Sunday, January 30, 2011

When Churchill Chose Power Over Honor

When Churchill Chose Power Over Honor

Millions of people credit Winston Churchill, Britain’s inspiring wartime prime minister during its darkest hours, with saving the world from Hitler.

But was Churchill also — as we’ve rarely heard — the greatest ally the Jewish people have ever had?

The answer is a passionate yes, according to Barry Avrich, whose compelling documentary — An Unlikely Obsession: Churchill and the Jews — will have its premiere at 10 p.m. Monday on the Vision channel.

“When I was first approached about making a film based a book by Martin Gilbert,” Avrich recalls, “I said ‘No, I’m the wrong guy for this project.’ But then I read the book, and I met Gilbert, and I undertook some research on my own. I pored over the material, trying to connect the dots. What I discovered is powerful stuff. By then I was hooked. I knew what a great subject this was, and I had to make the film.”

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