Thursday, April 14, 2011

Denver airport rape.

Denver airport rape.

A white woman was raped at the Denver airport while traveling to interview with a convent. The story has received widespread coverage, but facts are being omitted.

We have verified with the Denver police department that the perpetrator is Latino. We can not find a single media outlet anywhere that has reported this fact.

Aslo, we have now learned from Fox News that the woman was not raped in a “deserted concourse.” Two airport janitors walked right past the rape in progress and did not even report it. Most of the janitors at the Denver airport are also Latino.

Why is this important?

In order for Americans to better protect themselves from crime, they must know who is most likely to commit crime. However the media routinely censors information about minority crime perpetrators in the name of diversity. In fact, editors for the LA Times and the New York Times have now publicly admitted that they routinely censor information about black and Latino crime perpetrators.

This intentionally distorts the public’s perception of who is committing crimes, and puts all members of the public at greater risk.

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