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Their Evil Eventually Will Catch Up With Them

Their Evil Eventually Will Catch Up With Them

ADV Broadcast Of April 16, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

An acquaintance of mine just returned from his honeymoon in Las Vegas, and the first thing he said when I inquired about the trip was: “Where did all the White people go? Las Vegas must be 90% non-White and Mexicans are everywhere!” Now, what this gentleman told me is something that practically every sensible White person I know has also been telling me, and that is that White people are rapidly becoming a minority in the United States.

Now the problem with Mexicans is that they are EVERYWHERE in the United States today, so staying away from them is no easy task. Of course the American Southwest and all of California are teeming with them; everyone knows that. But also, anyone with half a brain should have noticed that Mexicans are everywhere else, too, and not just in big cities.

The Mexicans make up an interesting segment of the U.S. population. For one thing, you never know which ones are here legally and which ones are illegal immigrants. If you make the mistake of mentioning that fact to your typical pansy-ass, White nitwit multiculturalist, you will get an indignant response along the lines of, “Why are you even bringing this up?” And from the government and media’s point of view – which is the lead that nitwits follow in choosing what to think about anything – the guy has a point. I mean, the government obviously doesn’t give a damn about which Mexicans are legal and which ones are illegal, so why should any of the rest of us? Well, we in the National Alliance care about the racial makeup of the White world; that’s why we care.

But let’s pretend for a moment that America was being flooded with German immigrants – and here, I am referring to immigrants of German blood, not Turks who have obtained German citizenship – if America were being flooded with German immigrants by the millions every year (or Dutch, or Scottish, or Norwegian) would the federal government turn the same blind eye to them that it does to the Mexicans who flood into our country uninvited? Somehow, I have the sneaking feeling that the Jewish media wouldn’t take the same, limp-wristed, “we’re a nation of immigrants” cop-out line that they use every time someone speaks out against illegal immigration from the brown regions of the Earth.

Another thing about Mexicans, besides the fact that you don’t know who is legal and who isn’t: If you WANTED to know their status and decided to ask them, you couldn’t understand them unless you were fluent in Spanish, and that is supposing that they choose to tell you the truth. If illegal German immigrants were flooding the U.S., would the Jewish media be pushing for everything to be translated into German, just out of the kindness of their tiny, black Jewish hearts? We all know the answer to that; Jews hate Germans for what Germany did to them during the middle of the last century, and they will NEVER forgive them. As the “chosen” people of the anthropomorphic deity of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, I guess the Jews are too cool to forgive anybody for dissing them. I’ll have more to say about that later in this broadcast.

And – truth be told – Germans who know the score aren’t too fond of Jews either, because they know what Jews did to THEM in the years immediately preceding the Second World War and in all the years since. So Germans and Jews are like water and oil, and the millions of illegal hypothetical German immigrants wouldn’t get the same kid-glove treatment that illegal Mexicans get from the Jewish-controlled mass media.

One other interesting point about Mexicans in the United States is that they aren’t necessarily confined to large cities. This isn’t true of a lot of other non-White ethnic groups in the United States; most of them congregate only in the larger cities. But thousands of small- and mid-sized towns are turning into American barrios because local industries – whether they be chicken processing plants, local crop agriculture, or what have you – have decided that the potentially larger profits due to having to pay Mexican illegals less is worth the risk that the government won’t come snooping around or ask too many questions. After all, everyone in the area knows when a local industry is coloring outside the lines, and the authorities could send in the boots to kick ass and take names if they really wanted to. That’s what the feds tried to do in Waco, Texas back in the early ‘90s, but their little attempt at thumping heads in front of all of the cameras sort of blew up in their faces.

But anyway, there won’t be any massive national raids on industries that employ illegal immigrants because the authorities have no desire to do so. For one thing, there are subversive forces within our government that are completely in agreement with the Jewish media on issues like this. These people might hold official offices – either elected offices or appointed – and they would never come right out and say that they support illegal immigration and are interested in browning-down what was once the White nation that had the material and genetic resources to lead the White world into a new era of prosperity and greatness… but that’s what it boils down to. Based on their behavior, how can we conclude otherwise?

That explains why federal authorities don’t shut down local industries that have sold their souls in hopes of turning big profits. But what about local authorities? If the local people know what’s going on and are sickened by their community being overrun by aliens, why doesn’t the local sheriff step in? Doesn’t he have some authority to enforce the laws, too? Well, I’m no authority on local politics and government, but I’ve got a pretty good idea about why local authorities pretend nothing’s going on at the local chicken processing plant or the local potato farm. They know better than most that to round up a gaggle of illegal Mexicans would be to swamp the town and their own offices with the minions of the Jewish media and to publicly hang themselves in front of the entire country. Who needs that? It’s easier to just keep your mouth shut and pretend you don’t see it. I didn’t say it was RIGHT, I just said it was EASIER.

But the Jews aren’t just hard at work in the media world. They also work at a feverish pace in promoting and keeping alive that shaky house of cards that the Jewish media have taught us to call the so-called “Holocaust.” I don’t know how many Holocaust Museums there are now around the world, nor how much money Jewish organizations spend on full-time employees whose sole job description is “to push the Holocaust,” nor how many student-hours are spent every year in American public schools learning about what allegedly happened to European Jewry at the hand of the German National Socialists, but it all adds up to a huge propaganda campaign to heap a huge guilt complex onto the White race and to drum up sympathy for the Jewish race.

But the Jews aren’t content with putting a guilt complex on us. Aside from their desire to eliminate us physically (as evidenced by the Jewish media’s stance on such topics as non-White immigration and racial mixing), they also seek to humiliate White people wherever they can. And this rule holds even for White people who might or might not have done anything to warrant the Jews’ hatred.

Let’s take, for example, the hatred the Jews have for someone from my own backyard of Cleveland, Ohio, and that being John Demjanjuk, a 90-year-old retired auto worker. And this case really hits close to home, as not only has my family contributed financially to the Demjanjuk defense fund over the years, but also I attended high school with John Demjanjuk, Jr. and worked out at the gym with Demjanjuk’s son-in-law Ed Nishnic. The DEmjanjuk’s are very good people indeed.

For well over the past year, the senior Demjanjuk has been on trial in Germany for allegedly being an accessory to the murder of 29,000 inmates at the Sobibor concentration camp during the Second World War. Demjanjuk, who is in poor health, has spent much of the trial in a hospital bed wheeled into the courtroom. Aside from the fact that the evidence against Demjanjuk is nonexistent, aside from the fact that he claims that he was being held at the camp as a Soviet prisoner of war and never served as a camp guard, and aside from the pleas of his family that the proceedings be suspended due to Demjanjuk’s poor health… the Jewish rats on both sides of the Atlantic have gotten their way. The old man is on trial, and the Jews are doing all they can to humiliate him, probably until he dies in a prison cell a few thousand miles away from the home he’s had for decades and where he built his family.

You talk about hatred; this Jewish brand of hatred – taking a completely helpless old man and hauling him off to trial in a foreign land for crimes that he supposedly committed over 65 years ago and for which the evidence is virtually nonexistent – this brand of hatred is something we Whites can’t even hope to comprehend. It took over 60 years to FINALLY find enough so-called “evidence” to haul Demjanjuk in? The Jews want us to perceive their race as a race of industrious go-getters (that’s why they are at the top of every business, they tell us), but it took over 60 YEARS to find the “right” evidence to bring charges against a man with one foot in the grave?

Everyone tuning in to this broadcast right now knows the truth: And that truth is that there is no evidence at all to convict John Demjanjuk of any war crimes. Any so-called “evidence” that is presented at the trial, assuming he lives longs enough to get to that point, will be contrived, invented, made-up. In short: lies. As evidence, how about this whopper by Rabbi Marvin Hier, a founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center based in Los Angeles? Hier recently stated about Demjanjuk – and I quote – “His work at the Sobibor death camp was to push men, women, and children into the gas chamber” – unquote. Wow. I guess John Demjanjuk didn’t have to do push-ups after coming home from work every evening during the war; his pecs and triceps must have gotten a GREAT workout pushing all those Jews into the gas chambers.

There are so many lies packed into Hier’s statement that it is difficult to even know where to start, but I’ll just say that the gas chambers weren’t used to kill anybody, and neither did the Germans actually try to exterminate the Jews during World War Two. None of that matters to the Jewish Establishment, however, because they tell the world whatever they damn well please, and by golly, we’d better believe them… OR ELSE.

Well a bombshell just dropped this week regarding Demjanjuk. And that being an FBI report that has been kept secret for 25 years, which said that the Soviet Union “quite likely fabricated evidence” central to the prosecution of Demjanjuk. A newly declassified FBI field office report casts doubt on the authenticity of an ID card that is the key piece of “evidence” that Demjanjuk served as a guard at the Sobibor camp in Poland. Quote – “ Justice is ill-served in the prosecution of an American citizen on evidence which is not only formally inadmissible in a court of law, but based on evidence and allegations quite likely fabricated by the KGB,’ the FBI’s Cleveland field office said in the 1985 report, four years after the Soviets had shown the U.S. investigators the card.

And since no eyewitnesses can place Demjanjuk at Sobibor, the case has been built around the phony ID card, “an obvious KGB forgery,” according to the late document expert Jerome Brentar, who had testified on Demjanjuk’s behalf during the 1980s. Because of these newly declassified files, Demjanjuk defense attorney Ulrich Busch has asked the court to suspend the trial, saying he needed more time to investigate whether more such material could be found.

The purpose of this program is to try to bring the truth about the White racial situation to you, the White people of the world, in whatever country you live. Our voice is small and, at the moment, relatively insignificant, and it is almost completely drowned out by the Jewish media’s reports on things that have very little real significance (like the swine flu business) or to scare up some more sympathy for themselves by going after an 89-year-old invalid who might or might not have been a Nazi way back before the Rogue State of Israel even existed. These kinds of things serve as distractions for the White race, turning our attention away from what needs to be done for our people to survive.

But we in the National Alliance believe that the truth has a value in itself and that telling the truth is necessary for the renaissance of our race. So we’ll keep plugging away, in hopes that one of these days the Jews’ lies and hatred and plundering and – dare I say it? – their EVIL will eventually catch up to them. You can help us by supporting this effort.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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