Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amnesty by Executive Order Ignored by Media

Obama tells Border Patrol that deporting certain illegal aliens is not necessary.

Amnesty by Executive Order Ignored by Media

by James Buchanan

Michelle Malkin noted in a recent article “NumbersUSA posted a letter on Monday from GOP Sen. Grassley and seven other Republican Senators challenging the White House on rumors of illegal alien-amnesty-by-executive order… This administration has accomplished its major policy agenda items through force, fiat, and fraud. Immigration will be no different. More to the point, as I’ve reported many times and in-depth in my blog posts, columns, and books, open-borders activists and open-borders politicians have accomplished illegal alien amnesty-by-special order with almost no grass-roots resistance for years.”

A link to a government website appears to confirm that there was an executive order, which incorporates ideas from the illegal alien “Dream Act” which patriots have been fighting against for years.

One small patriotic website noted “I’m losing count as to how many times this president is doing this type (of) thing and bypassing the Constitution…..acting like a dictator in a 3rd world country and Congress let’s him get away with it. On Friday, the Obama administration issued a memo announcing that federal immigration officials do not have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. military service, or even if they are pregnant or nursing. This new policy of ‘prosecutorial discretion’ was quietly announced on Friday afternoon, and completely ignored by the mainstream press.”

The President does NOT have the authority to change existing US law. Any new laws must be passed by Congress, and then the president can veto or sign them. By giving the Border Patrol semi-secret orders to NOT obey the law, President Obama is supporting and even advocating criminal behavior.

Imagine the president deciding one day that espionage was no longer a crime. Imagine the president giving orders that any future spies “need not be prosecuted”. If the president tells law enforcement officials to not enforce the law, he is effectively promoting criminal behavior. Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush should be brought up on criminal charges for giving secret orders to the Border Patrol that have allowed a flood of illegal aliens across our border.

I strongly suggest that all patriotic Americans should contact their Congressman and demand that existing immigration laws be enforced and that all people who can be deported should be deported as soon as possible. You can contact your Congressman here.

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