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Where is Victory?

This article originally appeared on www.natallnews.net. By Jim Ring My Contribution to the Latest Issue of National Vanguard Magazine #143 That Has Never Been Published. Preface: The following article was supposed to have seen the light of day within the pages of the latest edition of National Vanguard magazine which hasn’t appeared in 4 years now. The last issue # 142 came out in 2009. The entire issue of the magazine # 143, was proofed and ready for print over 2 years ago. We were told by the chairman that there was no money to publish the issue, so a member took the initiative to raise the money on his own through contact with other members. I myself contributed $200 towards this fund. This resulted in $1,200 being raised and sent to the national office which would have been enough to publish a small run of the issue. However, still the magazine went unpublished. After sitting on the finished product for another year, the chairman cleared off the cobwebs from it and informed us that even after final proofing and raising money there were still more corrections that needed to be made and thus more delay. Then last October 2012, the chairman appealed to the few members attending the annual conference at the national office for still more money to get the magazine published. (What happened to the $1,200 previously raised and earmarked for this purpose?) This resulted in approximately $2,000 being raised, mostly in pledges. However, after the mass resignations later in that month and beyond, most likely much if not most of those pledges were withdrawn. If the funds weren’t withdrawn, well, there still is no magazine 6 months hence. This finished issue from 2+ years ago still has not been published so I want to make my article available to you here. Even if eventually the magazine is published it may have my contribution to it expunged. A greater audience for readership will be attained here than the print edition anyway as since the magazine is virtually moribund there is no real subscriber base any longer. The only subscribers are those who are owed issues from a subscription payment from many years earlier and to those few who not knowing the magazine has no schedule send a subscription being unawares. This contribution to the unpublished issue #143 of National Vanguard magazine is actually a speech I gave at the annual conference at the Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall in the year 2010 and used as a contribution for the magazine. The message you will read below is my still considered belief in the Faith in Our Cause. It’s failure thus far since the passing of Dr. Pierce is NOT from external forces of the enemy but from internal decay and corruption from within; worst yet from the highest office. This body can only be healed from the removal, one way or another, of the cancer that has made our body sick. In any event, this Spirit of the New Age will yet prevail. Of this anyway, I have no doubt. Jim Ring Where is Victory? by Jim Ring In my long journey since my teenage years struggling for the interests of the Race, I can report to you quite the obvious; that we are no closer to what Commander George Lincoln Rockwell termed “White Power” today, than when I started out on my quest soon after his assassination in 1967. Nay, I daresay that within the confines of the Democratic-pseudo Marxist system we exist in, that we are even further away from “White Power” today than back in the 1960′s. Where then is Victory? First, let me forcefully state where it is not found! It cannot be found in conservatism. In principle you may all earnestly agree with me, but I sense some still hold onto and at times travel along the heavily trodden road of the reaction. Like Pavlov’s animals, the eternal conservative is always reacting…” condition and response, condition and response”. Liberals attack; conservatives defend as our good Dr. Pierce always pointed out so well. Witness this past summer, the Glen Beck rally in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial deliberately held on the anniversary of Black Marxist Martin Luther King’s I Had a Dream speech. One of King’s nieces was even a featured speaker. Witness the year long spectacle of Tea Party supporters, a 95% plus White constituency who espouse basically Western values in a country that is very soon approaching a drop of the White population, to only a little more than 60% of the …… Witness how they all but wet themselves, because Democratic-Marxists call them racists. All the while, protected soon to be non-White majorities make their grab for power for their own people with White people’s money. Earlier this year, we Alliance members in the Western states experienced their frantic actions to stop our activists from distributing literature at their rallies in Sacramento and towns in Oregon and Washington. To no avail on their part as you read in the member’s Bulletin. Some people are still talking about Jim Trafficant and Ron Paul. To be sure, these men both have some good qualities and in some cases stand correctly on some issues, but pro-White they are not and both of them would be the first to deny that they are. Both have made statements, and their actions prove that they are not for our people. In fact, when it comes to being “accused” of being a closet racist; the trouser legs of these two I suspect are damper than most. Trafficant opted out of a Tea Party rally this year in Columbus, because of the media frenzy over the local organizer being labeled a “racist”. Ron Paul has publicly stated that there is nothing wrong with multi-culturalism as long as the pressure to achieve it comes from society, and not a government mandate. To be racially conscious and a conservative is to once again – to use the liquid allegory- take the path of least resistance. With, at this late date, little left to conserve, there is no winning voting for Republicans, Independents, Tea Parties or even the racially conscious who attempt to work within the System. Victory for the Race is going to acquire real Struggle and we haven’t even begun to see how terrible a Struggle it will become. A modern conservative’s only true conserving interest is in his money. He won’t protest much if his children marry outside of their race. In fact, if he’s middle aged many times he’s likely to do it himself. Our men statistically have passed up our women for marrying outside of their race and in the dichotomy of politics I say it’s nearly a 50/50 split between White men who call themselves Liberal and those that are Conservative. There was once upon a time the mentality, decades ago, that being a conservative meant more than conserving one’s money. The blood of our progeny was light years more important to us than our personal bank accounts; some of our older members know that. There are some of our people who use the term, patriotic. That means that at this extremely late date, many actually believe that we can turn this mess around. David Duke had used the slogan Turning the Tide in one of his campaigns. More often these days we hear the slogan Restore America and much prattling about the Constitution, which, other than window dressing does not much apply to the evil System we live in. As Dr. Pierce would remark, “You can only have as much justice as you have money to buy it with.” The Constitution applied to a system of government called a constitutional republic. That concept ceased to exist long before any of us were born. We are a universal-fiscally capitalist, social democratic Marxist Empire! President Woodrow Wilson launched us into this Empire to make the world Safe for Democracy. Committing America to the First World War only guaranteed the second one. I’ve stated my opinion previously here in the National Vanguard magazine. America is dead in the context that we used to think of it. Any hope for it’s’ continuance was lost by our foolishness to make the world safe for Democratic Marxism by our entry into WW II. That war was a watershed event in the history of the White race. Our people have been on a precipitous decline since. This is the steep price the entire race has paid going to war against Adolf Hitler; the man who could have ushered in a new era of pan-Aryan imperium. In defeating him, our race lost the moral high ground in the fight against racial mixing and to attend to our own interests instead of those of others. The entire White race lost and the Jews gleaned a stupendous victory for their parasitic interests. Thus any hope for White Power within the context of what I like to call the Old Order is sheer folly now. If Commander Rockwell were alive today I think that he’d agree. Being inorganic, America must follow the course allotted for universal empires to demise with mathematical certainty, according to the laws of Nature following the classic Roman model. However, while the reaction laments and struggles to conserve, the revolutionary rejoices and builds with all the more furious pace to be in position to conjoin the death of the Old Order with the rebirth of the New Order! While, yes I will admit the Old Order is at the apex of its power, being unnatural, it knows it now has everything to lose. Conversely, Our Cause, has everything to gain! So of course, we expect to feel the System’s monstrous oppressive power, our enemies have more confidence in us than many of our own people do, I suspect. As a matter of fact, I know it to be so. So again, where is Victory? It’s out there in the future; not in the present or even the near future. I mentioned earlier that the racial reaction hasn’t made progress within the existing structure, because the culture it resides in had already set itself up with its own imperative dictated by the victory of the Jews in 1945. The racial reaction resides in the present. Their stake is in the here and now, running for elective offices. David Duke for president anyone? The conservatives are again going to bank on Ron Paul and drag along some of the racial reaction with them. Jim Trafficant too. “Equal Rights for Whites“ demands the racial reaction, as if that were obtainable and even if it were what end purpose would it serve in the Old Order where White people are headed for the trash bin of history. Equal rights indeed; till we no longer exist?! Our National Alliance is truly unique in that our mission is revolutionary not reactionary; visionary not conservative; spiritually oriented, not materially oriented. Our mission isn’t to “Restore America“. We want to create a new world, an Aryan racial state here on the North American continent. I would like to see that pan-Aryan vision replicated in Europe and there are certainly those dedicated to that task there as well. Our brothers and sisters of Golden Dawn in Hellas (Greece) and their struggle greatly impresses me and I think our Alliance can learn much from them. I take the words on the masthead of the National Vanguard magazine to heart, as it proclaims that we want: 1. A New Consciousness– that is something we must express in more effective ways as we are the birth agents of: 2. A New Order–our concept of a new White Racial State. 3. A New People–hallmarking the beginning of a New Age. Our Cause is the only one that synthesizes the need for a new spiritual outlook to organize the reshaping of our existence and thus in the developing the ennobling of the Aryan people; a New People. In considering the future of this new North American racial state of ours, let’s not sell ourselves short and thus think small in today limiting ourselves for the future in a specific regional geographical encampment whether it’s a cultural/historical sympathy for the South, or for some, a sort of Pacific Northwest imperative or any other place; a “Heartland state”, or a Great Lakes initiative, or a Yankee state, or a migration to the Great White North. That’s putting the cart before the horse. We’ve not even scratched the surface of reaching the millions of Whites we need to reach all over this country. Calling for such regional limitations, and saying to hell with everyone else is delusion and certainly immature thinking, not to mention a concept salted with selfishness. We’ve got some real hard work to do all over this political entity called the United States, and Canada too. Saving every White featherless biped isn’t our goal either, because that too is unrealistic and not wanted anyway. The majority of them are going to go part and parcel with the Old Order even if that means their own deaths. Let them go! Good riddance even… Taking their materialism and propensity to multi-culturalism; the loss of their soulless lives is evolutionarily healthy for our new society. We are living in pre-revolutionary times. Unlike any other time in my life, in the past couple of years I sense an undercurrent of intense dissatisfaction, and loss of a positive outlook among people. The Obama-Nation has done much to help enrich that feeling, minus the fact that our country has a mulatto sitting in the White House. There is for the first time, real disgust for conservatives. Some of the Tea-Party people are but a transition to what will become more revolutionary thinking in the future. I see this disgust constantly now at our public Alliance events. Perhaps, even now, one in ten Whites may have some sympathy with at least some parts of our program. I feel confident in saying that perhaps as many as 3% of Whites are ready for Our Cause this very moment and would consider supporting us, if we could effectively reach them with our message on a continuing basis. That may not sound like a lot to you but that roughly translates to nearly 6 million people! (There’s that 6 million figure again!) Now friends, you couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have even one million of those people as members. Perhaps you could imagine say 100,000 members. Right now! If and only if, we worked hard to recruit more who also work to recruit more. It’s a chain you see; a domino effect. That process starts with you. Don’t worry so much; don’t lament. It brings us but more misery. As the future under the Old Order plays on, our percentage could well increase to 5%; 10% or more of our people perhaps. Instead, be positive, have Faith, renew your Spirit and work hard and do it consistently. Make it part of your life. It’s conceivable we could have 100,000 supporters in the not distant future. And if we can do that, we can recruit millions. Enough for the future racial state to begin. As I’ve said, there is a lot of work to do. There are tens of thousands that we could be reaching right now. And I’m not talking about our internet web sites. I’m talking about flesh and blood work that you could be doing that is more effective in recruiting than any website. Cyberspace is important, but not nearly as important as the people in the real world that make this an organization. And I grant you that in reaching these people we tailor our propaganda in many cases to the issues of the day to get their attention. From there however, we must mold and educate these recruits beyond mere supporters of our position on these issues, but must elevate the better ones into true members, and the very best ones, yet into leaders and significant personalities of the Movement. Others can waste their time campaigning for Equal Rights for Whites in a multi-cultural nightmare, or try to encourage the Race to box itself into a reservation, while we are having a vision of the future work ahead of us, creating a Movement that will be able to establish our new White nation state, taking the biggest portion possible of this continent. Do and give as much as you are able, so that we can sustain and expand our work and outreach. My strong feeling is that as a group, we’ve not all been pulling enough of the weight leaving too few doing the lion’s share of the work and making the sacrifices. The times are hard today, I know, but let’s not make that into a “crutch” to avoid the necessary sacrifices and doing the work that must be done. If you want to win you’re going to have to make sacrifices, no matter how meager, or opulent your lot is. If your situation is affluent, then make your sacrifice commensurate to your comrades who have meager resources at their disposal. The mission of the National Alliance is to build a New Order here in North America. Our immediate goal in preparation of the future is to build infrastructure, and a solid leadership cadre, all of us need to participate in this. That should be a requirement for a real member. At a minimum, I want to see that much accomplished within the scope of my lifetime. I’ll feel much better preparing for my passing, knowing that I took part in building something strong that can survive any oppression and give the younger generation their chance of completing this holy mission. We should all be happy that we have come to this National Alliance and have mingled our souls to its Spirit, making our lives one of true Purpose in the service of the Creator. For those members can truly say that it made a difference in their lives being here, and feeling fortunate that their time to live came right now, at this most critical juncture in the history of the entire Race. Indeed, that it was worthwhile in the cosmic scheme of things that we were born. Our lives aren’t just using up resources of the planet to just keep our our bodies alive, but we are adding spiritual, history changing energy in the quest of the ennoblement of this Earth’s highest life form, the human one. For Our Cause; our National Alliance is the same movement, the same struggle taken up earlier last century by that singularly wonderful and beautiful personality that comes, but once maybe in thousands of years. His personal struggle ended in 1945, but he took up new life within us. “My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right”, he said. So where is His victory which is our victory? It awaits us in the future. His idea was carried onto the present, his future, so that you could be here today due to great Americans, like George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William Pierce; champions of White America, men who lived to their last day working to achieve the greatest of goals. In Rockwell’s case, he was martyred for it. These men were real Aryans. They left us their legacy. You also wouldn’t be members if it were not for the sacrifice of wonderful activists over these difficult years to bring us to the present. Such members are too often unsung heroes who without them we wouldn’t have an Alliance to work with. These people are the keystone that gives our organization the strength needed, so that you and I can help it build more infrastructure.I’d like to begin my conclusion by quoting a little from some of the final paragraphs of Francis Parker Yockey’s monumental book, Imperium. Yockey, an American was a staunch proponent of European unity in a sense similar to what Adolf Hitler would have ultimately like to have achieved. He wrote the book shuttered up in an inn on the coast of Ireland in 1948, as real human suffering and misery reigned in Europe, especially Germany, after the victory of what the System today calls “Our greatest generation”. Try to absorb his prophetic words. His message applies equally for those of us in North America. Please ponder the following very deeply. “Does the situation of the year 1948 allow us even to dream that this grand Imperative can be fulfilled? Millions are starving in Europe as I write and no one in the out world concerns himself with it. Other millions are living in a sub-human condition in gaols, concentration camps or as an Untouchable caste, devoid of human status. Not only has the West no army but its former leaders are in gaol, those who have not yet been hanged. The power in Europe today is held by two kinds of men: Cultural aliens and traitors. Can a civilization die thus? This work is an expression of my belief that they cannot, that the inscrutable force of Destiny will prevail over the outer forces as well as against the inner obstacle of the Past. The great dream and aim of…uniting all the states of Europe, is closer by virtue of its defeat, for in that defeat it perceives its unity. The mission of this generation is the most difficult that has ever faced a Western generation. It must break the terror by which it is held in silence, it must look ahead, it must believe when there is apparently no hope, it must obey even if it means death, it must fight to the end rather than submit. Fortifying it is the knowledge that against the Spirit of Heroism no materialistic force can prevail. Like the men of Aragon and Castile who fought the Moor…the men of this generation must fight for the continued existence of the West. Ultimately nothing can defeat them except inner decadence. The West has something to devote to the contest that neither the Barbarian nor the parasite has: the force of the mightiest super personal Destiny that has ever appeared on this earth ball. This super personal Idea has such tremendous force that no number of scaffold trials or massacres, no heaps of starved or pyramids of skulls, can touch it. The West has two centuries and tens of millions of lives of the coming generations to give to the war against the Barbarian and the Distorter. It has a Will which has emerged unbroken from the Second World War…. Merely material superiority will do them little good in a war whose duration will be measured, if necessary, in centuries. The West still knows the primacy of the spiritual in warfare. The soil of Europe, rendered sacred by the streams of blood which have made it spiritually fertile for a millennium, will once again stream with blood until the barbarians and distorters have been driven out and the Western banner waves on its home soil from Gibraltar to the North Cape and from the rocky promontories of Galway to the Urals. This is promised, not by human resolves merely but by a higher Destiny, which cares little whether it is 1950, 2000 or 2050. This Destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service. (What does not destroy me only makes me stronger.) This article originally appeared on www.natallnews.net

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