Saturday, June 18, 2011

Congressman Weiner Finally Resigns; “Buh-bye, pervert!”

Extremely arrogant and obnoxious liberal Congressman sunk by sex scandal.

Congressman Weiner Finally Resigns; “Buh-bye, pervert!”

by James Buchanan

Three weeks ago the Weinergate scandal began when Anthony Weiner sent a picture of his crotch to everyone on his twitter list, instead of just a 21 year old college student in Washington state. Congressman Anthony Weiner started off angrily denying all the charges, claiming he was the victim of a hacker. Most people (with any brains) were highly skeptical. Weiner would not deny that the picture of the shorts with a bulge was him. Shouldn’t most people have a clue if pictures of themselves in their underwear are floating around? (And if they don’t know; they’re drinking way too much.)

The scandal grew and grew. Suddenly six floozies were involved. Hundreds of lurid text messages had been sent out, and a porn star, named Ginger Lee was among the floozies. More pictures of Weiner half-dressed were revealed.

Then the bombshell dropped! Andrew Breitbart, who had earlier been (falsely) accused of hacking Weiner’s twitter account, announced that he had a naked picture of Weiner’s genitalia. A single mom in Texas, Meagan Broussard had contacted Breitbart about Anthony Weiner and had supplied him with the picture. This pretty much crossed the line for most Americans.

Breitbart said he didn’t want to release the picture, but a security camera captured the image when Breitbart showed it to Opie and Anthony while being interviewed on their radio show. Opie and Anthony then posted the slightly blurry picture of the picture on the Internet.

It was bad enough Weiner was -at the least- cheating on his wife on the Internet. This made him out to be a disgusting slimeball. The nude pictures clearly crossed a line from creepy to crazy. The vast majority of teenagers have enough sense not to send out nude pictures of themselves –not even to people they think they can trust.

Additional details came out that one of Weiner’s floosies, Lisa Weiss was a card dealer in Las Vegas. Weiner sent some explicit tweets to her indicating that he wanted to meet up with her to have sex. Weiner’s defenders had claimed that this was nothing but “cyber-sex” and flirtation, but Weiner made it more than obvious that he wanted to meet Miss Weiss for a very real encounter (and most Americans are no doubt wondering if Weiner had actually met up with other women for sexual encounters in previous months).

To cap all this off, two underage girls, one sixteen and one seventeen had been texting Weiner. Weiner added the sixteen year old as a friend. Then he unfriended her when someone pointed out she was only sixteen. Later Wiener added her back as a friend. Weiner used the expression “tights and a cape” with the seventeen year old. He had used the same expression with another woman in a conversation that was sexually charged, suggesting he was just a couple text messages away from trying to seduce a minor. Police were sufficiently alarmed that they talked with the 17 year old and her mother.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and even President Obama urged Anthony Weiner to resign. The growing embarrassment to the Democrat Party caused by Anthony Weiner was threatening to make the 2012 election even more disastrous for the Democrats, than the train wreck it is likely to be.

To make matters worse, photos of Anthony Weiner in college wearing a bra and panty hose turned up within the last couple days, further disgusting the American public and opening up a whole new range of perversity that Weiner had likely engaged in.

The straw that broke the camel’s back appears to have been the return of Anthony Weiner’s pregnant wife, Huma after an extended trip to Africa with Hillary Clinton. Just hours after her return, Weiner went from stubborn defiance to complete capitulation. It’s clear who wears the pants in that family (and who doesn’t wear pants).

Weiner’s resignation speech was not without incident. One news article reports “(It) Turns out Anthony Weiner’s worst nightmare wasn’t having to face the cameras and resign from public office today. It’s that Howard Stern show writer (turned professional heckler) Benjy Bronk was in the audience. Let’s just say the press conference quickly went from PG to R, and forced many a network censor to have a hand on the bleep button…. today, just as Weiner faced his most humiliating moment yet, Bronk took it even further… Weiner was just a few minutes into his speech when the microphones began picking up the shouts from Bronk, who was standing in the center of the throng of reporters covering the event. (Congressman Weiner announced his resignation, saying) ‘I’d hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do, to fight for the middle class and those struggling to make it… Unfortunately the distraction I have created has made that impossible so today I am announcing my resignation from congress.’ (Weiner’s statement was immediately followed with:) ‘Yaaaaaaay! Buh-bye, pervert!’ Bronk screamed to gasps in the room from reporters.”

I’m glad that Mr. Bronk was in that room. His response to Anthony Weiner’s resignation was a lot closer to what most Americans were thinking in contrast to the gutless liberal reporters, who wouldn’t dare roast a Weiner, who so richly deserved it.

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