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What Really Counts

What Really Counts

ADV Broadcast Of February 26, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Last week we discussed the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa. At this moment, the nation of Libya is on the brink of a civil war and its leader Moammar Gaddafi is vowing to stay in power and fight to the death to keep his power.

The immediate result of this turmoil is the price of gasoline jumping up 9% overnight. Now, paying more for gasoline is one thing, but the worst that will soon come out of this will be more and more non-White refugees from places like Libya and Egypt and Iraq flooding into our ancient homelands of Europe, as well as into the still predominantly-White nations of Australia, Canada, and the U.S. Of course, that’s what our enemies want in their plans to wipe our gene pool off the planet.

As I had mentioned in last week’s broadcast, I believe the current Middle East turmoil caught the Jews and their lackeys in the U.S. government off guard. Right now it appears Obama and his advisors are still clueless as to how to react. Things are heating up and as facts come in we’ll delve more into the situation at a later date.

For those Americans who – just over two years ago – thought that electing Barack Obama would bring about a windfall of positive change to the country, it turns out that the results have not been quite what was promised. We were told that Obama would take measured action in American involvement in the Middle East wars, for one thing. THAT hasn’t happened, unless one counts the fact that we are now sending MORE Americans to waste their time and their lives in the dust and heat of Afghanistan than we were before Obama came into office.

Of course, habitually NOT fulfilling promises is a necessary and key component of personality for anyone wanting to be a big-time politician these days. Basically, to be a successful politician in the United States today, you just have to say what the Jewish Establishment wants to hear and what a simple majority of the Americans in your constituency want to hear. Then, after the election, you must continue to say what the Jews want to hear (of course!), but now it is okay to turn your back on what is best for your constituents and the rest of the country. And as long as you put on a good act and are a good enough wordsmith so that everyone BELIEVES you are trying to help, even if you aren’t, you can usually head off trouble. If all else fails, you blame others for the fact that nothing truly significant and truly beneficial ever gets done during your time in office. And admittedly, in a democratic system in which every numbskull is entitled to vote, speak his mind, and be heard, there is definitely some truth to the idea that the system itself prevents momentous change.

Well, anyway, the main thing to being allowed to continue to feed at the taxpayers’ trough is to be a bootlicker of the Jews, and Obama learned that pretty quickly. During his run for the Democratic presidential nomination, for example, he wisely gave up his once-staunch viewpoint to pull all Americans out of the Middle East immediately. One of his staffers must have taken him aside and told him that he would NOT be advocating such a pull-out ANY MORE because the Jews want to keep American troops close by their home base of Israel. Either that, or Obama figured it out himself. After all, the current President has a bit more going on between the ears than did his predecessor, which only goes to show that the idea that Whites are mentally superior to Blacks is a rule-of-thumb, not an absolute law of nature. No White racialist is denying that there are some dumb Whites and some smart Blacks, but the historical record strongly suggests that with regard to whatever facets of intelligence that are needed to build and maintain a civilization, the scale is tilted in favor of the White race.

But be that as it may, I think it is safe to say that the average level of White intelligence isn’t quite what it used to be. Generations of dysgenic breeding practices, in which the best and brightest were prevented from replacing their numbers while the least and lowest were allowed to breed at will, have knocked the average level of White intelligence down a peg or two over the last hundred years or so. During the two World Wars, for example, it was the upper echelon of the White gene pool that took the biggest hit, as the most able and most capable were made to spill their blood on the soil of Europe by politicians and political stringpullers – many of the latter, Jews – who cared nothing for the long-term good of White civilization. The two main Allied leaders during the Second World War, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, are perfect examples of White men who put personal glory above the good of their respective nations.

And who can forget the ill done to the White gene pool by the Communists in the Soviet Union? Those criminals, touting the leveling creed of the filthy Jew Karl Marx, are believed to have exterminated some 20 million people, most of them White and from among the better elements of the population. Particularly hard hit was the backbone of the peasant class, the independent farmers who resisted the efforts of the Communists toward agricultural collectivization, many of whom died in artificially-induced famines during the 1930s, even before they were able to be herded up and sent to the Gulag, the Soviet labor camps.

And the trend toward grinding down the average intelligence and overall quality of the White population has continued in the post-World War II era. For instance, the best and brightest Whites have limited the number of children they have for financial reasons, or because they have chosen a career over having a family.

Now, with all of that having been said, it is true that there is still hope that our people can pull themselves away from the edge of the abyss before it’s too late. Maybe, on average, today’s Whites aren’t quite as sharp as our ancestors were before us. Maybe, on average, we aren’t quite as healthy as we were a hundred years ago because medical technology has advanced to the point where we can keep most people alive to beget children, no matter what their medical condition, even though that necessarily means that their health issues are very likely to be transmitted to their offspring. Even with all of that, there is still plenty of life in our race; plenty of strength, plenty of smarts, plenty of good will, and plenty of POWER, if we just band together and fuse our strength into something that will allow us to address our past failings.

And additionally, while I said above that the genetic quality of the White race has most likely slipped over recent decades, there is no doubt that the genetic quality of the other races has taken a similar turn. No matter where we look, the brighter and more industrious elements of any racial population are limiting the number of children they have through family planning and birth control, while the lowest elements are bringing more “lowest elements” into the world, and – with current health and medical technology – at an ever-increasing rate. If you consider the non-White population trends throughout the world, the laws of probability virtually guarantee that the level of quality among all racial groups is going down. So if you were thinking that the White race is at a disadvantage because of our genetic dip, think again. The other races are suffering similar downturns. This is an inevitable result of the egalitarian ideology that afflicts the world today. Or, said another way, it is the inevitable result of a lack of a hard and far-sighted philosophy that doesn’t deviate from its path to satisfy ephemeral human desires for pleasure and leisure.

We should mention here that one factor that DOES put our race at a disadvantage is numbers. No matter what our average level of intelligence or stamina or physical robustness or character or willpower or any other measure, there will come a point at which we will collapse unless we act to cause our numbers to begin to climb again relative to those of the other races. This fact is especially significant because there is virtually no place on Earth today with large numbers of White people and NO ONE else. Sure, there are millions of White people in Germany, for example, but there are also millions of non-Whites: Turks, Arabs, and so on. The situations in other countries of Europe differ only in degree to that of Germany, and the situation in the U.S. is quite a bit worse: barely two-thirds of the American population is White today. It is therefore high time that we pull together and set about preserving what is, if not the most intelligent race of men to ever walk the Earth, certainly the most creative and achieving one.

So while we fritter away our time, sending our soldiers off to die from roadside bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq, wonder about how we can force Iran to do what we (excuse me, I mean “the Jews”) want them to do, our race is slowly dissolving away as the enemies of our people manage the conditions that will guarantee our extinction if they are not checked.

That is, the Jews and their collaborators keep working away, day and night, manipulating every possible situation that they can in order to weaken and destroy our race. Many observers have demonstrated the disproportionate amount of media, political, and financial power wielded by the Jews. Jews own and control the great majority of the news and entertainment media outlets in the United States. The U.S. State Department’s bureaucracy is riddled with Jews, who manage what affairs they can in Washington behind the scenes and who, incidentally, remain in their jobs even when the White House administration changes. Jews have long been associated with business practices of all sorts, both innovative and usurious, from being the middlemen in the merchant class of centuries ago to the financial money-mongers since their merchant days and continuing right up to the present.

And while there are, in fact, a few books written by Jews in which they own up to their latent desire to destroy Gentile societies (many of these are available from National Vanguard Books at, the best evidence as to the Jewish plan for exterminating our people comes NOT from what renegade Jews say in their books, but rather from what the Jews are DOING in our society. With very few exceptions, if you notice something that damages the White race physically or spiritually, you will find a Jew behind it. Of course, there are lots of Whites and others who work for Jews in carrying out the master plan, and there are even some Whites who are so corrupt that they have gotten in on the action and helped to bring the race down. A prime example is Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who has spent most of his life attacking and bankrupting White racialists and racial groups, many of whom weren’t serious White racialists at all, but just White cranks who liked to sing “Dixie” and wave the Stars and Bars of the South.

But anyway, as a result of their overwhelming media power, Jews are having a lot to do with the incessant ideological indoctrination that passes for television and film today. Sit-coms, movies, and commercials feature every ideology that is destructive to the strength of the White race. The sit-com hit “Modern Family,” for instance, includes a wimpy joke of a character for the White father, a miscegenating White grandfather who has married a large-busted Latina less than half his age, and a gay male couple. Another example, which many of you have probably seen, is a commercial for Levi’s jeans – which are named after the immigrant Jew Levi Strauss. The commerical is entitled “Go Forth,” and its background audio is a wax recording of what is believed to be the American poet Walt Whitman’s own reading of his 1888 poem “America.” At the point in the recording when Whitman’s voice says, “AND LOVE,” the Levi’s commercial shows a graphic kiss between a hairy Black and his White whore. Pick any movie, and the multiracial bias is evident; look up the owners of the film company and most of the people in charge of making the movie, and the odds are long in favor of those people being Jews.

And while the Jews continue their destructive work, their choice for American President, Barack Obama, is still trying to pass a health-care legislation bill that would allow the government to compete with private insurance companies in providing insurance for all Americans. While the Democrats and Republicans argue on Capitol Hill the pros and cons of the proposed legislation, the Jews keep hammering away. After all, they don’t care one way or the other about the health care legislation. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t matter: most Jews are wealthy enough to be able to afford quality health insurance from private companies. If it passes, perhaps it will drive their own premiums down and save them money. And if it bankrupts the country in the long run and the country implodes, they can always flee to other countries, as has been their habit for thousands of years. And in a pinch, they can always hop a plane to Israel, where any Jew in the world is welcomed into citizenship at any time.

It is time for our people to get our priorities straight: We need our own country, free from all Jewish and other non-White influence. And we need to start paying attention to what really matters – the life and future of our race – instead of wasting time on comparatively minor issues like wars in the Middle East and health care. Those might seem like big fish, but they are insignificant compared to the survival of our people.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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