Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Anti-Semitic Outburst

Half-Jewish Director Branded Anti-Semitic

Another Anti-Semitic Outburst

by Jeff Davis

These anti-Semitic outbursts on the part of celebrities are becoming an epidemic. Now a famous Danish film director has spoken out.

A Reuters article reports: “The Cannes film festival expelled Danish director Lars Von Trier on Thursday for jokingly calling himself a Nazi and Hitler sympathizer, leaving the world’s biggest cinema showcase in a state of shock. The expulsion, the first in 64 years, followed a hastily convened meeting of its board of directors … Von Trier told Reuters in a telephone interview that he was shocked by the decision, which he believed stemmed from the fact that his meaning had been misunderstood. Von Trier’s comments on Wednesday angered Jewish groups and caused U.S. actress Kirsten Dunst to squirm with embarrassment beside him at a press conference, as he launched into a bizarre monologue about his Jewish and German heritage.”

Wait a minute, so this guy is a Jew as well, and they’re still throwing him out? Oy, gevalt!

More Reuters: “The famously provocative film maker, formerly a darling in Cannes who won the top Palme d’Or award in 2000, quickly apologized in a statement but it proved too little too late. Jewish groups welcomed Cannes’ decision to ban him.”

First of all, how could these people take his comments about being a Nazi seriously if he’s of Jewish ancestry?

Secondly, the Jews waged a campaign to stop the outing of Communists during the McCarthy hearings in the 1950s. Senator Joe McCarthy was concerned that a large number of Communists had infiltrated the movie industry and he found quite a few Communists during hearings on the matter. The Jews of course have almost zero tolerance for the right wing. Republicans are a persecuted minority in Hollywood. Anyone further right than the Republicans is certain to be black-listed by the Jews.

The article continues “During Wednesday’s press conference, Von Trier joked that he was a Nazi and that he sympathized with Adolf Hitler. ‘I think I understand the man (Hitler),’ Von Trier said. ‘He’s not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him and I sympathize with him a little bit. But come on, I’m not for the Second World War, and I’m not against Jews. I am of course very much for Jews. No, not too much because Israel is a pain in the ass. But still, how can I get out of this sentence?”

Lars is about to find out just how open-minded and forgiving his fellow Jews are. It’s a pity Lars didn’t have a conversation with this producer from Bollywood, who can be heard here.

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