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Coming To Grips With The Most Basic Issue

Coming To Grips With The Most Basic Issue

ADV Broadcast Of March 19, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Is it all over now in the state of Texas? At least that’s what one demographer has concluded when he says it’s basically over for Whites in the Lone Star State. Two of every three Texas children are now non-White, and the trend will become even worse in the future, according to Steven Murdock, former U.S. Census Bureau director and current director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.

The population of Texas today can be divided into two groups: Old and aging White, and non-White. By the year 2040, the state’s public school enrollment will see a 15 percent decline in White children while mestizo children will increase by 213 percent.

And if the current trend continues, 30 percent of Texas’ labor force will not even have a high school diploma by 2040. And the average income will be about $6,500 lower than it was in 2000. That figure is not inflation adjusted, so it will be even worse than what it sounds.

So is it over for Whites in Texas? It certainly doesn’t sound encouraging.

If you have been tuning in to these American Dissident Voices programs for a while, you know that we spend a good portion of our time discussing current events and how those events affect the White race. We’ve talked about the wars in the Middle East, the Jewish control of our news and entertainment media, and the unrestrained flow of non-White immigrants across our southern borders. We’ve talked about the rottenness of the current democratic political system and about the corrupt politicians who use it to serve their own ends. And we’ve talked a little about the economy, too, because that has been making headlines for well over a year now: unemployment, government bail-outs, the rising fuel costs, and so on. All of these things and more I have tried to relate to the serious and fundamental issues that face the White race today, probably – to be honest – with varying degrees of success.

But what I want to do today is to focus on the most basic issue – that is, the most fundamental issue – that our race must come to grips with today. That most basic issue is the simple survival of our people: whether or not the Earth will continue to note the existence and contributions of the White race. And not only must our race come to grips with that issue, it must also aggressively address that issue and eventually solve it. In one way or another, in the not-too-distant future, the issue itself will cease to remain an issue: Either we will have overcome our present reluctance to act on behalf of our race and will again flourish as did our ancestors, or we will be wiped out by the more aggressive races who show no qualms about directing their altruism toward only their own kind.

I and the other members of the National Alliance value the existence of our people as a collective entity. That is, we value the White race not just as a collection of atomized individuals: individuals who simply go about their daily business with no thought for their ancestors, no thought for their descendents, and no thought for the racial basis of every enduring civilization. We admire the art and literature and science that were made possible by the structure of White civilization and the genetic makeup of the populations of those civilizations. We admire the great achievements of members of our race down through the ages. And we recognize that none of the other races on our planet are capable of producing OUR brand of art and OUR brand of literature and OUR brand of science. None of the creations of White civilizations could have been created from a civilization that wasn’t White because all of the things I’ve named above are expressions of the White race-soul.

Other races have made their own contributions to their own cultures, of course, and they made those contributions according to the bent of their own race-soul. We in the National Alliance aren’t saying that all art should be White art and that all literature should be White literature; what we’re saying is that the cultural contributions of the White race are being pushed out. In the schools, the past contributions of our race are being gradually devalued, gradually being pushed out of the curriculum in favor of the contributions of other races. And the future contributions of our race are being snuffed out before they even begin to take root by the insidious machinations of the men who, by and large, control what and how people in our world THINK. I am talking about the media masters, men who – with very few exceptions – are Jews.

The Jewish-controlled media is contributing to the destruction of the White race by feeding the public with all types of sensory imagery that serves to demean or ridicule our people, or to instill a sense of guilt for being White, or to push the idea that multiculturalism is a fact of life that cannot be stopped and that it is pointless to oppose. With very few exceptions, all television shows, movies, and popular books contain some element of multiculturalism. A disturbing percentage of them push their audience members to value romantic relationships between Whites and non-Whites. The prominent casting of mixed-race actors and actresses in TV and films further advances the notion that interracial relationships are a good thing.

And all of that work by the Jewish-controlled media has had the effect that the Jews have desired all along. Interracial relationships in the United States are at an all-time high; a high percentage of Whites feel guilty for past events over which they had no control and therefore cannot be held responsible for today; and Whites are frightened into staying quiet about everything going on in their world that is detrimental to the race. They have been taught that the White race doesn’t matter or, if it does matter, they have been taught by the media that it is sinful or wrong to believe that.

All of this, of course, amounts to the gradual strangulation of the White race. If unchecked, it will lead to our extinction, which is what the whole ball of wax is about. Forget conquering and ruling other races like the White Romans did more than two millennia ago. Forget colonizing the Third World like every European ethnicity did a few hundred years ago. Whether any of that was right or wrong is not the question today. The question before us today is: Is it morally right for us to tolerate the extinction of our people? Another way of putting this is: Are all of those in the media and the schools and the churches and the government who insist that White people must NOT stand up for their survival as a people… Are THEY morally in the right?

It goes without saying that I don’t think they are, and neither does any White racialist anywhere. The key idea that seems to evade a lot of White people, though, is that most White people would also agree with the idea that to act so as to destroy an entire race is morally wrong. Well, that is what the enemies of the White race are doing, and they are morally wrong. “Sinful,” the Christians would say. “Hateful,” the liberals would say. Those words describe our people’s enemies, who are consciously and willfully taking actions – through their media and through the farce of a government that they control – in an effort to bring about the eventual extinction of the White race.

And, as I’ve said, most White people would agree that to do that is evil. The Jewish media have repeated the term for such a plan so often and so forcibly that everyone has heard the term and knows what it means: The term is “genocide.”

The problem is that the media controlled by our enemies don’t present the situation in that way. Those media only talk about the “rights” of non-Whites, about the alleged past sins of White people who are long dead, and about the poor decisions made by racially-conscious Whites who lack the self-control to channel their energies and frustrations down productive paths and who lash out at the evils around them. Never do they state the obvious facts about the increases in the number of interracial marriages, the increases in the number of mixed-race children, and the decreasing percentage of Whites in every part of the formerly White world. Never do they stress the inescapable result of all of this browning down: that the White race must eventually cease to exist if those trends continue. If the media spent even one-tenth of the time focused on these facts that they do on race-destroying filth, our society would quickly be in a state of complete turmoil and on the verge of revolution. Revolution, of course, is something the Jews want to avoid; they would rather manage the situation carefully, slowly watching as our people succumb to multiculturalism and liberalism and conservatism and religious fundamentalism and feminism and libertarianism.

So the media would be crazy to do anything that would bolster the fortunes of the White race. First of all, the media are controlled by the Jews who, despite whatever they might say, care only about themselves… which leaves the White race out. And for the Jews to promote the simple survival of the White race would amount to them admitting that they have been scheming to destroy us for at least a hundred years; in fact, there is a good bit of evidence that the Jews have been scheming to destroy Gentile civilizations for quite a bit longer than that. It isn’t too big a stretch of the imagination to read the last book in the Christian Bible – the Revelation of the Jew called John – and to see in it John’s raw hatred for Rome and his lust for its utter humiliation and destruction. Anyway, whatever else they might be, the Jews aren’t stupid, so there won’t be any even-handed treatment of racial issues from the mainstream media any time soon.

Now, let’s review to make it perfectly clear what we in the National Alliance are primarily concerned about: the survival of the White race. Of course, there are other things over and above this “bare minimum” of concerns. For example, I haven’t even touched on working on elevating the race from a genetic standpoint; that is, breeding a stronger, more beautiful, more conscious, more intelligent people… a people that is more intensely ALIVE than anything we can imagine at this time. That is an important part of what we want, but first on our list is the simple and nonthreatening demand that our people be allowed to survive.

Is that too much to ask? Does the White race have just as much right to survive as any other race? I don’t know what kind of answer the typical non-White would give to that question, but the typical White – in keeping with the traits of the White race-soul – will answer in the affirmative. After all, for many decades in this country, White people have been affirming the right of non-Whites to get a fair education, to vote, to own property, to be American citizens, and so on. It is my firm belief that, at some level, most Whites would agree that their race has the right to survive. And I would go so far as to state that even Whites who claim to be liberals – or non-racialists or multiculturalists or whatever they want to call themselves – would agree.

Now the kicker is that, based on the best analysis of history that we can make at the present time, the White race CANNOT survive without a monoracial homeland. Any time our people have lived in close proximity with non-Whites, it isn’t too long on an evolutionary time scale that the White component of the population has disappeared through mongrelization. In other words, it isn’t enough anymore to say that one agrees that the White race should survive without – at the same time – insisting that the race should therefore have its own homeland.

We in the National Alliance want the White race to survive, and therefore we want to obtain a White racial homeland. To do that, we need the help of many more Whites of good will who agree that our race is worth saving. Whatever the alleged or perceived harm and ill that our ancestors have done throughout history… none of that justifies our enemies overseeing our extermination, as they are doing now.

Join with me to help create a better future for our race.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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