Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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  1. ALRIGHT!! A most inspiring video!! White folk, finally tired of niggers who think they own this country that they did not found...are finally making their voices heard...and loudly. As an intelligent and sensitive person...yes, white ( sorry) I usually deplore the "N"-word, consider it to be a base, declasse, uncouth word that should have no place in the lexicon of any civilized culture. But there are exceptions to every rule, and this scene is one of them. The black racist agitators who invaded this small Texas ( ? ) town years ago...are niggers ( so sue me ) who received a most hostile welcome indeed by the white population. They were "shown the door" by whites who still have a vesitige of pride in their race, unlike the craven, fearful, scuttling cockroach whites who breath the foul air of the savage-infested "city" of Columbus, Georgia. Had this featured incident occurred in Columbus, Georgia, the outcome would have been much different. The police here, both black and white, and both of whom speak unintelligible ebonics...would have arrested the whites and licked the shoes of the blacks. But then, Columbus, Georgia is not Texas, far from it. In the Lone Star state of Texas...the white population still has cajones...balls...