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A Clean Break From The Existing Order Is Imperative

A Clean Break From The Existing Order Is Imperative

ADV Broadcast Of April 30, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

A major news story has just crossed my desk: “Afghan Officer Fires on U.S. Troops, Kills 9.” Apparently, an Afghan military pilot killed 8 American soldiers and a U.S. contractor during a meeting at the Kabul airport. And, of course, this news item didn’t even get the top billing of the day. Those honors went to the marriage ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a meaningless human interest story.

Now what happened at the Kabul airport shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has been following the situation in Afghanistan. Taliban insurgents have been stepping up their attacks on government and military installations. Less than two weeks ago an Afghan soldier walked into a meeting of NATO trainers and Afghan troops and detonated an explosives vest hidden under his uniform, killing six Americans. The American casualties in Afghanistan have risen dramatically since President Barack Obama took office.

So where are all the anti-war protestors? After all, there were thousands, or even tens of thousands of them in the streets during Obama’s presidential campaign. But now that he’s in office, where did those people go? And why are the protestors silent over the bombing of Libya? Could it be that the media has been downplaying the loss of American life in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and purposely distracting the masses with Prince William gossip stories?

America is falling apart right in front of our very eyes and the facts are all too plain to see. Unfortunately, however, a number of White people are blatantly lying to themselves by refusing to acknowledge the dismal reality of the situation at hand.

There are a lot of people out there – ostrich-heads, you might call them – who refuse to accept the facts when it comes to our racial situation. For example, when White racialists express concern over the increasingly non-White presence in formerly White countries, the head-in-the-sand ostrich-types aren’t moved. When we talk about the floods of non-Whites that are stampeding over the southern border of the U.S. or overrunning all of Western Europe or washing ashore on the coasts of Australia, the ostrich-heads sarcastically snort, “Oh, right!” and roll their eyes. Or when White racialists talk about the Jewish control of the American mass media and its resultant control over the electoral process and the pull-strings of government, the reaction from the ostrich-heads is similar: a combination of derision, mockery, and disbelief that anyone could hold such unorthodox thoughts in this day and age.

As a longtime White racialist, it is of course difficult for me to understand the ostrich-heads. One lesson I learned a long time ago from my mentor and the founder of the National Alliance, the late Dr. William Pierce, was to practice staring reality in the face until it becomes a habit, no matter how painful it is to do that. The ostrich-heads, no matter how much they stare reality in the face in other aspects of their lives, have had little practice in staring RACIAL realities in the face, so when heretical ideas like “non-Whites are overrunning White countries” or “the Jews have their hands on the levers of U.S. power” are presented to them, one can hardly expect them to believe in the veracity of those ideas. In fact, we should be more surprised if an ostrich-head pulls his head out of the sand, even for a moment, to honestly consider the evidence behind some White racialist idea.

In almost all cases, the weight of media overkill and the pressure of herd instinct put those people squarely back on the “orthodox train,” which has long lines of boxcars filled with plenty of sand for all of the ostrich-heads aboard. And the train zips along through time, with all of the ostrich-heads having their heads in the sand and their tails sticking up for all to see, such that the first thing that comes to mind when one sees one of them is… a backside. My point here, however, is that the ostrich-heads on the train of time – oriented as they are – are missing out on the action and the scenery. That is, they are missing the chance to participate in the ongoing CREATION of history.

Anyway, facing the facts and staring racial reality in the face is not an easy task for anyone, especially for the masses of any population. This is why democracies have a meager and pathetic track record throughout recorded history: most of the time, most of the people simply don’t know right from wrong and good from bad, as far as the racial good of the society goes. This inability to recognize a long-term positive or negative is especially true in TODAY’S society with regard to racial matters. Any fact or idea that relates to race is twisted by the essentially monopolized media such that the White race is always made to look bad and the mixing of the races is touted as the highest good.

All of this fact-manipulating has been much more successful in the last few decades, now that the Jewish media have outcast all values that have anything at all to do with White racial integrity and independence. In the early days of the 20th Century and even into the 1950s – when the majority of White people still believed that it was important for the race to survive and to progress – things weren’t quite as easy. Since the founding of the United States, despite a few race-traitors and bleeding-hearts among us, there was an unwritten understanding among White Americans that racial integrity was a thing to be cherished and protected. And while the Jewish media worked to destroy those values, it had to do so indirectly, without trying to be really in-your-face about the fact that the Jews wanted to eradicate all of those ideals.

Now, all pretense of Jewish tip-toeing around pro-White values is gone. Today, there is no more beating around the bush. They stampede roughshod over any and all pro-White ideals in their printed media, their movies, their sitcoms, their prime-time TV shows, and their commercials. There is no pro-White value that is approved by the Jewish media and that could be used to rally the remaining members of the race toward a common cause. The Jews spatter all pro-White values and those who advance them with as much slime as they can muster up.

The fact that there exists not even one pro-White value that is in any way accepted by the Jewish media (that is to say, a value that is approved by the media as Politically Correct) has both its good and its bad aspects. On the down side, the lack of any Jewish-approved pro-White values shows clearly the power that the Jewish Establishment has over our country and our people. The Jews have attempted to channel our thoughts, values, and actions by bending facts and ideas to their desired purpose, and they have had a lot of success in this effort. Those ideas that cannot be so bent are censored so that most people haven’t heard about them or, if they have heard about them, the ideas haven’t been repeated often enough for them to stick in the minds of the majority of White Americans. For the masses in this age of over-information and misinformation, repetition of a new idea is necessary in order for that idea to sink into the mind rather than just slough off the surface. Ostrich-heads who hear an idea only once or twice immediately dunk their heads in the sand without a moment’s thought.

We could all come up with many examples of the ways the Jews have MANAGED the news so that the facts appear to support the Jewish-imposed multiculturalist worldview. The relatively rare instances of White-on-non-White crime fall into that category, for instance. Any cursory examination of the available statistics on the subject of interracial crime clearly shows that White-on-non-White crime is far LESS prevalent than non-White-on-White crime. In other words, when it comes to interracial crime, White people are the victims far more often than they are the aggressors.

But that’s not the impression we get from the Jewish-controlled media. The Jews don’t want us to hear about all of the non-White-on-White beatings, robberies, and rapes because if we DID hear about such crimes day in and day out on TV, more White people might decide that they don’t like the direction in which our country is headed and they might get on their feet and attempt to actually DO something about it. That might bring all of the Jews’ plans about destroying our race and seizing as much wealth as they can get their grubby hands on…to an end.

So, instead of getting the true facts about interracial crime (which show non-Whites in a negative light), we are instead treated every so often to some spectacular example of crimes in which Whites are the perpetrators and non-Whites are the victims. You might remember back during the 1990s of the Black man in Jasper, Texas who was dragged to death behind a truck by three White men in 1998, or the shooting death of a Black drug dealer and his girlfriend by a White soldier in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1995. These stories were BIG news nationwide, but the far greater instances of Black-on-White crime often go unreported or, if they are reported, they are deemed to merit only a small article in the inner pages of a local newspaper, with the races of perpetrator and victim usually not mentioned.

That’s just one example of how the Jewish media manage the news to push the worldview that they want all of us to subscribe to. Not only do they overblow stories in which Whites are the bad guys and non-Whites are the passive victims, but they suppress the far more numerous examples of events in which Whites are the hapless victims of non-White criminals.

But it isn’t just FACTS that the Jewish media censor or manipulate. They also censor IDEAS that relate to the current racial situation: new ideas that show existing problems in a new and different light or ideas that propose what SHOULD or COULD be done to solve a particular problem.

Let’s take one example of idea-censorship that is carried out by the Jewish-controlled media. I’ve said on these American Dissident Voices programs many times before that the most immediate goal of the National Alliance is to secure a White homeland, a homogeneous White living space in which we can be free to live without interference from other races. I’ve tried to convince you that this is a goal worth striving for, and I’ve encouraged you to get involved with the Alliance’s efforts to bring such a homeland into being. I have also suggested – not quite as often, because it isn’t of primary importance to me – that other races be granted similar living spaces in order for them to follow their own racial courses through time. Surely, though, that must be of primary importance to at least some non-Whites out there, and I encourage those non-Whites who find the idea attractive to whip up support for such a homeland among their own people.

This idea of independent racial homelands, of course, is not my original idea. Many others before me have come out in favor of it but, to the best of my knowledge, the National Alliance is the only organization that is making a concerted effort to get the word out today about racial homelands. The Jewish media, however, completely ignore the idea – that is to say, censor it so that as few people know about it as possible – or, if the media DO mention it, they portray it as somehow being hateful or dangerous or aggressive. Now – you tell me – in what way could this idea be construed as being hateful or dangerous or aggressive?

Quite simply, the idea of racial separation absolutely CANNOT be construed as being hateful or dangerous or aggressive.

So why isn’t racial separation a common topic on news programs or political talk shows? Why can those programs bring every kind of so-called “expert” into the studio to talk about universal health care or immigration or the oh-so-exciting and of-life-or-death-importance of election campaign finance reform, but they NEVER can discuss racial separation?

And why aren’t students in high school and college social studies courses allowed to debate the pros and cons of racial separation, just like they debate the pros and cons of other ideas that – as of yet – are not present in American society today? It’s okay for students to debate – and to come out in favor of – the chaos-society that would result from anarchy, or the complete denial of individual responsibility that would result from the Jew Karl Marx’s communism… but racial separation is a taboo topic.

If the idea of racial separation ever DOES sneak through the iron curtain of Jewish censorship, the Jews use their media power to paint it in such a negative light that 99% of people who are exposed to it will come away LESS open to racial separation than they were before. And besides, all of the ostrich-heads out there will say to themselves, “Racial separation? That’s an idea I never, ever hear about in movies or newspapers or magazines or popular books, and I never, ever hear about it on TV or the radio…therefore, it must be an idea that isn’t good for me or for our country.” The negative light that the Jews shine on the idea of racial separation, though, is hardly even necessary; the infrequency of the idea itself is enough, and many people today will stick their heads in the sand of their own free will, without any prompting by the Jewish media masters. It is a truly bizarre situation.

Combating this condition that afflicts our people – namely, the subscribing to a Jewish-implanted worldview without the availability of facts and ideas that effectively counter it – was one of the foremost concerns for Dr. William Pierce when he founded the National Alliance more than 35 years ago. From the beginning, Dr. Pierce distilled into concentrated form a racialist worldview that was as consistent as possible with the known facts of history and evolutionary biology. But, beyond that, one of Dr. Pierce’s main objectives – all the way through, up until his death in 2002 – was the development and expanding influence of pro-White media, media that would inform and inspire Whites everywhere and would be able to reach and influence every White person, no matter his level of racial understanding. From the experienced and well-read veteran racialist, to the young White in search of a glimmer of hope beyond the multicultural madness that bombards America’s youth, to the most stubborn of ostrich-heads, Dr. Pierce strove to create a medium to reach and positively influence all of our kinsfolk.

That media continues today, almost nine years after Dr. Pierce’s passing. There are always obstacles that we are trying to overcome and setbacks that we are trying to recover from, but our mission of a racial homeland and a future of progress and prosperity for our people is far too important for us to let up. The media controlled by the Jews – who are determined to use that media power to grind our people out of existence – must be countered and eventually thrown back.

And the only way for that to happen is for you – my White listener – to go beyond any fear that might be holding you back and to get involved in the National Alliance. Some of your fear, perhaps, cannot be eliminated, but it CAN be conquered. You CAN conquer your fear. You CAN go beyond it. The alternative is to be ruled by it, and that is a situation that no honorable White man can or will tolerate for any length of time. Now is the time to resolve to make the quantum leap past any reservations or fears, and to GET INVOLVED in the National Alliance’s program of racial renewal.

Earlier in this broadcast, I mentioned that there were both good and bad aspects about the fact that there is not a single pro-White value that the Jewish media will give the time of day to. I stated that a bad aspect of this situation was that it clearly showed the extent of Jewish power – media and otherwise – in America today, but I held back from stating any good aspect to this.

The good side to the fact that no pro-White value is given any credence by the Jews is that it should now be clear to all Whites that a CLEAN BREAK with the existing order is a prerequisite for moving forward. No longer is it possible to simply “patch up” the old system. The old system, the system based on money and wile rather than on blood and honor, must go. The writing is on the wall, and the future is before us. All we have to do is make it happen.

The integrity and existence of the White race hangs in the balance today, right before our very eyes. The history of our people, for better or worse, has brought us to this point today. The successful continuation of that history and the entire future of our people depends ENTIRELY on what each one of us does with the few short years he is given to trod this earth.

The frozen truth is that the most vexing question of this age, or any age, is: How will each individual White man and woman respond to the threat of extinction that looms over the entire White race?

HEAR the call, and RESPOND to it.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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