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Our Greatest Burden

Our Greatest Burden

ADV Broadcast Of July 23, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

It has always been the National Alliance’s position that all races are unique, including the White race, and that the White race is worth preserving. However, it is also our contention that White people are the foundation for almost every advance in modern society: in technology, medicine, education, etc. And without White people, major advances will grind to a standstill. On the other hand, many White people are the greatest enemies of the White race.

Let’s examine an article published not too long ago in Reader’s Digest about counting our blessings. When you break it all down, Americans can count a number of blessings, almost all of which are attributable to White people. Of course, race is not mentioned in the article; that would be Politically Incorrect.

First, the magazine says we should count our blessings that people spend less time on the job now than ever before. That is people have more free time than ever before. As Aristotle said, “Free time (time spent not laboring) should be spent in personal human improvement and relaxation (or play).” Personal human improvement should follow the path of bettering oneself as a rational animal. White people, having a range of intelligence, have produced great thinkers in greater numbers than any other race. Such advancements require free time, which White culture has provided through technological invention. The result of White technology has resulted in a more comfortable and safer workplace environment as well. As is usually the case, the entire world has benefited from the work of Whites.

Now let’s look at the dark side. A labor leader once questioned whether or not more free time would improve the minds of laborers. He concluded that the answer was “no.” Most laborers, he said, would just use their free time to drink more beer and go bowling more. The point is well taken. Most workers do not attend the opera, see art films, attend classical concerts, read great books, or attend the theatre in their off hours. Most of them vegetate watching mindless television programs. This is a mixed blessing indeed.

According to the Reader’s Digest article, Americans today live in better houses than ever before. On average, there is nowhere else in the world where people live in better houses than in America. This, too, is because of what White Americans have accomplished. Outside of the media and garment industries, most successful American companies in America are run by Whites, and this includes the housing industry and industries that contribute to American housing.

On the other hand, a mostly-White American Congress recently dictated that banks give housing loans to people who could not afford to pay the interest. Congress did that, members said, to keep the American dream alive for everyone. As anyone knowledgeable about economics could predict, this egalitarian error has led to an unprecedented downturn in the housing market, and an economy bordering on depression. Rather than let people take responsibility for the errors they committed, the American government, most of which is White, passed “recovery” bills designed to financially bail out the have-nots at the expense of financially successful individuals. Has no one in power ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? Again, Whites are both heroes and villains.

Third, according to Reader’s Digest, Americans and almost everyone else have an unprecedented chance to read. Why? In America it began with our founders’ support for reading, which they felt necessary for the preservation of democracy. Later, that so-called White “oppressor” Andrew Carnegie gave liberally of his money so that all Americans could have access to public libraries. Today, the Internet, invented by Whites (but not Al Gore), allows Americans and everyone else to gain knowledge from anywhere in the world. In addition, books out of print can be found easily on the Internet. Thanks to White people, there is no excuse today for ignorance.

The dark side is that ignorance is even deeper now in America than it was before Carnegie gave money to establish libraries. This is because Whites have given in to critics who suggest that our educational standards are too high. Again falling for an egalitarian error, Whites have lowered their standards so that almost all students can pass, thereby guaranteeing a counterfeit equal outcome for all. Unfortunately, White children have watched non-Whites get away with whatever minor or major rule-breaking they commit. Ultimately, Whites are responsible for permitting this decline in standards. Yes, there are outside forces, but so far, Whites are ultimately responsible because they have had the power to stop it.

Fourth, according to Reader’s Digest, companies produce enough food to feed the entire globe. Of course, most of these companies are White owned. Even in the poorest countries, people consume more calories than ever before. In fact, in many countries, the earlier concerns about hunger have been replaced by concerns about obesity. Plenty of food is a good thing, unless one race is producing most of it and other races are merely eating it, as is the case today. Many countries are dependent on the U.S., but they don’t cooperate in the United Nations when issues concerning the U.S. arise. Once again, Whites are responsible for the progress while at the same time acting to nullify it. Whites will not protest their treatment in the U.N. and so are trampled by other countries hoping to benefit from our progress.

Fifth, according to Reader’s Digest, there are more peaceful forests and open woodland today in America than since the industrial revolution. As the magazine reports, “In recent decades America has gained 70 million acres of wilderness, which is more than all of the land currently occupied by cities, suburbs, and exurbs, according to Peter Huber, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute.” Because of technology created by Whites, people have more access to those areas than ever before.

Sixth, due to innovations engineered by Whites and the Japanese, today’s cars burn less gasoline per mile and emit 98% fewer pollutants than cars of the past. Today’s cars offer more creature comforts than did any cars of the past. A White German named Benz and a White American named Ford created the automobile that now grants freedom of travel to people everywhere. I see no downside to this except for the energy crisis that has developed partially due to thoughtless driving and a reluctance to plan for changes in the fuel economy.

Seventh, according to Reader’s Digest, current television fare is better than what we got during the “Golden Age of Television.” It is true that the so-called Golden Age aimed their shows at the common denominator, and often to the lowest common denominator. Still, the shows then, for the most part, didn’t promote the vast race-mixing and homosexuality that today’s shows do, in particular the reality dating shows that are currently on VH1 and MTV, which target a young, impressionable audience.

Yes, today’s viewer has many more choices, and the best of today’s programming is equal to or better than that of yesterday. Unfortunately, the plethora of program choices has not resulted in a percentage increase in quality programming. On the contrary, today’s worst programs are not only more abundant than those of old, but they are also more racially degrading and mindless. There are enough Whites in the country to reverse this trend towards trash, but apparently too many Whites enjoy it and just don’t care.

Eighth, according to Reader’s Digest, the U.S. and former Soviet Union had about 50,000 nuclear warheads aimed at each other. Of course, the U.S. and Russia have agreed to decrease the number of nuclear weapons. Reader’s Digest believes this is something for which we should all be thankful.

The dark side of this is that smaller nations have developed and are developing nuclear weapons. Several non-White nations want to use these weapons to destroy America and her allies. Rather than act in America's best interest, American politicians, most of whom are White, try to tiptoe around and talk away these threats. America and Russia can still be drawn into a war, but this time the war will begin when other countries act in ways that require the major powers to take action. I would say we are as much in danger of dying in a nuclear war today than we were during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Finally, Reader’s Digest says that today, we live longer than ever before. This is a result of largely White scientists finding drugs to combat debilitating diseases. More people can have memories today as they grow older due to technology such as the video recorder. Although the Japanese have taken and run with our ideas, this technology was first invented by Whites. I see no downside to this blessing.

Still, as we examine the nine blessings, we must realize that Whites are both responsible for the blessings and for the accompanying negative fallout that Whites could have prevented had they stood their ground. Either White people will exert the power they still have but rarely use, or that power will continue to diminish until our race no longer exists.

In the days of British colonialism, author Rudyard Kipling spoke of the White man’s burden. According to Kipling, White Brits had to shoulder the burden of acculturating primitives so that the world could advance. Of course, today that view is considered politically incorrect. Regardless of what one thinks of Kipling, however, White people still have a burden to carry in the form of other White people who aren’t racially conscious. In other words, the main thing White people have to fear is White people themselves.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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