Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tim Chitwood or Mr. Shitwood,you decide.

This is in response to Mr.Chitwood's article of Monday,June 6,2011 in the 12th St.rag known as the Ledger Enquirer.My name is Michael Weaver and I'm the creator of (Win) White Information Network.Mr.Chitwood is a local hack writer for an obscure "liberal" paper that prides itself in promoting both "Tolerance" and the anti-white agenda of his Jewish/Zionist masters.My tribute to former Columbus,Ga.Municipal Court Judge Henry Haywood Turner III is out of respect for my dear friend and mentor,whom I shall miss dearly!Mr.Chitwood a.k.a. Shitwood is a disgrace as a so-called journalist,but the propaganda paper that he works for is great for lining bird cages.My friend Haywood Turner III exemplified many great qualities that,sadly,are as rare as an honest politician:Honor,Courage,Loyalty,Generosity,Soaring Intelligence,ad infinitum... I firmly believe Mr.Chitwood would've made a great poster boy for the Flower Power movement of the 60's. Mr.Chitwood calls himself a liberal,however the term liberal simply means a Communist in disguise.Yes,Mr.Chitwood,many healthy White Americans would prefer reading my blog instead of your sickening drivel.Perhaps you’d prefer that.

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