Saturday, July 13, 2013

Feminism: A Jewish War on Women

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  1. Almost all, if not all, of the various "isms" that have been forcibly imposed on world cultures have been the creations of humankind's eternal and infernal blood-enemy, the Jew. Communism. "Environmentalism." Racism. The homosexual agenda. The encouragement of indisciminate abortion. And yes, Feminism...are the products of the sick, twisted...demonically inspired Jewish mind. The virulent cancer of Feminism has, over the past several decades, wreaked indescribable havoc...destruction...upon formerly intact, loving families. The Jew mega-media machine has, over the years, hammered into the minds of women the idea that they no longer need men as husbands and fathers...the idea that men effete dolts, useless, an obnoxious, evil presence in the world. The once-noble, God-ordained institution of marriage is now regarded with contempt, derision. Child-bearing, once a woman's crowning now the subject of sneering scorn. Yes, behind every socially destructive "ism"...lurks the evil-minded Jew. The Jews who "...please not God and are contrary to all men."