Saturday, January 8, 2011

White Racialism, White Patriotism

White Racialism, White Patriotism

ADV Broadcast Of January 8, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Today we’re going to discuss a topic that we’ve gone over before, that being old-time patriotism vs. White racialism. The reason I’d like to go over this again is due to an experience I recently had at the supermarket. As I was leaving the grocery store, an elderly gentleman decked out in U.S. Army veteran’s regalia called me over to a table he was manning.

He asked me for a donation to support war veterans. I told him that my father was a combat veteran – and although he was no longer with us – I currently supported the comrades he fought alongside with against the “Communist Beast.” I explained that these men need our support because of the ill treatment they’ve received from the System, and because had they won the war, America today would be a much healthier nation.

The old veteran then told me it was a shame the way my father and his fellow Vietnam vets were treated while they were at war and when they came home. Well you should have seen the Korean War veteran’s jaw drop when I told him that my father was not a Vietnam War veteran, but rather a World War Two veteran who fought for Hitler and the White race against the communist forces. And for my parting shot, I explained that had Germany won the Second World War and defeated communism, over 100,000 American troops would NOT have lost their lives in the Korean and Vietnam campaigns.

Well the look on the well-meaning old guy’s face was one of complete shock. It’s like I put an idea in his head that he had never even contemplated. I then left him a National Alliance business card and invited him to check out our message and program. Hopefully it’s not too late for him to “see the light.”

My encounter here with the veteran turned oput okay. However, there have been other public experiences in which I was called a “Nazi” or a “racist” in a hostile manner.

White racialists run into this smear tactic all the time by the media powers and others. Constantly, we are denigrated, chided, and ridiculed by our enemies, but rarely does anyone challenge us as to the correctness of the facts we base our values on. The main reason for the Jews using this smear tactic, of course, is that our facts are right and the conclusions we draw from them are also right, at least in terms of what is good for the long-term welfare of the White race. A Jewish attempt to challenge our facts would only result in those facts being made aware to a wider portion of the public, and our enemies don’t want that, so they are content to simply call us names in an effort to shut us up.

Many White Americans from every stripe of the political spectrum can’t help but feel patriotic when, for example, they happen to catch old TV footage of former Presidents. When they watch former President Reagan say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” – as Reagan said in a speech in West Berlin in 1987 – or when they hear again former President Carter’s famous “Malaise Speech” of 1979, they well up with pride and patriotism. We’ve all seen excerpts of some of former President Kennedy’s best speeches – “ask not what your country can do for you,” for instance – and patriotism rises from within us. White Americans love America, and watching it go down the tubes is heart-wrenching.

Millions and millions of White Americans, in response to seeing their country growing weaker by the year, believe that the best way to cure the sickness is a strong dose of old-time patriotism.

Old-time patriotism means a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, old-time patriotism means free enterprise – the economic system that built America into the envy of the world up until a few decades ago. These patriots yearn again for the days gone by when unions didn’t have as much clout as they do now, and they complain about environmental legislation that adds cost to every industrial process that occurs in this country. According to these people, without these forces that shackle the economy, our country could once again rule the economic world.

To others, old-time patriotism means attacking anybody that those in power currently label as the enemy. If, for example, the government or media label Al-Qaeda or Taliban insurgents or Iran or North Korea as an enemy of America, these patriots are ready to resort to force to put these “enemies” down, assuming negotiations aren’t going as planned. And for these patriots, negotiations aren’t going as planned if the so-called “enemy” in question isn’t falling all over itself to do the bidding of those negotiators who purport to represent the best interests of America.

For many of the so-called “Greatest Generation” as well as for many Baby Boomers, old-time patriotism has overtones of America being a Christian country. These folks get upset that Christian Christmas carols aren’t performed at grade school choral concerts in the public schools anymore. In their minds, the Founding Fathers intended for America to be a Christian country, and they see the country’s steady demise as God punishing America for allowing more and more religious pluralism.

In addition to the above, most White Americans associate old-time patriotism with democracy. A large fraction of the population still believes – with almost religious fervor – in exercising their right to vote. Every fourth year during a presidential election, many Americans vote during the day and stay parked in front of the TV in the evening, watching with great anticipation as the exit poll results come trickling in. Depending on whether the states on the TV screen’s map turn blue or red, they experience joy or sorrow. But no matter the outcome of the election, most White Americans consider it their patriotic duty to vote and to support the electoral process.

There are aspects of all of the above arguments that most White racialists will go along with, but being a White racialist is a completely different mindset from that of an old-time patriot. So while, for example, White racialists will agree with the old-time patriots that some degree of freedom is necessary for a successful economy, that agreement is actually quite superficial, even coincidental.

And the reason our partial agreement on the economics issue and many others is merely coincidental is this: The belief systems of an old-time patriot and of a White racialist are founded on completely different premises. The old-time patriot puts form before content, whereas the White racialist puts content before form.

Let me explain what I mean. By “form” I mean institutions and ideals: mass democracy, a free enterprise economy, and the ill-defined “American way of life,” to list a few examples. “Form” deals with the structure of a society and the ideals that helped found it. By “content,” on the other hand, I am referring to the people who inhabit the society. Are they White? Black? Jewish? “Content,” therefore, refers to which human groups – racial groups, perhaps – live in a given society and the relative proportions of those various human groups.

My ideas on this subject were inspired by White racialist author Richard McCulloch in his great book The Ideal and Destiny. It’s been about 19 years since I’ve looked through McCulloch’s book, and I remember not being in complete agreement with him about everything, but nonetheless I remember it vividly as being an inspiring book to read. My thoughts here are based on what I first read in The Ideal and Destiny, and I encourage you to read this work for yourself, which is available from National Vanguard Books at

Basically, old-time patriots view the world and America’s place in it through the lens of form. They believe that as long as mass democracy is still going strong, that it doesn’t matter what types of people are herding themselves like lemmings to the polls. They believe that as long as capitalism is given free reign, that it doesn’t matter who owns the businesses or who works to keep them running. They believe that anyone who criticizes America is an enemy. And they believe that as long as “America’s pastime” features great athletes and exciting playoff games, it doesn’t matter how many Major League baseball players are Black, how many are White, or even how many are citizens of Caribbean nations or the Far East.

It is true that some old-time patriots really do have a vague notion that content is also important to some extent, but to them, form always outweighs content.

White racialists, though, believe that content takes precedence over form. They say that it isn’t so much the type of government we have or the type of economy that we have, but rather it’s the type of people in the society that makes all the difference. In other words, it’s more important to focus on WHO is governed and WHO is making the economy work than on the specific type of government or specific type of economy.

As a simple analogy of what we’re talking about here with form and content, consider the many forms of poetry. A sonnet, for example, is a 14-line poem that has a fixed rhythmical and rhyming scheme. Shakespeare is the best-known English writer who made use of the sonnet as a vehicle for his poetry. Now, although the form of the sonnet is important, it is the content of the sonnet that captures the attention of the reader. That is, the content is more important than the form.

For instance, a perfectly-formed sonnet about making license plates in prison isn’t likely to inspire great deeds among its readers. A poetic tale of heroism, on the other hand, will move those who hear it, bringing forth strong emotions that the listener will remember long after the poem is over. In this case, the poetic form of the tale is secondary to its content. This same content in any of the various forms of poetry would have a more-or-less equally profound effect on listeners.

That’s the difference between the form and content I’m talking about. For poetry, the form can be important, but the content is more so. How something is constructed poetically – its form – influences its impact, but the emotive power of a poem comes primarily from its content.

The same is true with regard to civilizations. Their outward forms are always secondary to the inner, human content. And the content of the society – WHO lives in it – is the most important consideration for White racialists.

That means that, firstly, we White racialists want a White government. Then, in short order, we want White schools, White neighborhoods, and White workplaces to facilitate a White economy. Eventually, in the areas of leisure, we want only White music, White art, and White athletic contests. In our racial homeland, we want everything White, and the various forms that that Whiteness takes are important, but they are less important than the fact that White people will be the only ones around.

Certainly, form is important to White racialists, too. We criticize mass democracy, for example, saying that the majority of people in any society will gladly mortgage long-term security and stability, if that’s what it takes to achieve short-term prosperity and comfort. We disapprove of unchecked capitalism because a totally laissez-faire economy always brings with it abuses of the working people as well as abuses of the environment. We have certain, definite opinions about what forms will emerge in our White homeland of the hopefully-near future, and these opinions are based on our analysis of what has worked for our race in the past and what hasn’t worked.

But if the governmental and economic forms we envision today don’t pan out in our soon-to-be White America, we aren’t too concerned. That’s because our America will be all-White in CONTENT, and that is what matters most. Everything else – all our other goals and aspirations – can become a reality no matter what the form, as long as the content is right. And by “right” I mean all-White.

But today, there are many White Americans (old-time patriots, as I’ve called them in this broadcast) who are having trouble clinging to their old-fashioned allegiance to form. They see millions and millions of legal and illegal Mexican immigrants swamp our cities – not only in California and the Southwest, but even 1,500 miles away in Chicago and Cleveland. They see many of the high-end computer programming jobs going to resident aliens from the Indian subcontinent. They go to local sporting events and note the racial distribution among the participants and spectators. They watch movies starring half-breed actors and actresses, and other films featuring interracial romance. More and more of them have relatives who have married “outside the tribe” or who have adopted non-White children.

In other words, for many Whites in America, there is starting to be some friction between content (that is, race) and form. Even though the forms of the things I just mentioned are intact – people working for a living, spectator sports, movies, the growth of families – the fact that the racial content is historically unnatural is causing some Whites stress.

Of course, most Whites don’t fully grasp the root cause of the conflict they are feeling. Most will adhere until the last possible instant to raceless, old-time patriotic ideas like free enterprise and mass democracy. Most won’t be able to let go of the existing forms, even though their instincts keep pestering them. Most of them won’t put two and two together to realize that neither the content of our present society nor its forms are in the best interests of the White race.

But we in the National Alliance are not trying to inspire a majority of Whites. We are trying to inspire the White minority who not only are perceptive enough to realize what is going on in our nation in terms of racial content, but also who are brave enough to let go of the traditional forms existing in our nation. We are trying to reach those who will join their powers and creativity with ours in hopes of creating something better, a nation in which the content is all-White and the various forms are most conducive to White survival and White progress.

A White American who waves the flag and supports Barack Obama and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is practicing old-time patriotism, dead-end patriotism. We don’t need that. Instead, we need to embrace a White racialism that goes beyond the shallowness of blindly believing what the media and government tell us. We need a worldview that puts content – racial content – before all superficial forms.

Contrary to what old-time patriots think, the biggest enemy of our people is not Al Qaeda or Muslim “extremists” or even the non-White races. Our biggest enemy is the current corrupt System that has sold out our people by telling us that the present forms of society must be maintained at all costs.

The Founding Fathers didn’t subscribe to this nonsense. They were bright enough to know that if the form of government had failed the people, it was time to change it. The present System has failed our people, and it is our duty to stand up legally and peacefully to come up with something that will work better. That’s what the National Alliance is trying to do, and our whole program is based on the idea that the content of any society drives everything else. And that’s why securing a White homeland is at the top of our list.

So, we cannot and must not look to our government to watch out for the best interests of our people. The System is totally corrupt and, like a diseased tree, is failing fast. In its place will grow something healthier. Trying to save the present System is like trying to fix a broken New Orleans levee with a band aid; IT CAN’T BE DONE.

Let me say that again: The present System CANNOT be fixed to accommodate our people’s needs. Once enough Whites realize and accept this fact, then we might actually have a chance of securing a future for our people.

No politicians, no church leaders, and no faith healers are providing us with the answers. It is time for White Americans – and White people the world over – to start thinking for themselves... and then acting on their convictions.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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