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Shift In Mainstream Media Coverage Is An Attack On Whites

Shift In Mainstream Media Coverage Is An Attack On Whites

ADV Broadcast Of January 29, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Most intelligent consumers of mainstream media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, film, etc. already know that the creative and editorial content of said products are primarily loaded with a lot of gray or uncertainties. News shows, pictures, and copy in particular, are made up of a lot of euphemisms and hyperbole – in other words, on the surface they are saying one thing, when in reality they are saying something completely different, whether this can be gleaned from reading between the lines or not.

Journalism is merely a style, perhaps the lowest art form of the entire writing genera. Journalists are taught to write (for both print copy and broadcast scripts) in a certain way by adhering to specific rules of style in order to maintain consistency. Consistency is always a good thing, but when the rules of that constantly change to have “new consistencies,” which is really a contradiction in terms, it only supports that this communication is untruthful and a façade to begin with, so it only goes with the territory.

At one time, this “journalism style” called for reporters to construct stories about crime in a certain way in order to give the reader and eventually listener and viewer a “picture” of what really happened so the audience member can vicariously experience having “been there.”

Part of this protocol was to give a full description of a suspect in a crime. In all cases, a story might read like this example: “The suspect is about six-foot, two-inches tall, age 30-to-35, medium build, curly hair, Black, and was seen wearing grungy pants and a white T-shirt. He has a two-inch scar on the left side right under his chin.”

One can do their own research; go look at all the old newspapers from the 1940s and ‘50s on the microfilm at the library. It will reveal that such a description was always the case – in every story. Radio news broadcasts on the hour would also be the same although those might be harder to find.

However, the protocol has changed. Now, it is expected of reporters to leave out superficial detail about suspects. Sarcastically speaking, that really helps the general public who might want to be able to help law enforcement authorities find the suspect. Without identifiable information, it takes the “citizen” out of “citizenry.”

Now in the new day and age of Political Correctness and undue over-concern with emotions and how “words can hurt,” most items in descriptions of people are left out of the stories particularly when it comes to race. If a suspect is Black, Latino, Arab, Asian, or Jewish, the race of the suspect is almost always left out of the story.

However, there is an exception to every rule. Whenever the suspect is a White person, it will get splashed all over – and repeated over and over again. Listen to a mainstream news broadcast when the suspect is White – the empty-headed broadcaster will repeat the word “White” sometimes three times in the same sentence.

This is also helpful if the suspect looks like Timothy McVeigh – a more Nordic look – blond hair, blue eyes, and crew cut. They’ll beat the hell out of that description. They have every right to do that, but they at least have responsibility to not only be accurate but also tell the truth.

Using subliminal reinforcement, this haphazard reporting puts into the heads of the populace the faulty notion that it is not really Blacks and other non-Whites committing most of the crimes, and the even greater falsity more often than not that the culprit is White.

Let’s take the example of Timothy McVeigh, who was alleged to have blown up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City over fifteen years ago. He was written off as a “lone” nut (with maybe one or two other accomplices) that was inspired by reading The Turner Diaries. Now, while The Turner Diaries is a fantastic novel written by National Alliance founder Dr. William Pierce, it certainly did not inspire Timothy McVeigh to blow up a building. What did turn McVeigh, a decorated Army veteran, against the System were events like those in Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho in which the government killed its own citizens.

Of course, the media knew that those events were what triggered McVeigh’s anti-government position, but they purposely left that out of the news reports. Instead, they portrayed McVeigh as an evil White racist, which he was not whatsoever, as his best buddy Terry Nichols had a Filipina mail order bride.

Notice how McVeigh was rapidly executed for his alleged crimes. No questions asked, put him to death. He did “bad” (meaning he was born a White male with blond hair and blue eyes) and he must pay. Waste no time.

Now, on the flip side, there was Tookie Williams. Remember him, the Black murderer who filed appeal after appeal, manipulating the court system, dragging out his inevitable execution for years and years, costing the taxpayers millions of extra dollars than they really needed to pay. Here the controlled media and Hollywood floozies used emotions to try to get the governor to intervene when execution time finally came for Williams.

“But he wrote children’s books while he was in prison,” the Hollywood elite pleaded. Yeah, tell that to his victims’ families. It just goes to show that it takes little brains to be a Hollywood actor. All they have to do is recite lines written by someone else, treating real life situations as if Williams’ victims were merely actors in one of their fictional mystery murder films. Teleprompter readers (otherwise known as “TV news anchors”) are merely extensions of this nonsensical thinking but perpetuate the same agenda.

This is all a part of the big brainwashing scheme orchestrated by the mainstream media in all its forms: Jews are awesome, Whites are bad, Blacks are cool, and Israel is our ally, blah, blah, blah.

This can be found even in industrial films, not just the Hollywood type movies. When a corporation shows its employees films about how white collar crimes are carried out, nearly they always use the White actors to play the role of the criminals and the Blacks to play authorities – much like the new cops and robbers movies made for public theaters.

Moreover, the powers of groupthink, which uses mass media as its main vehicle for pounding home its messages, relies on the theory that “loners” are the lowest forms of existence. Look how quick the rush to judgment came on Lee Harvey Oswald (who was quickly murdered by the Jew Jack Ruby) and the laughable hole-filled investigation the Warren Commission wasted on trying to prove the theory that there was only one gunman, which most no longer believe, fan of the half-Jew Oliver Stone or not.

How about some more recent examples so we can see how fake the media is, and how this fakery is nothing more than an attack on White Americans.

The recent shootings in Tucson, Arizona by alleged gunman Jared Loughner come to mind. Immediately after the shootings occurred the spin the Jewish media was attempting to put on the story was that Loughner was a White racist who listed Mein Kampf as one of his personal reading favorites, although I highly doubt he even read the book. During the initial press conference, a law enforcement spokesman was even ridiculously asked by a media hack whether or not Loughner had any ties to the National Alliance or some other racist organization. Of course he didn’t, but the media continued to go with the White racist gun nut profile until rumors about Loughner potentially being Jewish maternally began to spread. As of this date, however, I have not seen any credible evidence showing Loughner to be a Jew.

For more than a week the Jewish media attempted to paint Loughner as a right-wing conservative who was influenced by talk radio. However, it turns out that Loughner had the characteristics of a liberal college student who had been influenced by a Marxist-leaning educational system, as he was a pot smoking, aimless, alienated youth with no serious political conviction.

Currently, there has been a noteworthy news item in the local news of my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. That is, on February 17th, less than a month away, a convicted murderer named Frank Spisak is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection for the murders of three men, two of whom were Black. The Jewish media is having a field day with this story, as Spisak was at one time a “Hollywood Nazi” who wore a homemade Third Reich costume during his murder trial over twenty-five years earlier. They claimed he carried out the murders “because that is what Hitler would have wanted.”

Now, of course Spisak was certainly no National Socialist. In fact, he would have been one of the first ones to be sent to a detention camp in the Third Reich. Spisak, you see, is actually something the Jewish entertainment media has been trying to make fashionable: a cross-dressing bisexual. Yes, Cleveland Police once cited Spisak for soliciting sex at a street corner in a "red light district" while dressed as a woman. But you can be sure that the media will continue to portray Spisak as being a devout follower of Adolf Hitler and mention nothing of the fact that lifestyle-wise, he’s really just like many of the “Velvet Mafia” trendsetters in Hollywood. So brace yourself for a media onslaught showing Spisak adorned in a homemade costume and sporting a Hitler mustache.

Frank Spisak is a confused, sick creature, the likes of something that is all too often churned out in this decadent, heavily Jewish-influenced, unnatural society. And that is why we strive to have an all-White homeland, one devoid of all Jewish influence. We want a society that strives for quality of life, rather than equality. We seek to put our race back on the Path of biological, evolutionary progress.

The National Alliance, of course, would also like to see more accuracy in news reporting, and that is why we have our daily news Web site, One of the most important things for us to do now is to be aware of the lies of the mainstream media and to help others become aware. Please join me in this effort to raise awareness among our people.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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