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Reparations For Preparations

ADV Broadcast Of January 1, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

When Barack Obama ran for president of the United States, he tried to appeal to the many foolish, fashionable Whites to get elected by flashing his Ivy League degrees, many of which are in question since his alleged post-secondary work is all under lock-and-key.

Yet, since getting elected and taking over the Oval Office two years ago, the mulatto has done nothing but appeal to the “half of him that is Black,” including his decision to dole out billions of dollars to Black farmers as reparations for past “injustices.” Where does he get the money to pay for this “free money?” Of course, his license and that of the Federal Reserve’s to print new money and secondly take old money out of the wallets of hard-working White Americans, most of who had no ancestors here in the 19th Century.

The worst part of this bill that has been approved is that it is hardly related to the pro bono and room & board barter work Blacks did on farms here in the 1700s and early 1800s. It is based on “discrimination against Black and Indian farmers from recent decades.”

Let’s get this straight. Of all the Blacks who voted in the 2008 election, more than 95 percent voted for Obama. Of all the White people who voted, less than 50 percent voted for John McCain, the White man running against him. Now, based on those numbers, who are the ones discriminating? The more than 90 percent of Black voters who voted for Obama for no reason other than that he is Black (or half-Black or whatever) don’t discriminate, but the half of Whites who voted for a half-Black guy and half that voted for the all-White guy do discriminate?

Even if we could postulate that Blacks don’t discriminate when it comes to judging people, more importantly top-level leadership-type people, and Whites do, let’s take a closer look at this. We’ll do this for those who are wired to perceive things from a “what pleases me the most” angle instead of a mathematical or logical one, since it would be more practical to make sense out of nonsense. It only goes with the territory, so the saying goes.

We’ll even put into mothballs the Rhodesian example of the disaster that occurs by taking from White farmers and giving to Black farmers since we are talking mainly about the United States.

The initial bill is to grant $1.4 billion to Black and Indian farmers who did not get the same subsidies and food-supplying contracts that White farmers did. They must not have looked at the statistics of White farmers who have committed suicide in recent decades because they could not get subsidies to save their farms during natural disasters and economic downturns due to “set asides,” and those “set asides” rival only the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae home loan programs that discriminated (through legal mandate, it might be added) against White individuals to get loans -- Whites who had collateral, strong work histories, good family ties, a deep education/work experience base, and other positive attributes or what at a different time in history were “perceived as favorable character traits.”

This housing bill, which was pushed for by the homosexual Jewish Congressman Barney Frank, instead provided more housing loans and no-money down access to Blacks and other non-Whites to buying homes who had nothing to show for income other than food stamps and government handouts, paid for in a large part by White American workers through the taxes they pay on the money made through their hard work.

It seems that “reparations seem to go to only for those who make no preparations.” Through European heritage and values, Whites understand by nature and are cultivated through strong family cultivation to save for the future. “Put the money away today and you will be glad you did later when you really need it,” or “A penny saved is a penny earned,” or “Emergency funds are for an unexpected rainy day,” or anything else along those lines.

In short, Whites by nature know that life has many strange twists and turns and that while hoping for the best is always a good outlook and attitude to have, it is always best to expect the worst. That way a family or individual is better able to handle it when the time comes. Those who base everything on impulse and immediate gratification would not understand such a “down-the-road” just rewards concept.

This is why what happened at the end of the Bush administration happened. During the 1990s and most of the first decade of this century, Americans began to experience some semblance of the prosperity enjoyed during the 1950s (still an unrivaled decade for American ingenuity and entrepreneurial success) as the Dow and NASDAQ reached extraordinary highs, more Americans owned their own homes than ever before and more Americans were invested in the stock market than at any other time in history. It might be added that the percentage of Blacks rising in those categories and decades increased exponentially compared to Whites.

Then the roof caved in and both could be dedicated to George W. Bush’s being an apologetic to keep his many Blacks and Browns in southern states and elsewhere who voted for him appeased. He went along with Barney Frank and the other cronies to reward not only laziness, but also irresponsibility as a makeup to his “Jesus is my favorite philosopher” statement that he previously used to woo the conservative right. Again, the Hegelian dialect -- divide and conquer.

Well in 2008, 2009, and 2010, White Americans saw their stocks plunge dramatically, the values and equities in their homes decline by 50 percent or more, the growth of their small businesses get stifled and the interest on their savings dwindle to not only a fraction of a percentage, but even to a fraction of a tenth of a percentage. Now banks charge annual fees to “hold” the money of White Americans and give no interest, yet the banks in turn earn anywhere from five to twenty-five percent interest, with part of the profits getting donated to “causes” that benefit the “underprivileged,” to propagate a “philanthropic” presence. Remember, “interest” or “usury,” is a solely Jew-invented phenomenon to begin with; we need to establish this just for the sake of explaining how this shift has surfaced out of nowhere.

The Black farmers received their rewards for “discrimination.” Now it is the White man’s turn to ask for “reparations as reward for sound preparations.” Whites would like to have a government check written by the half of Barack Obama that is White for: 1) all the principle and interest lost in securities from 2007 to now and all that was snatched away through the capital gains scam, 2) back interest at five percent for any FDIC insured product (savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, money markets, etc.) that he was “saving for a rainy day,” 3) the full equity in their homes at the appraised value prior to the Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae collapse, and 4) loans, subsidies, and grants to entrepreneurs who have at the crux of their business plans the desire to create jobs for Americans, providing that the latter has a strong work ethic.

Now that would be worth at least $1 billion if not $1 trillion.

However, that is only a start. Going along with the Black-inspired theme (incidentally taught to them by the Jews who have mastered the art of victim playing) of demanding more after getting their way unduly, Whites would like to see reparations returned by Blacks to Whites (and Jews can be the “middle man,” which is their specialty since they produce nothing but class action law suits) for the following:

1) Reimbursement for all the White women who were raped by Blacks and the cost of their counseling to get their lives back and traumatic memories erased.
2) A "White guilt” tax on Blacks for all those decades Whites were forced to “feel sorry for Blacks” when they owed them nothing.
3) The value of the property points gained by hard-working fathers who labored over the weekends in fixing their own homes for years, only to forfeit those points as well as the equity after the Blacks came into the neighborhoods and destroyed them and the home values in them.
4) Class action money for all those Whites who had a family member murdered by a Black since they can never get back the lives of their loved ones.
5) Reimbursement for all property stolen from Whites by Blacks and restoration money for all White property damaged by Black vandals.
6) All things of value confiscated from Whites through bankruptcy from having to deal with poverty through maximizing credit since they were discriminated against for welfare or were too proud to take it.
7) All the money that Whites would have earned for a job acquisition or promotion that was denied in favor less qualified Blacks as dictated by Affirmative Action.
8) Payback to White families for the one million White American men who died in wars (White males from southern states is by far the most dominant demographic in war death statistics).
9) “Inheritance pay” for all White descendents of inventors who created the automobile, TV, radio, computer, and anything else that makes life easier for non-Whites.
10) Paybacks to all White college students who were brainwashed by university professors into thinking that it is “hip” to “act “Black” and hate the traditional White work ethic.

What we need to understand from this is that the Blacks inability to right its own ship suggests to us that Africans are constitutionally deficient in the qualities that are needed for what we Whites have traditionally considered to be a civilization. Wherever we Whites have gone throughout history, some semblance of what would classify as a civilization resulted. Granted, it might have taken a while for that to happen, and some White civilizations were arguably more “civilized” than were others. But the elements needed for organized and stable societies were always there, even from the beginning, before a grand civilization was formed. And that’s because THAT is just what we Whites are.

And similarly, it seems that while Blacks have many unique traits and gifts, in general they lack the qualities for a White-like civilization. Certainly, the presence of Blacks in the United States and other traditionally White countries hasn’t contributed to the prosperity and stability of any of those countries.

What all of that means is that the races MUST separate. Blacks must be allowed to have their own civilization – as must other non-White races – and we Whites must be allowed to have ours, to build and to steer in a way that makes it an expression of the White race-soul.

Call it hate, if you want. But of course, you’d be wrong. Racialism is equivalent to a love and respect for your own kind as well as – to a lesser degree – a respect for others. Our people just need to step away from the do-gooding long enough to see the light.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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