Monday, May 16, 2011

The Jewish Supremacy Court

The Jewish Supremacy Court

Flashback: The Jewish Supremacy Court

by Clay Farrell

July 10, 2011

Something you have not heard much about yet but will hear a little about the rest of this month is the Senate confirmation hearings of President Obama’s second Supreme Court nomination, Solicitor General Elena Kagan.

The Senate confirmation hearings began this week and the Constitution-mandated nomination confirmation proceeding, which is headed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, will go through the motions of a question-and-answer, dog and pony show, prior to the official Senate nomination confirmation in mid-July.

With a Judiciary Committee, which is over 60% Democrat, and Senate, which is almost 60% Democrat, this nomination is not at risk of failure for many reasons beyond a Democrat-controlled process. Another is the overall popularity of President Obama. But regardless, this Supreme Court Justice nomination will be, if you excuse my deliberately contemporary urban expression, another slam-dunk for Obama. But that is not necessarily because of the Obaminator’s popularity or the Democrat-controlled Senate.

For sure there has been lot of other news dominating the controlled-media agenda in recent months, including the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and news regarding the war in Afghanistan. But that is nothing more than a coincidental and convenient distraction from Elena Kagan’s nomination.

Ultimately nothing would make any difference with this nomination. And I can assure you that Presidential popularity, Senate political predisposition, and less-than-convenient news distractions, would not stop it. The fact is that Elena Kagan is yet another Jewish appointment to the Supreme Court that has had a virtually non-stop Jewish presence for almost 100 years now. Continue reading here.

Source: The Nationalist Coalition: A New Kind of White Activism

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