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Misbegotten Results of Eric Gliebe’s 11 Year Reign as Chairman of the National Alliance – A Case History of Proven Idleness and Gross Neglect

Misbegotten Results of Eric Gliebe’s 11 Year Reign as Chairman of the National Alliance – A Case History of Proven Idleness and Gross NeglectReply

piercevsgliebeThe old proverb states ‘you shall reap what you sow’. In the case of Eric Gliebe this is right on the money (and if all things go his way, then His money!).
It is now public information that Eric Gliebe is actively pursuing liquidating some if not all of the National Alliances headquarters near Mill Point, West Virginia. In addition for over a year now Gliebe has withheld property tax payment of this same property possibly in preparation for this sale.
Gliebe may attempt to claim that he is forced to proceed with this sale due to the actions of Unit Coordinators like Jim Ring and other leaders who started resigning after last years National Alliance Leadership conference in October 2012 and which accelerated after the reactivating of Jim Ring’s web site in January of this year.
If Gliebe falsely attempts to play the blame game, this will be a red herring because even before the exodus of most of the remaining National Alliance Leaders and other members after January 2013, he had already stopped paying property tax on some of the National Alliance headquarters property in 2012, and in addition had already lost the respect of most members due to his ‘extremely poor leadership and lack of charisma‘.
After Dr Pierce’s untimely death in 2002, membership continually declined from a estimated high on the order of 2000 in 2002,
to less than 100 in 2012.
Since then, Eric Gliebe and his two crony board members continue their wall of silence. As a direct result of their inactivity on the pending financial crises that was looming, it appears that the National Headquarters will be lost forever. This by itself is a direct testament to their incompetence and mismanagement.
Gliebe claims that due to his divorce settlement he cannot move out of Ohio to the National Headquarters in West Virginia. If in fact that is the case then he should have promptly resigned and appointed someone else who could, as indeed many members asked him to do before October 2012.
A leader should inspire and lead his members by example. It is no fault of the members to vote a lack of confidence by resigning and withholding their membership dues to a lame duck Chairman and his two complicit Board members . Thus, the correct blame on the National Alliance cash flow problem is staring Erich Gliebe and his handlers straight in their eyes. The sad result is the demise and loss of the Mill Point West Virginia National Alliance headquarters that thousands of ex members put their own sweat and hard earned money into creating for what now appears to be all for naught.
Written by a resigned member,
June 29, 2013

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