Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summertime At The Gun Show

Summertime At The Gun Show

On June 26, the Sacramento unit of the National Alliance set up their professional display at a major gun show in Sacramento presenting an array of books from National Vanguard Books, our retail book outlet and recruiting materials for the National Alliance.

Members greeted and talked with many dozens of friendly visitors promoting our new, updated version of our famous pamphlet, Who Rules America?. There is increased interest in this publication now that there is a complete update on cyber-media as well as updates on all the more traditional major media. Our America is a Changing Country DVD featuring Dr. William Pierce, our founder, was offered for free to the best potential candidates that we encountered.

As usual, Dr. Pierce's novel The Turner Diaries was a hot number, readily recognized and snapped up by an eager public.

To help us get our message out further some show vendors offered to take quantities of our recruiting materials to display at their tables at future shows they were doing in the next few months around the West.

Our friendly staff of four, which included two young members, were well received by the public. There were more than a few comments from people that it was good to see young White men taking a stand and working for the interests of their people.

Yes, there is hope.....its called the National Alliance. We're out there meeting the people and we're ready when you are.

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