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It's A Matter Of Internal Motivation

It's A Matter Of Internal Motivation

ADV Broadcast Of March 5, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

As White racial idealists, we view everything happening around us through the lens of our worldview. We look at everything in perspective as to how it affects the White race in both the present and long term. And this holds true with the uprising currently taking place in Libya, which is collapsing into civil war.

Now it’s obvious that the Jews and their gentile Zionist friends want Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi out of the picture. Even though Gaddafi can be controlled to an extent, he’s still too much of a loose cannon, a wealthy loose cannon, and the Zionists would feel more comfortable if he no longer ruled the oil-rich nation.

Also, two years ago Gaddafi and Italy signed a treaty to stem the flow of African invaders into Europe from Libya. Italy had entrusted Gaddafi with the Africans they do not want. The treaty has supposedly the African refugee flow by 90%. Libya, of course, has been the main launching point from where African invaders hop on an overcrowded boat where they then hope to land on Malta or a small Italian island, and then onto mainland Europe. The African invaders are primarily male, and they see Europe as the land of milk, honey, money, and White women.

The would-be asylum seekers who are caught are forcibly returned to Libya, where they are locked up and often have to buy their way out. This is none-too-good for the Jews, as they seek to flood Europe with every type of creature from the Third World, in the hopes of diluting our gene pool.

Even Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said this week that the Jews and Zionists are trying to push for a war with Libya and Iran.

The Obama administration knows that any military action against Libya would overextend the American military even further, as it is still bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. Stay tuned for further developments.

Right now, let’s talk about motivation. Motivation is one of those all-encompassing ideas that seem to crop up everywhere all the time, and there are always questions and issues surrounding it. It’s a tricky psychological demon regarding which countless shrinks have done countless empirical research studies and written countless articles in dusty academic journals. As test scores of American students continue to fall relative to the test scores of students in other countries, the educators scratch their heads and wonder if there might be better ways to motivate American students to study and learn more and to have sex and do drugs less. American businesses spend millions of dollars in their so-called “human resources” departments, the main purpose of which is keeping employees happy and motivated to do good work for the company.

Leaders of all kinds try to motivate those around them. In fact, that is probably the main job of a leader, because a leader shows the way to something better that he isn’t able to accomplish on his own. He needs others to pitch in and do the work required, so his primary task is one of trying to motivate. Coaches motivate. Band directors motivate. And political leaders motivate. Motivating is the essential task of the leader and, in general, the better a leader is at motivating, the better a leader he is.

Motivation, of course, deals with human behavior, which is pretty much why everyone on the whole planet has at least a passing familiarity with the subject. There are a couple of views on motivation and how it relates to behavior. One view is that people behave according to motivational factors that arise out of the environment surrounding a person. When the conditions of a person’s environment change, his behavior changes. Another view is that people choose what they do; that is, behavior is motivated from within rather than from without.

Those people who subscribe to the former view – that is, that behavior is externally motivated – find themselves in the position of believing that if they can somehow gain control over the environment of others that they can thereby control the behavior of those others. Parents, for example, become very adept at controlling the environment around their children and, in doing so, seek to influence the behavior of those children. There is nothing wrong with that, necessarily, as long as the parents don’t overprotect their children, which might protect the child in the short run but will increase the child’s chance of getting hurt or making bad decisions later on, when Mom and Dad aren’t around to carefully manage the conditions.

It is my contention and the contention of many White racialists and others over the last century or so that the Jewish establishment has been manipulating the conditions in the White world such that the White race is always weakened and the Jewish race is always made more powerful. The Jews got their first feel of real power in the Western world through international finance. Later, they made their move to monopolize the Western media, first through films and newspapers, and now including the entire publishing and music industries and, of course, television.

And it seems clear to me that the Jews who have all of this power today – especially the ones in the media – are firm believers in the idea that behavior is externally motivated. After all, were the Jews NOT able to push enough buttons to get Lord Balfour of Britain to guarantee them a Jewish homeland in the Middle East in exchange for Jews HERE pushing enough buttons to get America into World War I on the side of the British? Were the Jews NOT able to push enough buttons to rally almost the entire world against Germany, the only nation that – under Hitler – had succeeded in escaping out from under the heel of Jewish finance and cultural degradation? Were the Jews NOT able to push enough buttons to convince a majority of White Americans in the 1950s and ‘60s that racial segregation was a bad thing? Were the Jews NOT able to push enough buttons through their media so that most young Whites today have no racial identity at all and have no qualms about interracial marriage? It sure looks like external motivation works.

And remember back when the George Lucas Star Wars film The Return of the Jedi was released back in the early 1980s? The dreaded Empire was in the process of building another battle-station (a second Death Star – the first one had been destroyed at the end of the first Star Wars film) and the evil Jedi Darth Vader made a visit to the new Death Star to get a construction update. Things were well behind the schedule that had been set by “Bad Guy Number One,” the Emperor. In their conversation, the station commander pleaded with Lord Vader, “My men are working as fast as they can,” to which the dark lord replied coolly, “Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them.” The station commander swallowed nervously and told the Jedi that the crews would double their efforts.

And that’s the same type of attitude that the Jewish commissars in Russia took towards the Russian peasants and other ethnic groups during and after the Russian Revolution.

It’s the attitude Stalin took towards just about everybody after he outfoxed the Jew Leon Trotsky and assumed power in the Soviet Union. “Do it or else!” was the basic motto of the Soviet Union, and the “else” wasn’t very pleasant: usually forced labor in the Gulag work camps under horrible conditions… or death. Further evidence that external motivation rules the day.

Or does it? Does external motivation really work? When people are told, “Do it, or else?” do they really NOT have a choice? Can anyone really FORCE you to do anything?

“Do it, or else.” In the Soviet Union, the “it” was venerating Stalin above all else and praising him with silly titles like “Father of the Peoples.” Those who didn’t do “it” served time in the camps and died. Those who did – even though they didn’t believe in it – lived, but they lived a life of fear, a life of knowing that they hadn’t stood up for what they knew was right.

“Do it, or else.” In the United States during the Civil Rights Era, “it” was to accept desegregation, the emergence of homosexuals, and increased non-White immigration. Those who didn’t do “it” became outcasts among their peers; some were harassed until they chose to commit crimes, and then they served time. Those who did “it” – even though they didn’t believe in it – lived an anonymous and quiet life; a life of knowing that they hadn’t lifted a finger to express what they truly felt inside; the life of a coward who knows when he has shirked his duty.

“Do it, or else.” Today, “it” is to welcome the mixing of the dark races with the White race, but only in formerly all-White areas. The regions of the planet that are dark will be allowed to stay dark. Thus speaks the all-powerful motivating force of the Jew-dominated media. Those who don’t do “it” are labeled as “racists” and “haters.” Those who do “it” and don’t believe in it are living lives of cowardice and fear.

And those who today decide what “it” is – and who spend all their time making sure that the rest of us know “it” and support “it” – don’t share our values. They don’t share the values of a productive life of honest work, of uplifting ourselves as individuals and our people as a group, or of progressively improving everything around us that we have the chance to improve.

They value power. Power above all things, and the only use they have for power is more power. They have a huge amount of power right now, but that isn’t enough. It’s never enough. And they are using that power in an effort to externally motivate the White world into lying down in the grave, willingly, without so much as a single fistful of resistance.

We talked earlier about the successes of external motivation: about the Jewish commissars in Russia, about Stalin, and about the plans of the Jewish Establishment today to force White people into certain modes of behavior. But we haven’t talked about its failures.

It failed in Russia. Yes, it took many decades, but external motivation definitely failed there. Outside observers are now watching Russia closely because of its young and active White Nationalist movement, which is quite possibly the strongest movement of its type anywhere in the world. Yes, external motivation by Jews might work in the short run, but it doesn’t create any converts. Those who toe the line to save their skins have to live with the knowledge that their strength within caved in to strength imposed from the outside, and when a man has violated his inner strength in that way, it either dies altogether or it grows more powerful than before. If given the chance to throw off the chains imposed from without, the inner strength will re-emerge.

I’m wondering if that kind of thing isn’t happening throughout the White world. Sure, there are some Whites who have really bought into all the sticky-soft, bland, multicultural crap and yes, they are probably beyond repair. But how many of the silent ones – the ones who are toeing the line out of fear – are experiencing a reemergence of strength inside? Could the external motivation – the control – that has been imposed on White Americans be leading to an eventual collapse of that System of external control?

The Jewish Establishment today is almost unbelievably powerful. No White racialist force currently imaginable could compete with it in its present form and win, in a head-to-head matchup. That’s a little depressing, but consider this: The Soviet Establishment – with its army of NKVD cadres and its massive prison-camp system, the “Gulag Archipelago,” as former camp inmate and writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn dubbed it – the Soviet Establishment was once thought to be invincible. No force in Russia could possibly compete with it and win.

And yet, somehow it collapsed. The Russian people started thinking a few ideas that weren’t supposed to be thought. Then the people started murmuring to each other about those ideas. Soon, a few brave souls spoke out. And then all of a sudden, the old system lost its vigor. Of course, what emerged wasn’t exactly what we White racialists would have wished for, but the point here is that a system based on external control and external motivation CAN fail when human beings begin to accept responsibility for their actions: when they accept the truth that – REALLY – all behavior is internally motivated. That is, we CHOOSE what we do, without exception.

The stoplight turns red. What do you do?

Your child is bleeding profusely in the back seat of the car on the way to the emergency room and the stoplight turns red. Now what do you do? Choice. Internal motivation.

The phone rings. What do you do?

The phone rings. You check the caller ID and it’s your mother-in-law. Now what do you do? Choice. Internal motivation.

The kids are asleep early and your wife suggests the two of you turn in early. What do you do?

The kids are asleep early and your wife suggests the two of you turn in early, but the big game just started, your favorite team is playing, you just opened a beer, and the pizza is hot out of the oven. Now what do you do?

Okay, don’t answer that last one.

But let me give you just a few more, so you can see where I’m going with this.

You’re cleaning out the garage and notice for the first time a termite nest that has been built behind a bunch of old wood. You don’t know for how long it’s been there. What do you do?

The roof has been covered with snow for the last six weeks and when it melts away, you notice that some of the shingles are missing. You don’t know for how long that part of the roof has been unprotected. What do you do?

It hits you for the first time that the White race is being bred out of existence through interracial marriage, non-White immigration, and a low White birthrate. You don’t know for how long this trend has been going on. What do you do?

You see, there is always a choice. In the end, internal motivation trumps external motivation, no matter how cleverly conceived.

When you ran the stoplight to get your child to the hospital more quickly, you DID make a choice. When you put the ringing phone back on the table when your mother-in-law called, you DID make a choice. When you thought that the game will still be on later and that warm beer and cold pizza slices aren’t so bad, you DID make a choice.

And when you become aware of the present condition of the White race, you DO make a choice, no matter what you do. I’d like you to choose to side with your people, but I can’t force you to. Even if I had the power to force you to make that choice, I wouldn’t use it, because choices forced onto people from an external source carry within them the seed of collapse.

That seed of collapse is inherent in the Jewish plan of external control of the minds of White people and the fate of the White race. No matter how “nice” and “fair” and “equitable” and “noble” the Jews in the media make multiculturalism sound, there is nothing nice and fair and equitable and noble about using a vicious combination of sweet-talk and brute force in an effort to exterminate an entire race of human beings.

It’s a matter of motivation. Every day, we are choosing our fate. If all of us who believe in the rightness of the White Racialist Cause continue to acknowledge the truth of internal motivation – of choice – and ACT on that truth, then more and more of our kinsmen who believe in the lie of external motivation – the lie that they have NO choice – will awaken. Then, the power of those who would use external control on us will weaken. Eventually, it will fail.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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