Friday, May 3, 2013

Georgia man tries to defend himself and ends up in jail

Georgia man tries to defend himself and ends up in jail By Susan Hillman Michael Carothers, who was given a one-year sentence for using non-lethal pepper spray to keep his car from being carjacked Michael Carothers, a young man who tried to defend himself from two black men carjacking his car by spraying pepper spray, is serving a year in jail and is banished from certain counties in Georgia once he is released. Michael Carothers was not given this sentence because of his actions, he was given this sentence because of his association with National Alliance and Georgia not wanting him to distribute literature about his beliefs or the National Alliance. Picture this in your mind for a minute: You approach your car and see two men trying to break into your car. How would you react? Mr. Carothers acted in self protection and only used non-lethal pepper spray one of the two men. However, these two men were on probation and should not have been associating with each other, but this fact was never brought up! The man who got maced, Travis Parson, did not even complain or seek medical attention after being maced. It was his mother who called the police. This event should have just been a simple assault, if even that, which is just a misdemeanor but a certain cop took an interest in Mr. Carothers because of his beliefs and passing out literature. This cop persuaded the District Attorney's office to make the charge aggravated assault, which is a felony. When Carothers went to Superior Court on this aggravated assault, his attorney convinced him to plead guilty because the judge was going to allow an alleged incident, which occurred in 1999 to be introduced into court as evidence. The sad thing is that one event had nothing to do with the pepper spray incident. Therefore, Mr. Carothers pleaded guilty and got a one year prison sentence, nine years probation, and banished from the Chattahoochee Judicial District once released from prison. This is truly a travesty of justice. If it would have been any other American Joe Blow that Georgia did not want to see off their streets, he or she would have just gotten a simple assault charge, if that. However, Columbus, Georgia did not like Mr. Carothers using his freedom of speech and his First Amendment rights by usually putting pamphlets on cars on a public street, which is completely legal. I get pamphlets on my car all the time about different things, when I am parked on a public street. It does not bother me. If it is nothing that pertains to me, I just throw the pamphlet in the trash. But one cannot help but see or believe that Mr. Carothers charges went from a misdemeanor to a felony because Columbus, Georgia did not like Mr. Carothers for his beliefs. The last time I checked, a person still had the freedom to believe the way he or she wanted to and the freedom to express their opinions, but apparently the justice system does not see it this way!


  1. My son Michael Weaver's radio interview hosted by John Friend is by far the most disturbing description of the malicious, politically motivated persecution of an American citizen this writer has heard in recent times. Weaver's detailed account of his August 23, 2011 indictment and subsequent arrest for defending himself and his property from two would-be carjackers should cause every fair-minded listener to recoil in horror. For such an appalling travesty of justice to occur in this "land of the free and home of the brave," a country that prides itself on the right of the citizen to defend himself against violent unconscionable...reprehensible.

  2. It is an unfortunate fact of life now in the formerly free Republic of America that America is no longer a nation that adheres to, values, the once noble concept of freedom of speech and association, concepts that once were the very bedrock of what once was the paradigm of liberty in a world ruled by ruthless despots. Alas, though...the time when America shed her bright light of liberty on a benighted now passed, possibly gone forever. My son Michael's ordeal, an ordeal fomented by ruthless, abjectly corrupt, minions of the Jewish-controlled power structure that prevails in this and other once-free counties...still exerts its evil influence. But the destruction of the Jew power structure is hand. And none shall mourn its demise...