Sunday, July 17, 2011

Media censoring black on white slaughter.

Media censoring black on white slaughter.

Photo from Atlanta Journal Constitution. Accused of shooting three female victims during lunchtime shooting spree. His name suggests he is an immigrant from northeastern Africa.

More and more, we see murder stories where pictures and descriptions of BOTH victim and perp are censored. We have talked a lot about the media censoring black crime. Bosses for the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and the tv show COPS have all publicly admitted to censoring black crime.

However a new trend also seems to be emerging. When a black perpetrator murders a white person, especially a female victim, pictures and/or descriptions of the victim are censored.

Right now, there is a big story story in Atlanta about the ambush/murder of a female victim who recently graduated from UGA. While much information has been given out about the victim’s academic and sports background, there are no pictures or descriptions of her.

The victim, Britteny Watts, was one of three female victims. However she was the one shot fatally. The perpetrator is believed to have hidden in a parking garage and open fire on random female victims.

After an exhaustive search, only one minor media outlet actually published a picture of the victim who was shot fatally.

The AJC published the victim's academic record and list of her hobbies, but no picture. Why? Because she is white. We easily found this recent honeymoon photo of the victim online.


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