Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clinton/Bush aided Albanian Muslims at center of white sex slavery.

Clinton/Bush aided Albanian Muslims at center of white sex slavery.

The end result of US military intervention in Europe is sex slavery, drug trafficking, and Jihadists.
by Kyle Rogers

Muslim Albanians (whom the Clinton administration fought a war to help set up an Islamic rouge state in the Balkans) have lured tens of thousands of Moldovan ladies into sex slavery in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, Israel, and elsewhere.

The Clinton administration bombed Christian Serbs to aid Muslim Albanians, most of whom were illegal aliens, in taking over Albania. Now Albanian Muslims have flooded into Macedonia, Greece, Italy, and elsewhere. They now overwhelmingly dominate drug trafficking and white slavery in Europe. Some have even set up shop in the United States.

Over the past twenty years as many as 10% of all Moldovan woman have been lured into a life of prostitution or outright sex slavery.

MSNBC recently did an investigative report and you will notice that terms like “Albanian owner” are mentioned a lot. What is not mentioned is that much of this has been made possible by the war mongering of the Clintons and Madeline Albright.

After Bush came to power, his administration continued to aid the Albanian Muslim in Kosovo even as they continue a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing against Christians. Bush would eventually recognize Kosovo as an independent nation. Thus creating an Islamic state whos main exports are drugs, pimps, and Jihadists.

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