Friday, July 1, 2011


Our position of how Matt Hale is illegally and unconstitutionally imprisoned by the current and previous regimes of the United States government.

1 – Unlawful Selective Investigation. He is a victim of a selective investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The investigation utilized techniques that are unlawful in nature.

2 – Appointment of Lame Counsel. Matt Hale’s lawyer was appointed to him by the presiding judge and was not selected by Matt Hale. During the trial, there are numerous accounts of Matt disagreeing with the choices that his counsel was making.

3 – An impartial Juror was not selected. This is a right, which can not, in any circumstance be obstructed for the sake of political correctness. It is being speculated that this time that “Juror A” was in fact a friend and associate of Ricky Birdsong; who was killed by a friend of Matt Hale’s, which was brought up during trial. There is no conceivable way that it can be EXPECTED that this juror who was the jury foreman can be impartial, ANY argument contrary is an insult to logic and reason. We at FREEMATTHALE.COM are undergoing 100% legal research to (if truth be told) bring this part of Matt Hale’s story to light. If this speculation is indeed plausible founded by undeniable evidence, a motion will be filed in the appropriate courts if it is has not been already.

There is much debate surrounding “Juror A”. At this time William “A” White is being charged with “Juror intimidation”. Is he being charged with this crime simply for bring this damaging information to light? Only time will tell.

This site is dedicated to free speech, the equal rights of all and 100% legal operations. No Hate is implied or expressed what so ever.

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