Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Releases Dubious Long Form Birth Certificate

Under Attack from Billionaire Trump, Did Dems Rush through a Forgery?

Obama Releases Dubious Long Form Birth Certificate

by James Buchanan

Obama has suddenly produced an alleged birth certificate.

Apparently Obama couldn’t care less about the Constitution, which says you have to prove you’re a citizen BEFORE you run for president. And he definitely didn’t care about all the White people who raised serious doubts about his qualifications.

Now what is the explanation for:

* Obama spending two million dollars NOT to release the birth certificate.

* Why did the hospital that he was born in NOT claim credit for him being born there all this time?

I guess Trump questioning Obama’s citizenship was a little too much for the Dems as well as Jerome Corsi’s upcoming book. I’m sure they were desperate to do something to counter all that. A forgery however is a very high risk move, and it’s almost impossible to make a flawless forgery of a nearly fifty year old document.

I see three things strange right off the bat:

1).Most hospitals in 1961 would have the race as “Negro” for the father, not African.

2).Also, Obama apparently detests the idea of being called “Junior”. But his father’s name was “Barack Hussein Obama Senior” and Obama should be “Barack Hussein Obama Junior” on the birth certificate. Instead it reads “Barack Hussein Obama II” which is garbage and obvious revisionism on the part of Obama’s people, who likely did the forgery.

3).Have a look at the edge where the page bends. The black lines bend, but the green pattern does not.

It’s hard to get a good quality forger on a project like this. When you’re faking a high profile document, you want as few people as possible involved to keep everything a secret, unfortunately (for Obama) that means you may not catch all the errors.

And why didn’t the new Hawaiian Governor Abercrombie release this document to the public when he took office as he promised? Perhaps it wasn’t finished at that time.

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