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A Total Racial Renaissance

A Total Racial Renaissance

ADV Broadcast Of June 18, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

With the NATO bombing campaign of the sovereign nation of Libya now nearing the 90-day mark, a handful of U.S. lawmakers – including Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul – are suing President Obama for abuse of power, particularly since he never declared war on Libya and the funding was never voted on by Congress.

Of course, the Jews’ true agenda for bombing Libya is, firstly, to shut down Moammar Gadhafi because he has an independent mind and doesn’t behave like world Jewry wants him to behave. The second part of the agenda is to cripple the military power of Libya and destroy the country’s infrastructure and political stability, in order to set up a Zionist-controlled puppet government. However, Gadhafi is hanging tough and fighting back, much to the chagrin of the New World Order’s Jewish powerbrokers.

One world leader who has been adamant since the beginning about bombing Libya into smithereens and installing a puppet government in the oil-rich North African nation, has been French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Now there is probably a good reason why sarkozy is so obsessed about removing Gadhafi from power and installing a Zionist-friendly puppet state.

If you’ve seen photographs of Sarkozy and wondered about his own racial origins, it’s probably because he doesn’t quite look like a typical White Frenchman. Well, the reason he doesn’t look quite like a Frenchman is because, of his four grandparents, only one of them is French: his maternal grandmother. His paternal grandparents were Hungarians, as was – obviously – his father, who immigrated to France in the aftermath of the Soviet incursions into Hungary beginning in the latter days of the Second World War.

This leaves us with Sarkozy’s maternal grandfather, who happened to be a Sephardic Jew born in Greece and who moved to the suburbs of Paris before the First World War. Sarkozy’s Jewish grandfather wisely converted to Catholicism – which made living in France much easier for him – and, according to Sarkozy himself, had a much larger influence on the new president’s early life than did his own father. For much of his early life, Sarkozy lived in a mansion owned by his Jewish grandfather, and many of Sarkozy’s independence-based and nationalist political views today seem to mirror the Gaullist political views of his grandfather.

Now the disease that threatens France – and not only France, but the entire White world – is a racial disease. I have stated before that no major revival of France is going to occur without a White racial revival. That is, until White Frenchmen start openly stating what everyone knows in his heart – which is that monoracial nation-states are historically the most stable and most culture-producing political entities – until that admission is honestly and openly stated, nothing is going to change in France. And not only must that admission be made, but it must also be coupled with positive action directed toward the attainment of White racial goals.

In my view, any remaking of a White nation must be founded on White racial purity, and no amount of crime reduction, economic growth, or halting of new non-White immigrants is going to please me. I and the other members of the National Alliance advocate a total racial renaissance that starts, of course, with total racial separation.

Perhaps France is too far down the road of multiracialism to be saved. It’s hard to get any solid racial data out of a nation that forbids the taking of solid racial data. I DO know that France has had a sickness of the psyche – or a sickness of the will, you might call it – for at least a century, and probably for much longer than that.

For example, the bloodbath of the French Revolution at the end of the 18th Century was certainly a low point in the history of what was once the most cultured nation in Europe. During that baleful period, French commoners – inspired by so-called “ideals” that were almost indistinguishable from what reappeared elsewhere in Europe some decades later as full-blown communism – came together in mobs and slew as many aristocrats as they could get their hands on. Some of those aristocrats, no doubt, were heartless snobs who were concerned about little more than their own possessions and pocketbooks, but killing them didn’t – in the long run – make France any better off. After all, the aristocracy DID constitute much of the highest-quality White genetic material that inhabited France at that time, and the loss of that genetic material resulted in a general weakening of the White gene pool.

Some years after the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte came along and did his best to unite a fragmented Europe. Unfortunately, he only REALLY succeeded in uniting a good portion of Europe AGAINST him and this, of course, resulted in more fratricidal warfare between White men who were forced to look at uniforms – rather than faces – to distinguish friend from foe. But after Napoleon failed in his gamble – nearly bleeding France to death in the process – the leadership and vigor from the land of the Franks has been spotty, at best.

One of the bright spots for France within the last century was the willingness of forward-thinking Frenchmen to unite with National Socialist Germany in Hitler’s European crusade against communism during the Second World War. Two French fighting units, the “Charlemagne” and the “Assault Brigade,” were incorporated into the Pan-European Waffen-SS, and they fought – despite incomplete training, supply shortages, and the overwhelming Soviet numerical superiority – with exemplary idealism and valor against Stalin’s hordes.

A book on the subject of the French SS volunteers, entitled For Europe and written by Robert Forbes, has received complimentary reviews from several readers on Clearly, there were Frenchmen with racial-nationalist ideals back in the 1940s and no doubt there are still some today. For their sake and for that of France, I just hope that we can set our White nations back on the path to greatness before we go all the way down.

A story of bravery similar to that told by Robert Forbes is the incomparable Campaign in Russia written by the late Leon Degrelle. Degrelle was a rightist politician in Belgium during the 1930s, and when his nation was invaded by Germany, he and about 800 French-speaking volunteers joined Hitler’s anti-communist crusade. They were organized into the 28th SS division Wallonia and, despite enticements to take a leadership role, Degrelle declined to accept a position that he hadn’t earned, instead choosing to start out as a simple private.

As the war dragged on, Degrelle’s leadership abilities became more and more obvious and, as his experience grew, he assumed more and more of the responsibility for the fighting condition and spirit of his fellow countrymen. Other idealistic Belgians, following Degrelle’s example, left home and joined in the fight on the Eastern Front. Under Degrelle’s direction, SS Wallonia gained fame as one of the stingiest and fiercest fighting units of the anti-communist forces in the East, with its deeds of daring and valor rivaling those of the best all-German SS units.

Degrelle and his French-speaking Walloons were another plain example that the spirit of the White man in and around France was far from extinguished during the middle of the last century. And I refuse to believe that that spirit is dead today. I believe it is slumbering – and HAS BEEN slumbering for quite some time, and slumbering quite SOUNDLY, no less – but the spirit of the White man still flickers in the souls of some Frenchmen. I hope that spirit stands up and lets itself be noticed in the very near future.

As I mentioned briefly last week, there have been faint glimmerings of hope that racial realities are coming to a head not just in France, but all across Europe. Mostly, those glimmerings have taken the form of a hushed but steady opposition to immigration. Such opposition has become more and more open over the last several years, and myriad political hopefuls have jumped on the anti-immigration bandwagon, eager to ride the wave of unrest to a place at the democratic political feeding trough.

Many of these political hopefuls might, in fact, be sincere men, in the sense that they REALLY DO believe in whatever platform they have adopted. Unfortunately, the platform of the typical anti-immigration political hopeful stops at halting the immigration flood into Europe; it says nothing about what to do with the immigrants who are already comfortably settled in the traditional hotbed of Western civilization and culture.

And, of course, it’s no surprise WHY the White anti-immigration politicians have deliberately avoided the subject of what to do with naturalized non-White immigrants. The mere concept of repatriating immigrants back to their nations of origin – many of which are economic wastelands or little more than the scene of turf wars by gangs of rival thugs and criminals – is completely, totally, and utterly... Politically Incorrect.

One really can’t think of a MORE Politically Incorrect statement than: “Not only should all non-White immigrant-hopefuls be turned away at our borders (forcibly, if necessary), but also all of the non-Whites who are already here – legal or not – should be sent packing so that we Whites can have a homeland to ourselves.” Such a statement conjures up visions of jack-booted NKVD brutes kicking in the moonlit doors of bleary-eyed victims during one of the paranoid Stalin’s many purges of innocent Russians.

Nowhere in the White world today are there any serious political candidates who would dare to advocate repatriation on the basis of race. The ordinary, mainstream White European, who detests the immigrant presence in his country as much as anyone, draws the line at halting the flood. He can accept that. But the driving-back of the flood is not an idea he’s willing to consider.

The same is true in the United States. As a part of this audience, no doubt you are aware that the immigration situation on America’s southwestern borders is beyond ludicrous, and has been so for decades now. The hypocrisy, corruption, and hateful irresponsibility on the part of our government and our law enforcement agencies – that has resulted in the total chaos in the Southwest – are perhaps unparalleled in our nation’s history.

And because of the refusal of the entrenched authorities to deal with the problem, it’s no wonder that the uproar against immigration has been popular; that is, it has come from the American PEOPLE – the outsiders, rather than government insiders.

Actually, I misspoke just now. I mentioned the “uproar against immigration,” and I should have been more specific and said “the uproar against ILLEGAL immigration.” And this fine distinction is, in fact, the crux of the problem.

Opponents of immigration make it very clear that they are only opponents of ILLEGAL immigration. Immigrants who are already in the United States legally, or who immigrate here according to the existing immigration laws... the opponents of immigration have no quarrel with them. The largely Jewish-controlled media, of course, never let pass an opportunity to accuse the opponents of illegal immigration of wanting to stop ALL immigration which, like illegal immigration, is heavily non-White. When such accusations DO arise, the fervent cries of, “But we’re only against ILLEGAL immigration!” fill the air... and the airwaves, and the TV screens, and printed media of all kinds.

In America, as in Europe (France, for example), it has become possible – although still highly politically incorrect – for White citizens to advocate for new laws against illegal immigrants... or, what’s even more pathetic, to advocate for the EXISTING laws to be ENFORCED by the governments that are supposed to be enforcing them, but aren’t. No White mainstreamer has yet loudly advocated for not only the illegal immigrant flood to be halted, but the ENTIRE non-White flood to be halted. And for the thought of REPATRIATING all non-Whites in Europe or America, legal or not, to even silently cross the mind – much less audibly pass through the lips – well, that’s a fate at least as bad as death for most ordinary Whites.

But we in the National Alliance are not ordinary Whites. The hundreds of thousands of White racial-nationalists in Europe (yes, even in France) are not ordinary Whites. We’ll go along with the demands of the opponents of illegal immigration: enforce the existing laws, take illegals into custody and then send them home. So far, so good.

But we want to go further. We want ALL non-Whites – legal or not, foreign-born or not, gainfully employed or not...out. Out of our living space, out of our culture, out of our sight. Out, out, out.

Now, I’ve always been more of a tactician than a theoretician. This was true during my boxing career; I wasn’t one of those guys who developed his own fighting persona and stuck to it at all costs. I was more the type of fighter who studied his opponent and used whatever tools and tactics were necessary to beat that particular opponent. Sure, I had some basic rules of thumb that I pretty much stuck to, but those went out the window if the situation in the ring called for it. I was just interested in winning the bout, so I did whatever I had to do. For instance, if I thought I detected a flaw in my opponent, I would attack immediately and go for the quick knockout. And, if I thought my opponent was quite durable, I’d pick my shots and wear him down with body punches before going for the knockout victory.

So in achieving the White racial homeland that we are aiming for, I am again going to take the tactician’s mindset. From a practical standpoint, it just might not be feasible for the land area we call “America” today to become an all-White racial state. Some of that land area might have to be ceded to other racial groups in order to secure what we want. Certainly, I’m not going to settle for too small a living space, but I would be willing to cut a deal for land, as long as we get a White racial state.

In the creation of that state, some toes are going to get stepped on. Most non-Whites will move out of the White region on their own, but some will have to be removed. On the other hand, some Whites will find themselves in non-White territory and they’d better get out or risk paying a high and bloody price for sticking around too long.

So, yes, I imagine that there will be some repatriation occurring on both sides. I imagine that the economic situation will deteriorate during the transition time while the new racial states are being settled. And I imagine that some heads are going to get bashed in and some blood is going to be spilled in the shuffle. It can’t be otherwise.

But working NOW to achieve homogeneous racial states – both in the Western Hemisphere and in Europe – is VASTLY preferable to the bloodbath that awaits us if we continue down the road we’re presently on. Aside from racial idealism, even for the most self-centered egotist, it only makes sense to separate mutually-hostile groups into their own geographic regions. To NOT WANT to do so is the height of shortsightednes. To deliberately work AGAINST racial boundaries is criminal irresponsibility...plain and simple.

So for us White racialists, the battle against illegal immigration is just the tip of the iceberg, but the underlying cause of the problem remains in place, to grow stronger with time and to present more and bigger problems in the future.

Here in the National Alliance, we’re thinking the unthinkable: not only stop non-White immigration, but REVERSE it. Trust me: the world will be much better off in the long run if we start thinking the unthinkable... and start DOING what our lying opponents say is NOT DO-ABLE.

But of course it IS possible, and we mean to prove it to the world. I’d be pleased for you to join us in our noble Cause.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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