Friday, May 13, 2011

The ADL’s War On White America

The ADL’s War On White America

The ADL’s War on White America

By Brother Nathanael

Excerpt texts from the video:

Brother Nathanael explains: “Diversity, as far as the ADL gains to use it, is simply a camouflage for their agenda to fragment a White Christian Presence in America, aiming for its ultimate dissolution.”

Kevin MacDonald: “Jews, because they see Western culture as fundamentally anti-Jewish, going back to the Middle Ages, the had wanted to censor it and gain domination over its society. I think they are on their way of doing it.”

Rabbi to a group of young adult Jews: “I’m going to tell you the most important thing you have to remember about all that I learned in the world, this is it: No matter what happens, you marry a Jewish girl. (Laughter). That’s right, your mother was right. You marry a Jewish boy. There’s nothing more important in the whole world than this. “

Brother Nathanael: “But, for the goyim, not only is interracial marriage acceptable, but advances the ADL’s agenda to destroy the last remaining power block that could potentially oppose Jewish hegemony, namely White Christianity.”

Original source here: Real Zionist News

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