Monday, May 13, 2013

RIP Haywood Turner

This past May 8 marked the two-year anniversary of the passing of Judge Henry Haywood Turner, a white patriot and dauntless white-rights activist. An exemplary attorney, he spent the last years of his eventful life serving as a small claims magistrate in the city of Columbus, Georgia. Turner was no ordinary judge; his courtroom was not the playground of vicious and venal city officials who sought to enrich the city's bottomless coffers at the expense of the poor, the vulnerable, the faceless and despised down-trodden. As a true populist, an ardent "man of the people", Turner insisted on allowing the common man his voice, his rights as an American citizen...his dignity in the face of the landed powers that otherwise would have devoured him. Turner's sense of fairness and his insistence on justice for all, though, caused him many problems, problems that ultimately drove him from office. Turner spent the last few years of his life mentoring young people who sought to emulate his towering intellect, his sense of justice and fairness...and his love for the most creative, resourceful and innovative race ever to tread upon the earth. Henry Haywood Turner, May 3, 1944-May 8, 2011

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