Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Is Government-Mandated Racism against Whites Still Allowed?

We’ve had four decades of anti-White discrimination by the Feds.

Why Is Government-Mandated Racism against Whites Still Allowed?

by James Buchanan

The mainstream media continues to pummel Americans with claims that White people are “racist”. Blacks make up 12.6 percent of the US population. According to the likes of Jesse Jackson and a great many liberals, when the Blacks fail to make up 12.6 percent of the student population of M.I.T. or 12.6 percent of brain surgeons or 12.6 percent of rocket scientists, it isn’t some failing on the part of the Black population; it’s the fault of “White racism”.

Most corporations in the US are scared to death of being accused of “racism”. Often they go out of their way to hire Blacks and Latinos, no matter how unfit they are for the jobs. If anything has been going on in the US since the 1970s, it has been terrified managers bending over backwards to appease racial quotas imposed by the federal government. The net result has been that millions of better qualified Whites have lost jobs, promotions and college entry slots to less qualified Blacks and Latinos.

The intelligence of each race can be represented by a bell shaped curve as shown above. The area under each curve represents each population. The bell curve for the Blacks is shifted over to the left considerably because the average Black IQ is considerably less than for Whites.

Notice that beyond an IQ of 125 there is virtually no area under the Black IQ curve, which means there are few -if any- Blacks with IQs over that amount. Even if a mulatto has an IQ over 125, that’s no guarantee he worked hard in high school and got the grades to qualify for college. This means the number of Blacks who were better qualified than Whites for college entry or for some sophisticated job would be few if any.

In contrast, millions of much smarter White people have had the college door slammed in their faces to make room for less qualified Blacks and Latinos thanks to “Affirmative Action”. Only the Jewish media could be so supremely dishonest to put all the focus on “minority victims” dating from the 1950s while we have ongoing and massive racist discrimination against White college applicants going on today.

Notice that virtually all discrimination lawsuits are based on an inequality of outcome and the assumption that the races are equal and the outcomes should therefore be equal. A more logical course (and the only one with legal precedence) would have been to pay individuals who suffered discrimination on an individual basis if each could prove his case.

Instead of addressing past discrimination in a fair and reasonable manner, lawsuits were filed by Jewish lawyers working for activist organizations and federal judges decreed that an era of anti-White discrimination was necessary to “make up for past wrongs”. Apparently no one ever told these judges that two wrongs don’t make a right.

The result has been a period of anti-White discrimination mandated by the federal government that has gone on since the early 1970s. Most politicians are literally AFRAID of standing up for the White race. The Jewish media has created an atmosphere that is so thoroughly anti-White that everyone just goes along with racial quotas and Affirmative Action even though those programs are nothing less than blatant, anti-White racism that has become part of government policy.

Anyone who looks into the history of anti-White government policies will find over and over that Jews are behind these policies. Jewish lawyers have filed countless lawsuits alleging racism against Blacks. Far left judges have made decisions that laid the groundwork for anti-White racial quotas by the federal government. The Jewish news media has set the tone with extremely biased coverage which never asks if a government policy is unfair to Whites. You could watch thousands of hours of television and not have a clue that Whites were second class citizens in the US today. Only websites like this one tell the truth on racial issues and stand up for the Rights of White people.

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