Sunday, July 10, 2011

Will the Israeli Lobby Cause the Republicans to Lose the Presidential Race Again?

Will the Israeli Lobby Cause the Republicans to Lose the Presidential Race Again?

by James Buchanan

The 2012 election should be a slam-dunk for Republicans. All we need to do is find a candidate who is tough on immigration and a lot like Ronald Reagan to run against Obama and his trillion-plus deficits and Depression-level economy. There’s just one little problem. A secret cabal decides who gets to be the Republican candidate, which is why we have been stuck with candidates like Bob Dole, Gerald Ford and John McCain. Ronald Reagan should have been the Republican candidate for president in 1976, but he was forced to wait until he was a very old man before he was allowed to run for president.

Most Americans don’t realize that both the Democrat and Republican candidates have to get a seal of approval from the Israeli Lobby before they can run for president.

If you don’t have a kosher seal of approval, like Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul, expect to be smeared as a “Nazi” or totally ignored by the Jewish news media as if your presidential campaign doesn’t even exist.

And it gets worse than that. You’ll need poll-watchers and even if 70 percent of Republicans support you, don’t expect to win any primaries unless they’ve gotten rid of those Diebold machines and even then there’s a chance of last minute vote fraud.

One famous video from the 2008 GOP primary shows a spreadsheet with vote totals for McCain, Ron Paul and the other candidates. Paul is getting the largest vote totals in the towns of New Hampshire by a large margin with only the “tough on immigration” candidate Tom Tancredo giving him any competition. The boring RINO Romney’s column was about 20 percent of Paul’s numbers, and John McCain was frequently getting just single digits with a lot of zeroes for the vote totals in the towns of New Hampshire.

Most conservative White people that I know, want someone who is tough on immigration as a first priority. Because McCain supported an illegal alien Amnesty in 2007, he is seen as a traitor, who would destroy America just to advance his political career. It was absolutely no surprise to me to see ones and zeroes in McCain’s column for various towns because most informed conservatives absolutely hate him.

The Israeli Lobby however loved McCain, and the final vote tally appeared to have the columns switched between Paul and McCain. The least popular Republican candidate literally became the “most popular” candidate with some voter fraud, a few phony opinion polls and the Jewish media telling people that they had to choose between McCain and Romney when the real choice should have been between Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul.

The Jews will not only give you terrible media coverage if you don’t have their approval; apparently outright vote fraud is another hazard that awaits a patriotic candidate, who doesn’t support America’s current slavish support of Israel and the “open borders” policy that high-level Jews have always promoted.

Perhaps a good analogy is that our government is a lot like the Egyptian government under Mubarak which was recently overthrown. The elections in Egypt were a total sham and everyone knew it. After years of phony elections, millions of people woke up to the vote thievery and started taking to the streets to protest crooked elections. We desperately need that to happen in the US before anything will change.

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