Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Setback for the Left in Wisconsin

State Unions Defeated in Wisconsin

Big Setback for the Left in Wisconsin

by Jeff Davis

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports: “After police carried demonstrators out of the state Assembly Thursday, Republicans entered the chamber and approved Gov. Scott Walker’s bill repealing most collective bargaining by public employee unions. The body voted 53-42 in favor of the budget-repair proposal, sending the bill to the Republican governor after an epic month of struggle unlike anything in living memory in Wisconsin politics. But even with the battle won by Republicans, a wider war remains for both sides. It will likely be fought in the courts and through recall efforts against 14 senators.”

The Democrats are really hysterical about this one because the Republicans have struck at the very heart of the Democrat party’s funding: The union dues involuntarily contributed to Democrat coffers by millions of unionized public sector workers from the closed shop blue states, many of whom have no desire whatsoever to support conservative candidates –ever.

The Journal-Sentinel goes on: “All Democrats voted against the bill and were joined by four [spineless] Republicans – Dean Kaufert of Neenah, Lee Nerison of Westby, Travis Tranel of Cuba City and Richard Spanbauer of Oshkosh. All other Republicans and the body’s lone independent, Bob Ziegelbauer of Manitowoc, voted for the bill. After Republicans in the Assembly cut off debate a little more than three hours after it started, Democrats jumped up to protest the vote on the bill repealing decades-old labor provisions. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) brought a megaphone out from under his desk and through it yelled, ‘Mr. Speaker, I demand to be recognized.’ He was ignored.”

That one sentence makes my day. It’s high time we simply started ignoring these liberal Democrat barking chihuahuas and started doing what has to be done to pull this country out of the hideous mess that they have created. The Democrats thought it was perfectly OK to create huge numbers of unnecessary state bureaucrat jobs, to pay these people excessive salaries, give them insane pension deals and dump all the costs on the rest of the people in the state. Well, the state was going bankrupt thanks to all this, and the governor of Wisconsin finally did something about it. Other states like California seem destined to go bankrupt rather than tackle the state union beast.

Journal-Sentinel: “In the tense atmosphere at the Capitol Thursday, Republican senators said they had received death threats for supporting the legislation.”

I thought us right-wingers were supposed to be the violent ones. Isn’t that the stereotype Hollywood has turned out for over 80 years? Meanwhile leftists have been stealing from the public and using thuggish brutality against anyone who disagrees with them.

Wisconsin will now be able to start trimming down the crushing debt that two generations of liberal Democrat rule have imposed on the state, to the tune of something like a four billion dollar deficit. Wisconsin state employees can no longer retire with a full pension at age 50 at the expense of everyone else.

There’s one other cost causing several states to go bankrupt: The illegal alien problem. Hopefully the Republicans will be courageous enough to go after this second sacred cow of the liberals.

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