Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arizona to Go to Flat Tax?

Another good idea from Arizona.

Arizona to Go to Flat Tax?

by Jeff Davis

It looks like immigration enforcement isn’t the only reason the Democrat regime is ticked off with the great state of Arizona. They’re messing with the Dems’ money supply in a big way, and they may be about to try something that conservatives have been advocating in this country for almost a century, but never had the guts to try –a flat tax.

An article in Forbes Magazine reports: “A flat tax bill to rewrite the state individual income tax is nearing the finish line at the Legislature, setting the stage for changes that would have the Arizona’s wealthiest taxpayers paying less while nearly nine of every 10 Arizonans pay more. The Senate Finance Committee approved the Republican-sponsored bill on a 4-2 party line vote Thursday. The House has already approved a version of the bill. Major changes in the bill include eliminating the standard deduction, dependent exemptions and most other state deductions while flattening the current five rates into one lower rate of 2.13 percent. Current rates range from 2.59 percent to 4.454 percent depending on income levels.The changes would be phased in over three years starting in 2013.”

The state of California in contrast now taxes income up to 10 percent so the Arizona rate of 2.13 percent (or even the old rate of 4.454 percent) looks good by comparison.

Forbes goes on: “It would not affect federal income tax paid by Arizonans. As passed by the House, the bill would have produced an additional $50 million of annual revenue for the state. However, the Senate committee amended the bill so that it would not significantly add or subtract from total state revenue, according to an analysis by the legislative budget staff.”

What if this flat tax in Arizona actually works?

What if it maintains enough state revenue to pay for genuinely essential programs while forcing the state to cut spending and avoid deficits? What if it revives the Arizona economy, along with the removal of a significant number of illegal aliens who are depressing wages and job availability, and Americans can actually get jobs again in Arizona?

The Forbes article notes: “If it goes according to what is written, a person wouldn’t even need to file a tax return for the state. The employer could just deduct the tax and and send it in with the employees tax ID number.”

And if that were adopted on a federal level? A massively reduced IRS would be one result.

You can bet the Democrat regime is going to fight this tooth and nail and probably file yet another lawsuit to block the flat tax.

The first choice of the Democrats is to raise taxes on “the rich”. Unfortunately their definition of “rich” include quite a few working White families, who wind up paying taxes to support the ever-growing number of illegal aliens.

Rich people tend to bring their wealth (and and any businesses that they may own) to states that they consider tax-friendly. California has been trying to soak the rich, driving out many wealthy people, who are tired of endlessly clogged freeways and a sea of brown invaders from Mexico.

The Arizona flat tax will be a welcome mat for any White refugees, who are sick of being robbed to support liberal policies in California.

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