, adhere to the unambiguous tenets of their religion. And they are willing to DIE for these tenets, unlike most "Christians." If ever "devout" Christians are put to the test...they will very quickly renounce their religion...they will not martyr themselves for it. They will go along to get along, using the cynical, self-serving excuse that they have families to support, children to raise, businesses to run, football games to watch. That is: self-interest is their god, not the god of their purported religion. Far too many "Christians" worship Mammon, a false god, an untruth. But I digress. The REAL reason behind the Moslem's Jihad against Western cultures and governments, America's in particular...is hidden in plain sight: since May of 1948, the month and year during which the State of Israel was established by the British and American governments ( the Lord Balfour Declaration of 1947, British ), European goverments that had no legitimate reason (s) to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs...the governments of Europe and the various administrations of the American government in particular....have consistently sided with Israel and against the indigenous peoples that for many generations had occupied, lived in, raised their families... in Palestine, the biblical land of Canaan that, so the Jews and Christian Zionists insist...God bequeathed to the Jews via the Sinai Covenent between God and Moses. This "covenent" has been the subject of ceaseless controversy since that long-ago time...who REALLY owns the territories of Palestine...the Jews? Or their Semitic half brothers, the Palestinians? Yes, the Jews and the Palestinians are, according to the book of Genesis of the Christian Bible...half brothers, the progeny of the patriarch of the Jewish race, Abram ( later changed by God to Abraham ) and his wife Sarai, later changed by God to Sarah. Abram's aged wife, sarai, was barren, could not conceive a child, whereupon she urged her husband to "enter the tent" of Hagar, her comely non-Jewish handmaiden. And Abram did so, and much sport was had by both, and Hagar accepted the seed of Abram, and she conceived a son, and the son was called Ishmael, and Ishmael was the first-born son of Abram, but not of marriage. To be continued.