Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How the Media Incites Violence and Racism in the Zimmerman Case


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  1. If there are any lingerings doubts among Jew mega-media machine- conditioned white lemmings about the true nature of Jewish treachery against...and hatred of...Gentiles, i.e., people not of the Jewish race...the white race in particular...Dr. David Duke's video, "White Civil Rights" should dispel those doubts. In his informative and disturbing expose of the "Zio-media," as Duke describes the Jewish-owned organs of mass disinformation and propoganda that daily and nightly assault the dulled senses of the average magazine reader and movie-goer...Duke explains how, and why, the Jews, a race that perceives itself to be superior to all others...strive relentlessly to undermine...destroy...the moral values of other races, white, Latino and black. Duke's video contains footage of the notorious Zimmerman/Martin affair, a tragic affair, to be sure, a tragedy cynically exploited by the Zio-media for its own evil purposes, i.e., to throw yet more incendiary fuel upon the fire of racial discord that the Jews themselves fomented decades ago for the purpose of dividing the races. Even a casual perusal of history reveals that the Jews, a truly demonic race...have always sought to create enmity among the other races of humanity. The Jews, the spawn of Satan himself...will not rest until they have defeated...destroyed...every other race. So far their evil efforts have been wildly successful. Will the other races of humanity...especially the white race...succumb to the machinations of the wicked race that seeks to destroy them? Time will tell. Will the white race arise, reclaim its place in history and its God-given right to survival? Again...time will tell.