Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama to Border Patrol: Don’t Even Bother

Border Patrol Told to Do Nothing

Obama to Border Patrol: Don’t Even Bother

by Jeff Davis

The United States government seems to have formalized its long-standing unofficial policy of doing nothing significant to control illegal immigration in this country.

A Fox News article reports: “An Arizona sheriff says U.S. Border Patrol officials have repeatedly told him they have been ordered to reduce — at times even stop — arrests of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the U.S. border. Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever told that a supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol told him as recently as this month that the federal agency’s office on Arizona’s southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods. ‘The senior supervisor agent is telling me about how their mission is now to scare people back,’ Dever said in an interview with He said, ‘I had to go back to my guys and tell them not to catch anybody, that their job is to chase people away. … They were not to catch anyone, arrest anyone. Their job was to set up posture, to intimidate people, to get them to go back.”

And how well will that work now that the cat is out of the bag? It sounds like a Mexican family of 20 could just stroll right by the Border Patrol, and they’re under orders not to arrest them.

Fox continues: “Dever said his recent conversation with the Border Patrol supervisor was the latest in a series of communications on the subject that he has had with various federal agents over the last two years. Dever said he plans to relay the substance of these conversations when he testifies under oath next month before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. ‘I will raise my hand to tell the truth and swear to God, and nothing is more serious or important than that,’ he said. ‘I’m going to tell them that, here’s what I hear and see every day: I had conversation with agent A, B, C, D and this is what they told me.’ ”

Too bad he’s speaking before a Senate that’s about 90 percent criminals, traitors and sex perverts. The Democrat leader of the Senate, Harry Reid stole his last election in Nevada with a considerable number of illegal alien votes.

It will be interesting to see if this sheriff makes it to D.C. alive or if he has a mysterious “accident” before he testifies. Maybe he’ll get shot with one of those thousands of guns that the BATFE recently allowed to be taken across the border to the Mexican drug cartels, like that one Border Patrol agent who was killed.

The article continues “Dever’s charges were vigorously denied by a commander with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In recent days, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has said the U.S.-Mexican border is more secure than ever, and Homeland Security officials have used recent statistics to support those claims.”

If they’re comparing the Border Patrol performance under Obama with its performance under George W. Bush, that will only prove that both of those crooks failed to enforce immigration law and betrayed the American people.

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