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The Cultural Differences In Sports

The Cultural Differences In Sports

ADV Broadcast Of July 2, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America's foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

For years, in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, a local Black basketball player, Lebron James of Akron, was literally hailed as a hero by the mainstream media. And why? Well, I guess because he’s six-foot-eight with arms up to the ceiling and can bounce a ball. And not only did the media make Lebron a hero on the local level, but internationally as well. Now when the Negro decided to leave Cleveland as a free agent and play for Miami, practically everyone who follows pro basketball – which really does not include me – handed the NBA title to Miami because of the addition of Lebron to their team.

Well, a few weeks ago Dallas beat Miami, four games to two, in the NBA championship series, much to the shock of all those who considered Lebron James to be not only the best basketball player in the world, but also the world’s greatest athlete.

And who, as witnessed by millions of people worldwide, made a legitimate claim for himself to be the best basketball player in the world? Why, none other than a tall German, Dirk Nowitzki of the world champion Dallas team. Yes, it was a German who showed American Blacks how to play basketball.

Nowitzki, a seven-footer who can nail twenty-foot shots and had once made thirty-nine free throws in a row, demonstrated the difference in culture between American Blacks and Germans. Nowitzki practiced and practiced his game to perfection, whereas many Black American athletes are successful only because of natural physical attributes rather than hard work. And the cultural differences between the races are consistently shown to be clearly evident, even to the average Joe Sixpack.

As a former pro athlete who has been involved in sports all of my life, I know countless White sports fans. For years, these couch potatoes have spent their weeknights and weekends glued to their TV sets or propped up on a stool in their favorite sports bar, watching games and more games: football, baseball, basketball... you name it, they’re watching it.

And not only are White men watching sports, they are talking about them. I’d guess that, during non-working hours, most groups of White men talk about sports the majority of the time. I don’t know if there are any statistics available on this, but it must be true that, even during working hours, sports is the main topic of conversation a good fraction of the time.

But certainly during leisure hours, White men talk about sports more than anything else. Perhaps when White men get together for business outings – a golf outing, for example – the conversation might dwell on business issues for a while, but my guess is that it always comes back to sports.

And when men in different occupations get together – for instance, at the neighborhood Fourth of July cookout – what more do they have to talk about than sports? Kids, maybe, but all men know that one doesn’t spend a good hour sharing deep thoughts with “the guys” about the kids. And certainly, almost nobody is going to be in the mood for a life-changing revelation about the lies of the Holocaust story when the lawn chairs are circled up around grilled brats and potato salad.

So as shallow as most White sports fans seem to be, it’s almost a wonder we’re talking about them on this program, which is dedicated to the minority of Whites who AREN’T interested in shallow things like quarterback ratings, earned run averages, and assists per game. This program is dedicated to those who care most about things that REALLY matter, things that have historical significance, things that deal with the future of life on this planet.

But let us remember that many, if not most of us, were once – in the racialist sense – shallow. Most Whites who are involved in Our Cause were once mainstreamers, ordinary people who basically fit in well with the seemingly oblivious sports fans that we’re talking about today.

Let there be no doubt that there are some White sports fans who are doomed, in terms of being active agents for changing the present and deplorable status of our race. But it is equally true that there are some current sports fans who are intelligent, who mean well, and who – deep down – realize that being a sports fan has no more lasting significance than does refusing to eat broccoli. Those sports fans stand at least a chance of contributing to the salvation of the White race, and it is my hope that this minority can be drawn into the struggle for our people’s future. And, right now anyway, it seems that corporate athletics and the multicultural media are teaching the reachable Whites the lessons they can best learn from, the lessons they are ready for.

As for WHY White people – particularly White men – watch so many sporting events, it’s tough to say. Perhaps they find current events in the world of national and international politics too depressing to pay attention to. I can’t say I blame them in that regard: the world situation – particularly for our race, but also less importantly for our country – is terribly depressing. But the news in those areas isn’t going to get any better by more-or-less able Whites jamming their heads in the sand, parked in front of the Jew Tube, steadily working their way through a six-pack of beer and a large bag of pretzels. And even if the rank-and-file sports enthusiast isn’t likely to be on the leading edge of the White racialist struggle, the sheer numbers of such enthusiasts are such that if even 10% of them decided to get up from their easy chairs and do something, we would notice it and so would the Jews.

Without exception, over the last 50 years the teams and athletes the White sports fan has to cheer for have been getting darker and darker. In baseball, for example, nearly half of the major league rosters are filled with players from south of the border, either from Central or South America or from somewhere in the Caribbean. Both college and pro football have become so Black that many teams have defenses on the field that are entirely Black. The offenses, of course, will usually have a White quarterback and some big offensive linemen, but even that is becoming less and less common. Aside from the quarterback, a White so-called “skills player” – such as a running back or receiver – is a true rarity. And Blacks have a near-monopoly on NBA basketball, which is why many Whites find the sport to be too ugly to watch at all.

It's no secret that the majority of those who spend big money to attend sports events and MORE big money to bedeck themselves, their family members, and their homes in team merchandise are White. Thus, they are the ones largely responsible for a Latino baseball player earning $25 million a year to just PLAY A GAME and for a Black quarterback who can’t throw to sign a contract worth well over $100 million.

But sadly, professional sports gets money from almost all of us, whether we go to the games or not, whether we follow the season’s progress or not, whether we love sports or hate them. And that’s because nearly all professional stadiums have luxury boxes that are rented out by corporations for huge chunks of money. The boxes are then available for use by upper-level employees and their guests. Corporations can do such things because we buy their products.

Similarly, athletic teams get cold cash from television advertisers that buy air time during sporting events. Advertisers have to get that money somewhere, so you and I end up paying more for their goods and services than we would if billions of our dollars didn’t go into the coffers of the media and the sports teams.

Well an ever-increasing number of White sports fans have finally had their noses rubbed in the dirt enough, so to speak, to make them get off their couches and bar stools and speak out on behalf of their race.

I recently ran into a number of guys with whom I played ball in school and who up until recently I considered to be Joe Sixpack sports fans. Imagine my shock when I found out that they’re all talking about racial issues now, and they’re tuning in less and less often to the hip-hopping, trash-talking, breast-beating world of non-White-dominated spectator sports. Just a few years ago, they were glued to the television and talking only about sports. You know, sometimes you find good news where you least expect it.

There are a couple of reasons that a few sports-nuts out there are finally starting to talk about race. With America's open border policy, which allows millions of non-White mestizos to flood across our borders, Joe Sixpack sports fan is seriously wondering why he would even want to see these same mestizos play ball. I’m pleased to report that this frowning upon mestizos playing ball has been broadened to include all pro athletes of Latino heritage, whether they were born in America or not.

Joe Sixpack also is fed up with watching non-White athletes with outrageous salaries marry White women and hold them before the cameras as trophies. I hear more and more disgruntled White males complain about this trend and a number of them, believe it or not, have been radicalized enough to become pro-White activists. That’s a big jump, going from a spectator with virtually no purpose in life to being an active participant in your race’s fight for freedom, and it’s a tribute to those who have made that jump for finding the strength and character within to have made it.

The same browning-down trend is also apparent in women’s sports. In ladies’ tennis, a sport that for years was dominated by White females, the Black Williams sisters – Serena and Venus – have been promoted by the media as the world’s greatest female athletes. This unfounded claim has alienated a lot of White female sports fans and has made the National Alliance’s racial vision a lot more palatable to people who otherwise wouldn’t pay any attention to us.

As crazy as it sounds, let’s hope the trend continues. Let’s hope football and baseball and other team sports continue to become darker. Let’s hope the media rub these dark athletes and their White traitor-women into our faces so much that we can’t stand it. People have a lot of inertia in terms of their values and other patterns of thought, and a good and prolonged media barrage of dark athleticism is just what the doctor ordered. That’s what it will take to wake up more of us; by alienating more of the White population, the truth that race is important begins to carry real weight. Recognizing that race matters is the first step, and then we have to motivate these folks to DO something to help their race, not just to THINK about it.

Of course, the Jewish media practice of shoving non-White athletes down our throats is nothing new. From Jesse Owens and Mohammed Ali to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods and now Lebron James, it seems that every few years some non-White athlete is named the “Best Athlete of All-Time” in some sport or other. Among Americans, the result has been the gradual acceptance of the notion – especially among young Whites – that Whites are inferior athletes to Blacks. I am the first to admit that Whites and Blacks are very DIFFERENT athletes, due to the physiological and psychological differences among average members of the two races, but the labels “superior” and “inferior” are completely subjective. That hasn’t stopped the mainstream Jewish media, in their subjective wisdom, from doing all they can to stifle White pride and glorify everything non-White.

For years, those Jewish media have been doing the same thing in other walks of life, too. Take the 2008 Presidential election as one example. In the early stages of the election, the Jewish-controlled media began elevating Barack Obama as if he were some sort of prince. Believe it or not, that’s fine with me, because I actually WANT Obama and every other non-White political candidate to be rubbed into the faces of the White population. And I WANT the race card to be played by every talking head who steps up to the microphone. Such endless drubbing will only awaken more of our people and knock them over to our side of the fence.

So be on the watch for signs that sports-mania is losing its luster to certain of our people. I’ve been around groups of White guys who are talking about sports as if the Political Correctness police were monitoring their every word, when suddenly someone cites the statistic of what percentage of major leaguers are not American citizens. The PC police are soon forgotten, and in short order the conversation moves to the strutting, head-bobbing, fist-shaking, and finger-pointing prominent among many Black athletes. Someone else starts listing names of pro athletes who play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, and that list is heavily-weighted with White athletes, even if they aren’t the most physically-gifted competitors on the field.

In most cases, it doesn’t take long before the conversation becomes 100% mainstream again, but the damage is done. A few White men had race-on-the-brain for a while, and it reinforced the knowledge every honorable White man carries in his heart, which is that there ARE differences between the races, and these differences somehow DO matter.

Now, it’s our job to make sure the fighters among these White sports fans know that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings about race, and that the greatest honor a White man can accept is a place as a savvy, stingy competitor on his race’s team, a team that is competing for the ultimate prize, a prize much bigger than any sporting event has to offer.

That prize is racial self-determination. With that prize will come the freedom to make our people greater than they’ve ever been before and the freedom to go where no other race could even imagine to go. THAT is our destiny.

Life is a game, but it’s a very serious one. Stop watching others compete and take to the field yourself, and together we’ll turn the White race back into a winning franchise.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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