Friday, March 18, 2011

Jewish Censorship Strengthens In Switzerland

Jewish Censorship Strengthens In Switzerland

The new Swiss national television network boss Roger de Weck has stated that he shall no longer invite pro-European politicians and thinkers from the pro-White SVP party to Swiss television debates. As usual for our Jewish masters, Roger de Weck mixed this shocking declaration with so much shrewd and weasly propaganda that it went through without a nation-wide scandal –- even as the targeted party SVP is the largest party in the country. It gathers 30 percent of Swiss vote.

Roger de Weck was nominated on May 18, 2010, head of Swiss television, and took his time before he disclosed his real agenda, in January 2011: smothering the vibrant pro-European party SVP (Swiss People’s Party) by dismissing its representatives from any television program.

Roger de Weck, originally a Christian, is married to a Jewess and is very close to Jewish circles. He may have converted to Judaism. Indeed, he was anchor of the Jewish organization Keren Hayessod’s debate in front of 280 Jews about poor Israeli children in January 2007 in Zurich. He animated in April 2007 an evening organized by the Jewry of Zurich (ICZ) in honour of Jewish philosopher AndrĂ© Glucksmann. He led in January 2008 the festivities by the Keren Hayessod in Zurich for Israel’s 60th anniversary.

Roger de Weck was one of the founders in 2005 of the so-called Club Helvetique, a group of Swiss Jewish politicians (among them Giusep Nay, Andreas Gross, Cecile Buehlmann) who plotted against pro-European SVP leader Christoph Blocher, then a Swiss government minister, and managed to oust him of this job in December 2007.

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  1. Jews/communists are censoring like never before. REAL CHRISTIANS AND REAL AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES are being blocked from posting the truth about jewish ties communism and 9/11.

    Jews are desperately afraid of the backlash when the whole world realizes the horrific extent of their atrocities (they murdered 60,000,000 Christians when they ran The Soviet Union). They want people to have access to only their version of events, that's why they scrambled to take over all our major media after WW2 in the first place.

    Plus, all attempts to restrict the internet have been initiated by jews. So they can hand-pick what we see and what we don't. As they've been able to do with conventional media.