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Race And The Economy

Race And The Economy

ADV Broadcast Of January 22, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

With the rapidly darkening populace, an aging White population, and the current price of a gallon of gas now well over $3.00 and with no relief in sight, it’s quite easy for a White person of good will to be a bit down these days, although I always like to remain optimistic with hope.

Looking at the world today through the lens of White racialism, things don’t look so good in America. As everyone knows, the economy is in the toilet, and the prognosticators are saying that the recession is going to continue for a while yet and maybe longer. Unemployment in the United States is currently at about 9.4%, but that doesn’t take into account those who have had to take jobs with reduced pay or work hours. There are also millions of Americans receiving extended unemployment benefits, and the System knows very well there will be chaos if all of those extended unemployment benefits run out as there certainly aren’t enough quality jobs or positions available.

A recession is one thing, but what is worse is that the United States is so dependent on other countries for manufactured goods that it is almost as if the solution to the economic problem is out of our hands. And that’s what is really troubling about the economy: not having the capacity to fend for ourselves in the economic arena any longer, having to depend on potentially-hostile nations in the Middle East and in Asia for everything. Having a good economic relationship with foreign nations and exchanging goods in a mutually beneficial way is one thing; being at their mercy is quite another.

That trend of relinquishing our economic independence began not long after the Second World War, and it has continued at a dizzying pace right up to the present day. It has gotten to the point that one is genuinely surprised to look at a product label and read, “Made in USA.” So these are dark times, economically speaking.

The darkness isn’t just limited to the economy, though. The percentage of non-Whites in the population of the United States is growing with each passing day, while the percentage of Whites is falling. And the non-White population tends to be a younger population, which means that – in addition to the non-White birthrate being higher – there is a higher percentage of non-Whites having children. Of course, the absolutely inexcusable situation on the southwestern border of the U.S. isn’t helping the situation any. That debacle has made America into an international laughingstock. So the country turns darker and the world laughs.

And the darkness has made its way into the White House, with the landslide election of Barack Obama in November of 2008, and all polls showing the mulatto to be the frontrunner in 2012.

As if all of that isn’t enough, the Jews maintain their near-stranglehold of a controlling influence over the media of news and entertainment, which means that the news that we’re going to keep hearing is going to be the same old thing: Whites are bad, Jews are awesome, Israel is our ally, the Muslim world is a bunch of terrorists, blah, blah, blah. With our reality constantly shaped by the Jewish image-spinners, reality looks so grim from the White racialist perspective that it makes one want to escape the madness for a time.

But if you are hoping to temporarily escape the madness through entertainment, good luck. Because of the Jewish monopoly on the entertainment industry, it is almost impossible to watch an entertaining television program or a movie that is a true pick-me-up for White racialists. Sure, there are some comedies out there that can get your mind off of the world situation for a couple of hours but, even so, you can bet there are at least a few things that wouldn’t appear in a movie directed by White racialists. Whether it is Jews or other non-Whites who are the stars of the show, or whether it’s racially-mixed couples, or whether it’s a touching story about great friendships between Whites and non-Whites, or whether it’s a tale of sensitive homosexuals who are ridiculed by crude and unintelligent Whites, there is bound to be at least something that makes us White racialists roll our eyes. But what do you expect, given that all of the major media companies are owned and staffed from top to bottom with Jews? And Jews are just like any other race: they want to promote their own, ahead of everyone else.

But the Jewish attitude is so annoying to the rest of us not only because they promote their own, but they also do their best to cut down everyone else, especially their most feared enemy, which is the White race. For the Jews, it isn’t just about love of their own kind; it’s also about hatred of everyone else.

And what is perhaps worst about all of this is that the Jews go about their work of helping each other and destroying our people in a sneaky and behind-the-scenes way. They do their work largely in secret, without revealing their true purposes, and in fact usually lie unashamedly about their intentions. They might lie that they are trying to promote the well-being of everyone, which is clearly contradicted by their actions of helping each other and doing everything possible to degrade and humiliate our people. Or they might lie that they are only doing what they are doing to make money, which is clearly contradicted when it is revealed that – collectively – they give literally billions of dollars to exclusively Jewish groups, organizations, and even the Jewish State of Israel.

So here we are, in this hell-hole of a society, with our enemies holding all the cards and our physical strength draining out day by day. What are we to do?

The Germans of the 1930s must have felt much like we do today. Not too long before, they had been humiliated in the Great War. The German Army had been dismantled; German navy vessels were systematically scuttled. Communist hordes had roamed the countryside at will, setting up in some places their own local governments. Germany’s colonies had been taken away from her and many of the territories on the border of Germany that were populated by ethnic Germans were absorbed by other countries. The nation was forced to send reparations payments to the victorious nations of the Entente. Tens of thousands of German children had starved or froze to death in the horrible winter of 1919, just after the Great War’s end. And by the 1930s, the working people of Germany suffered through runaway inflation and other economic conditions unmatched elsewhere in the world during the Great Depression.

Racially, Germany in the 1930s was far more White than is America today, but the power position of Jews was very similar to that that the Jews have in the U.S. today. Jews controlled most of the newspapers and owned the banks. They were a heavy influence in the arts. Jews were highly represented in all professional fields, where they used their influence to promote their own ends to the detriment of the common people of the country.

Most ordinary Germans of the 1930s weren’t aware of all of the acts of treachery on the part of the Jews. They weren’t aware that Jews in Germany conspired among themselves and with their kinsmen elsewhere in the gentile world to secure complete control over the finances of Germany. They weren’t aware of the subtle psychological war that the media-Jews in Germany were waging on the German people every day through the newspapers under their control. They weren’t aware that Jews were the leaders in most of the communist organizations that were making overtures to the Soviets and hoped for the dissolution of Germany. They didn’t pay too much attention to the pronounced alien influences in the arts because the Germans are an industrious people; they were too busy working to keep their families fed. All that most ordinary Germans were sure about was that something was wrong with their country and they didn’t like it.

American Whites are in much the same boat. For various reasons – one of which is that the Jews do their best to conceal the extent of their power and how they use it – American Whites are largely ignorant of what the Jews are doing. American Whites haven’t grasped the fact that Jews are the masters of the media. They haven’t grasped the fact that Jews use that media in an effort to destroy our race. They haven’t grasped the fact that Jews are in countless posts of power within the government and in the business world. They haven’t grasped that, on every issue that affects the well-being and integrity of the White race – interracial relationships, non-White immigration, Holocaust indoctrination and White-guilt-sowing in the schools, to name a few – Jews stack up on the other side of the line. And these American Whites, like their German kinsmen of 80 years ago, know at some basic level that something is terribly wrong with their country.

We in the National Alliance have been trying to awaken our brothers and sisters for a long time now, just like the Pan-German nationalists tried to awaken their kinsmen from the moment that the criminal nature of the Treaty of Versailles had fully sunken in. In both cases, the response by the masses to the messages of hope was far less than enthusiastic. Thousands of German nationalists and thousands of American White racialists who got involved in their respective causes lost the passion for the ideals and faded into obscurity.

But a small minority of racial-nationalist Germans kept the flame burning. And one day, when the German economy had been bad – really bad – for so long, the German people finally started to awaken from their slumber. They embraced the racialist and nationalist ideals of the greatest White man of the 20th Century, Adolf Hitler: a man who believed when few men did, who gave every ounce of effort when most men had given up the cause as fruitless, and who achieved more than any White man of the modern era.

We White Americans have not yet seen the emergence of a man on a par with Hitler, in terms of his ability to inspire other men and achieve his vision in political terms. That day will come, and one of you might eventually become that man. Until then, we must all have the courage to hope and the courage to keep faith in our ideals. I would gladly trade an unbearably difficult economic depression for a recovery like the one Adolf Hitler engineered in Germany in the middle of the last century. We need to keep the flame of White racialism and of a White homeland burning until the opportunity is right. Please join me in this effort.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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