Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jared Loughner is Still Jewish

by James Buchanan

Shortly after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other people, a reporter from the left-wing Mother Jones magazine interviewed a classmate of Jared Loughner, Bryce Tierny, who knew Jared in both high school and college. Tierny told Mother Jones that Jared Loughner’s mother was Jewish. The only reason the ethnicity of Jared’s family came up was that Jared had claimed Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books (not to mention the Communist Manifesto). Tierney explained to Mother Jones that Jared liked to push people’s buttons and had likely listed Mein Kampf to annoy his Jewish mother.

Normally, you’d think that the word of a long-time friend would be pretty solid evidence. Surely Bryce visited his friend Jared around Christmas (or Hanukkah) and remembers which holidays his friend’s family celebrated or didn’t celebrate.

An individual at the Jewish Telegraph Agency however appears determined to contradict Mother Jones. Does he accuse Bryce Tierny of being a horrible anti-Semite, making up a false accusation of Jewishness? Strangely, No. In fact, the JTA individual suggested that Jared Loughner himself may have been lying to Bryce Tierny.

Obviously, that’s a pretty weak assertion, so the JTA individual came back with a second article and a partial genealogy study of Jared’s mother, leaving out the mother’s paternal grandmother. If the JTA individual’s information is correct:

Jared Loughner’s mother’s maiden name is Amanda Totman. Another relative in Jared’s lineage is named Bleifuss. A Jewish surname database lists the name Totman as Jewish, the name Lofner (a homonym for Loughner) as Jewish, and the name Beifuss (pretty darn closes to Bleifuss) as Jewish. (And there’s a Jewish journalist named Joel Bleifuss.) Given the fact that we’re batting 1000 for Jewish names and Jared’s friend, Bryce Tierny says that Jared Loughner’s mother is Jewish, you’d think that would be enough for most people.

A Mr. Ron Kampeas from JTA however has discovered that Jared’s grandfather’s aunt on his mother’s side had two parents born in Ireland. Two things however could make this irrelevant: (1).The name Totman is not Irish by any stretch of the imagination and (2).there has been a Jewish community in Ireland going back to the nineteenth century, including Jews from Germany and eastern Europe –who might have the name “Totman”. It would make sense for someone from eastern Europe to immigrate to the US by way of Ireland in the nineteenth century since direct immigration was highly limited back then.

Another argument by Mr. Kampeas was that Totman might be an English name, and that “Helen… the sister of Lois M. Totman (and) the great aunt of Jared Loughner (had a) funeral (mass) …at a Catholic church.” Again, there’s a possible explanation for this. The great aunt could have married a Gentile and adopted the Catholic faith.

There are other clues that Jared Loughner is Jewish. For one thing Loughner painfully went out of his way to use BCE and ADE instead of the Christian terminology “BC and AD” in one of his youtube videos. Most Christians highly resent the attempt by the Jewish media and atheists to remove references to Christ from our system of keeping track of years. One article notes ” ‘Jared Lee Loughner!’ …says (in a youtube video), ‘If B.C.E. years are unable to start then A.D.E years are unable to begin. B.C.E. years are unable to start. Thus, A.D.E years are unable to begin.’ …Besides the weirdness of the syllogism, B.C.E. stands for Before Common Era, a way that Jewish scholars commonly refer to the period before Christ was born without referring to anything Christian. Non-Jews don’t use it unless they are trying to impress Jews with their respect for Jewish hostility toward Christianity.”

Another clue about Loughner involves a vandalism arrest. Another news article notes “Loughner was arrested in October 2008 on a vandalism charge near Tucson after admitting that he vandalized a road sign with a magic marker, scrawling the letters “C” and “X” in a reference to what he said was Christianity.”

The letters “CX” can stand for “Christian Era” which would be the sort of obscure reference that Jared liked to make to try to prove he was smart. If he were writing “CX” on traffic signs, it’s probably a good guess that he was writing that on “Stop” signs so they would read “Stop CX” or “Stop the Christian Era”.

These last two points are admittedly circumstantial. The most important point is the statement by Jared’s friend, Bryce Tierny that Jared’s mother is Jewish, followed by the fact that all the names in Jared Loughner’s lineage turn up in Jewish surname databases and Jared’s Jewish appearance with the dark kinky hair and big nose. Curiously, Jared in his shaven-head state bears a considerable resemblance to David Berkowitz the “Son of Sam” serial killer.

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