Thursday, February 17, 2011

News Blurbs for Feb.17th,2011

Don't Expect This Book To Be In Your Kids School Library

A new book on the celebrated US president and hero of the anti-slavery movement, who was born 202 years ago on Saturday, argues that he went on supporting the highly controversial policy of colonisation.

It was favoured by US politicians who did not believe free black people should live among white Americans, and had been backed by prominent abolitionists like Henry Clay as far back as 1816.

Mr Lincoln also favoured the idea. But he was believed to have denounced it after signing the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed of most of America’s four million slaves, in January 1863.

The notion that he came to regard it as unacceptable contributed to the legend of the 16th president, who is frequently voted America’s greatest, and is held by some to have left an impeccable record.

Yet Phillip Magness and Sebastian Page, the authors of Colonisation After Emancipation, discovered documents in the National Archives in Kew and in the US that will significantly alter his legacy.

News Source: nasacunit

Brag About This : O.J. Gets Some Skinhead Justice

O.J. Simpson has been badly beaten by a white supremacist in the Nevada prison where he is serving time. So with the skinheads having it out for him, will he survive his sentence?

First of all,the National Enquirer is the source on this story, so take it with a grain of salt. According to the National Enquirer website O.J. Simpson was beaten unconscious by a white supremacist at Lovelock Correctional Center, where he is serving a minimum of nine years for a 2007 armed robbery. So did the skinhead attack him because he believed O.J. Simpson was responsible for the death of Nicole Brown Simpson, a white woman?

Well, as it turns out, he became a marked man by white supremacists in prison not because of the belief that he was involved in the murder, but because of his incessant bragging of his many conquests of white women.

News Source: Jim Ring

Invader Advocates Not Happy With "Smuggle Truck" Game

(Reuters) - A controversial iPod and iPad application that makes a game of the perils of sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border has sparked controversy among activists for immigrant rights.

In the game "Smuggle Truck," which is due for release next month, a truck bounces along a cartoon desert highway and sheds men, women and children as it hits bumps and hops over creeks and canyons.

Developers say the game -- the aim of which is to keep immigrants in the bed of the truck as they speed through the border lands -- is to take a satirical swipe at the country's broken immigration system.

But activists failed to see the app's funny side.

Around 11 million illegal immigrants live and work in the shadows in the United States. Each year hundreds of thousands are arrested as they try to sneak across the rugged southwest border from Mexico, and hundreds perish making the trip.

"Smuggle Truck was inspired by the frustration our friends have experienced in trying to immigrate to the United States," Smuggle Truck's developer, Boston-based firm Owlchemy Labs, said in a statement posted online.

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