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Why You Should Join The National Alliance

Why You Should Join The National Alliance

ADV Broadcast Of May 28, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

As we had discussed in last week’s broadcast, the disparity in every element of the power structure between us and our enemies is so enormous that to the average person it cannot be overcome. However, to the intelligent White racialist, the System is crumbling, and it is not necessary for us to gain governmental power by requiring a larger army, more television networks than the Jews, and a political organization able to garner more voters than the Democrats or Republicans.

It is not necessary for two reasons: First, the power structure of our opponents is undergoing rapid, degenerative change. It might seem too much to say that the governmental power structure in the United States is self-destructing before our eyes, but its pathology becomes more apparent month by month in many ways: in the increasingly tawdry, "show business" style of political campaigns; in the ever more frequent revelations of the legislators' corruption, personal depravity, and disregard for the laws they make; in the government's increasingly evident fear of its own citizens; above all, in the loss of governmental will to deal with problems requiring strong, decisive, and perhaps unpopular action. It is losing its moral authority and its credibility with the people it governs; fewer and fewer of them regard their government as more than an expensive nuisance, as witnessed by the growing number who simply have stopped voting.

The police and military structures still wield a considerable amount of physical power, based to a large degree on modern technology: computerized police files of dissidents, sophisticated surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, laser-guided missiles, "smart" bombs, and the like. The quality of the human factor in their power is declining rapidly, however. It is not just the ravages of "Affirmative Action" programs on the average competence of government workers or the loss of esprit de corps in the remaining White personnel: more important is the fact that the government's police and military forces have to a very large degree lost their sense of moral justification. They still may be convinced that they are strong enough to impose their will on their opponents, but they no longer have the unshakable conviction that they represent the side of right and justice; idealism has given way to careerism and cynicism. In the long run this will be a mortal weakness.

Even the news and entertainment media, despite their overwhelming influence on every other element of the power structure and on most of the population, are becoming increasingly vulnerable. A growing element of the public regards the media with suspicion, recognizing their anti-White bias and their destructive effect on morals and culture.

The second reason why we don't have to build a power structure as large as the one opposed to us is that all the elements in the population we want to reach with our message are becoming increasingly responsive to that message. At the same time the opposed power structure is losing its own partisans. The government and the Jewish media will continue to have their hard core of support -- Jews, feminists, some homosexuals, some Christians, the radical-liberal New World Order enthusiasts, most of the state and Federal bureaucrats, and others on government or media payrolls -- but outside these special constituencies our enemies have very few real friends left, even among their beneficiaries. Blacks and mestizos as a whole, for example, can hardly be considered a staunch bulwark of the government, despite the favoritism it has shown them. The American population has become much like the Roman mob of old, ready to cheer for any government which can provide it with bread and circuses, but equally ready to turn against the government the moment the supply of those commodities is interrupted -- and never ready to defend the government if any personal sacrifice is required.

To summarize what I just said, the situation in America is no longer quasi-static, as it was during most of the l970s and l980s. During that earlier period the Jewish media were able to keep nearly all of the public hypnotized, to provide a false reality for them in the place of the real world around them. Someone would complain that America was becoming darker, poorer, and dirtier. The media would drown him out with a chorus about the value of "diversity," about the evils of "racism," about the wonders of the coming New World Order, and the complaint would be ignored and forgotten by nearly everyone.

Now the process of decay and disintegration has accelerated; now the hypnosis is beginning to wear off as reality becomes too harsh to ignore. The process will continue to accelerate in the future. More and more people will notice that, indeed, the emperor is stark, staring naked, even as the Jewish media continue to extol the beauty and grandeur of his new raiment and denounce those benighted souls who refuse to acknowledge it.

The process is inherently unstable, and nothing that the enemies of our people can do will reverse it. Their power structure will continue to become more pathological, if not physically weaker, in all its elements, and more and more members of the White public will receive our message sympathetically. No one can predict in detail the outcome of this unstable process after it reaches the point where we are able to exert a significant influence on its further development. It is clear, however, that our responsibility now is to continue building a revolutionary infrastructure able to support an opposing power structure which can respond advantageously to all developments.

A revolutionary infrastructure is the structured collection of people and other resources organized for the purpose of carrying on, over an extended period, the full range of activities necessary to the purpose outlined above. Among the necessary activities are the generation and dissemination of propaganda, recruiting, fund raising, self-defense and internal discipline, intelligence gathering and evaluation, planning and guidance. It is the continued enhancement, development, and expansion of such activities that alone can lead to the attainment of the ultimate revolutionary goal.

The National Alliance was organized in February 1974. Many of its first members came from another organization, the National Youth Alliance, which had been founded in 1970 in Virginia by Dr. William Pierce, a young physics professor who left a career of teaching and research at Oregon State University to devote himself to the service of his people.

Although the ideologies of the two organizations were identical, membership in the National Youth Alliance had been restricted to persons under 30 years of age, and that group focused its activities on college and university campuses. Thus, the formation of the National Alliance effected a broadening of the appeal of the National Youth Alliance to include White persons of all ages and occupations.

Because the early l970s were a politically and socially turbulent period, during which Jews and others -- sometimes under the guise of opposition to the Vietnam war -- were organizing violent demonstrations in the streets of America's cities and calling for the destruction of White society, the National Youth Alliance took a militant, confrontational stance in opposition to this destructive activity. The name of the group's first periodical, the tabloid ATTACK!, reflected this stance. During this early period the National Youth Alliance organized many public activities, including street demonstrations with placards and banners denouncing not only the communists, Jews, and other avowed enemies of White America but also the government which tolerated and even encouraged them.

Unfortunately, the scale of the National Youth Alliance's public activities was too small to make a significant impact on current events, government policies, or the public's consciousness. These activities also did not lead to much increase in organizational strength: many of the people who were attracted to the National Youth Alliance by the publicity its activities generated had only shallow, short-term motivations.

As Dr. Pierce and his co-workers came to appreciate more fully the magnitude and the time scale of the task facing them, their approach became more fundamental. By the time the National Alliance was formed in 1974 the programmatic emphasis had shifted from a superficial confrontation with the enemies of our people to the building of the necessary organizational foundation for a final victory over those enemies. Simultaneously the emphasis in recruiting shifted from quantity to quality. In April 1978 the name of the National Alliance's periodical changed from ATTACK! to National Vanguard. The red headlines and exhortations to action in the publication were replaced by sober analyses of the political, social, and racial situation and of the task facing our people.
This is not to say that the National Alliance softened or moderated its approach to the struggle; indeed, May 1978 saw the publication of the first edition of Dr. Pierce's first novel, The Turner Diaries, which had earlier been serialized in ATTACK! and which provoked a storm of reaction from the government and the controlled media. The more fundamental and longer-range program after this time nevertheless brought with it a more mature and serious public image for the National Alliance.

In 1978 a group of members who were especially interested in the religious or spiritual aspects of the National Alliance's work organized the Cosmotheist Community Church.

From 1978 the rate of membership growth also increased substantially for several years. By 1983, however, the stasis of the Reagan era had set in, and recruitment slowed. Throughout the remainder of the l980's there was a gradual decline in membership, and the National Office experienced great difficulty in recruiting staff members of the caliber needed to carry its work forward. In August 1985 the National Office moved from the Washington, DC, area to a rural, mountainous area in West Virginia.

The National Alliance published its second book in 1980, member William Simpson's Which Way Western Man?In the same year it issued the second edition of The Turner Diaries. In 1984 it published the reprint volume, The Best of ATTACK! and National Vanguard Tabloid.

In 1987 the National Alliance's publishing arm, National Vanguard Books, was reorganized as a separate entity. In 1989 Dr. Pierce's second novel, Hunter, was published. In 1991 member Randolph Calverhall's novel, Serpent's Walk, was published.

In 1991 National Vanguard Books began publishing audio cassettes. In December 1991 the National Alliance began broadcasting its message worldwide via shortwave radio with the weekly program American Dissident Voices. In 1992 a number of AM radio stations in the United States also began carrying American Dissident Voices.
In 1993 National Vanguard Books began using full-color comic books as a medium for reaching high school students with the National Alliance message. In the same year work began on a video studio in order to use the video medium for that message.

In 1996 the National Alliance began promoting European cultural festivals, with a monumental event held in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1999 Dr. Pierce purchased Resistance Records in an effort to expand the Alliance’s outreach to White youth through music.

In July of 2002, following the unfortunate passing of founder and Chairman Dr. William Pierce, Erich Gliebe, was selected by the National Alliance Board of Directors as the new Chairman.

In November of 2002, the National Alliance began holding regional conferences, with the initial one being held in Sacramento, California.

In April of 2004, the National Alliance opened the William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall at its National Office in Mill Point, West Virginia with a rousing Leadership Conference.

In 2004 National Alliance activities were at an all-time high, and Chief Operations Officer Shaun Walker began speaking to students at universities.

In 2005, Erich Gliebe stepped down as Chairman to concentrate on family matters and appointed Shaun Walker as his successor, to the approval of the Alliance’s Board of Directors.

In 2006 Shaun Walker resigned as Chairman and appointed Erich Gliebe as his successor, which was approved by the Alliance’s Board of Directors.

In 2007 the National Alliance continued to expand operations in the West, under the leadership of Jim Ring.

Also in 2007, the National Alliance held an international revisionist history conference in the William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall.

In 2011 the Alliance’s Cleveland Local Unit, which has held consecutive monthly meetings since 1991, celebrated its 20th anniversary.

And, also in 2011, the National Alliance published the most comprehensive research report to date of Jewish media control, with the current version of Who Rules America?

There are several reasons why you should join the National Alliance. As a member of the Alliance you will be doing something about what is happening to your world, instead of just complaining about it. You will be joining your strength to that of many other men and women with the same beliefs and goals. Working alone you can accomplish relatively little; working in concert with others you can have a much greater effect on the course of events around you.

By keeping informed through internal National Alliance publications of other members' activities and of ongoing National Alliance programs, you will have both guidance and a wider scope for your own activity. You will be able to draw on the experience and special knowledge of other members instead of relying entirely on your own guesswork.

Nothing in life is more satisfying and fulfilling than making a commitment to a great and impersonal goal and then devoting one's talents and energies to its achievement. As a National Alliance member you will be taking a hand in shaping the future and in determining the destiny of your race. By doing so you will share in its immortality.

In addition to the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of doing something which really matters and which makes your life count, you should join the National Alliance because it is the right thing to do. Any White person who can see the threat to the future of the race today and who refuses, whether from cowardice or selfishness, to stand up for his people does not deserve to be counted among them. The task of the National Alliance is an extraordinarily difficult one, but it is necessary, and that should be the only consideration for any man or woman with a fully developed sense of responsibility.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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