Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Distraction Perhaps?

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  1. An incisive and thought-provoking post, Michael...and one that makes sense to any thoughtful, intelligent reader. The deceitful, disengenuous nature of the Jew-controlled media...an organ of the promulgation of lies, twists and distortions...is well known to truth-seekers who have uncovered the historical treachery of the vile race of Satan-spawned "people" known as Jews. The perfidy of this foul race harkens far back into the mists of time, ancient history. The Old Testament of the Christian Bible...the first five books ( the Torah, i.e., the books of Moses )recounts the sinister, murderous nature of this murderous race. A perusal of the Jews' "holy" book, the Babylonian Talmud, will reveal to the reader all he or she needs to know about the virulence of the Jews' hatred of Gentiles, i.e., all non-Jewish races. Gentiles, also described by Jews as "Goyim" ( filthy cattle ), are looked upon by Jews as inferior races, races to be deceived, cheated, robbed...killed...with impunity. Given these disturbing facts, is it any wonder, then, that this race of people who "...please not God and are contrary to all men..."...would use their almost absolute control of the media to poison the minds of gullible people who naively believe everything they see and hear via the media the Jews created? While dumbed-down Gentiles entertain themselves with vapid, fatuous Jew-contrived drivel such as "American Idol," "Dancing with the Stars," Monday night football and various innane sitcoms...the important dynamics of the world are conducted...hidden...in plain sight. The Gentile races must open their eyes, and soon, to the terrible doom that awaits them if the Race of Satan has its way...